Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recession > Depression > Repression

A couple of news stories you may have missed.

This news story falls right into the no-brainer category:

It's official: Recession since Dec. '07

Thanks MSM, lots of us already had that figured out, many months ago.

How could you not, have it figured out? The signs were all around. How could they have been missed? Job losses, stock market losses, pension losses & home losses. Does that really sound like the news of boom times? Were people really so oblivious, that they needed the main stream media to inform them of the obvious and take a full year to inform the reader.

Maybe next year the media can state the obvious to us again, that the recession has brought on a depression.

Then some years after the fact, the media can report how out of the Depression, DISSENT arose (unemployed hungry people get angry) which resulted in state enforced Repression!

I'll give you a heads up now, ok?

We've already seen the signs of coming state repression, with the first battle hardened troops assigned to domestic soil in the US. Prior to that, the agreement between US and Canada to use each other's troops on one anothers soil and who could forget... Blackhawk Helicopters to fly the Canada/US border ! Or the internet monitoring US: Military to Patrol Internet !

But in case those weren't enough cause for concern, read the latest:

Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security

The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011

Like the reports of loss of jobs, savings & homes, these various news stories point to a repressive state apparatus in the works.

Don't wait for the mainstream media to put it all together and report it to you, by time they do it will be to little way,way, way to late!


  1. Anyone who has some land, or a cottage sort of set up, should be preparing themselves.

    Round out one's personal seed bank. Plant some fruit trees on the property, drill a well if you haven't already.

    Get your gun lisence. Get your gun. Learn how to make your own ammo. (Though I'm sure the bullet saleman will still be available - as they always are).

    Anyway, yes there could very well be terrible times that lay ahead. We are arrogant to believe that chaos and outright civil war cannot happen here.

  2. Magdelena, These are all things that I have already done and much much more. However I truly wonder if it will be enough. It's not the ones that have moved out and made plans for the hard times that concern me, it's the ones in the city’s and towns that still think that milk and meat are grown prepackaged on grocery store shelves that I have to worry about. You know the ones that riot and loot when their football team loses. What do you think these fine members of socity will do when the shit really hits the fan? Well I'll tell you what they will do, they will take that which they want and they will kill those who have made plans.It's just that simple.

    My property borders the US and my house is a mere 1068 meters from said border. Short of a Gaza type fence and anti aircraft guns what do you think I should do to protect that which is mine?

    Americans have after all been known to take by force if necessary that which they covet. Mind you I also feel that my Canadian neighbors will be no better. Perhaps for these city dwellers a healthy dose of cannibalism is in order.

  3. Indeed Silverfish!

    The cities will become the worst nightmare. Especially since everyone, outside of criminals and cops (is there a difference?), has been disarmed.

    My dear old mum used to say, when I asked why anyone would need a gun: "When the crash comes you will need it to protect yourself against those who will rob you blind, rape then pillage what you have."

    She was clearly ahead of her time.

  4. omg silverfish, you are too close to the border, as I am also.

    and it worries me.

    can one see the occupation by troops?

    I can.


    your mom, smart and definitely ahead of her time.