Monday, December 29, 2008

Researchers unlock the secrets of 1918 flu pandemic

Researchers have found out what made the 1918 flu pandemic so deadly -- a group of three genes that lets the virus invade the lungs and cause pneumonia.

They mixed samples of the 1918 influenza strain with modern seasonal flu viruses to find the three genes and said their study might help in the development of new flu drugs.

The discovery, published in Tuesday's issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could also point to mutations that might turn ordinary flu into a dangerous pandemic

Is it just me? Or does this story give you the creeps? Just thinking about scientists tinkering with this stuff. Of course it is always said, it is for prevention purposes, but is it? I don't know?

It would be a good way to massively reduce the population wouldn't it? Especially as you read a little further and the article says...

H5N1 is circulating among poultry in Asia, Europe and parts of Africa. It rarely affects humans but has killed 247 of the 391 people infected since 2003.

A few mutations would make it into a pandemic strain that could kill millions globally within a few months.

And you realize they have figured out which genes are necessary to cause mutations, that could make it possible to turn H5N1 into a pandemic, and a deadly one at that.

A remedy for the usless/bottom feeders.


  1. Oh, I just had a hot pessimistic flush! Worldwide pandemic wiping out millions, sure. It's the perfect population thinning weapon. And the beauty of it is that no one will ever know that it was created and delivered by pitiless motherfuckers.

    There will be a vaccine of course but only for the select few. The rest of us will get tamiflu.

  2. Oh shucks darn, wish I hada thunk a dat. Gee only three genes and only recently discovered, oh my what a revelation. Gosh darn anyhoos I just wish I'da remembered dat frum sum o me first bio classes in da unovercity classes dat I took. I cuda made millions o Gringo bucks selling dis NEW info two da rubes.

    Sorry Pen but this really isn't news, I did alude to it a few posts back, I thought that it was pretty much common knowlege at least amoung those who SHOULD know. But I suppose there is no news like old news when it comes to killing people. Just think of the headlines,"you can't blame us(insert a certain shity little country and it's inhabitants here)for killing you, it was an act of god". Heh Heh Heh.

  3. hey fella's some of us do know, but not everyone who reads here does.

    Always hoping to initiate the unitiated, ya know what I mean?

    as for the tamiflu.... yeah, the rest of us will get it, in hopes we'll just kill ourselves, save the ptb the work of having to exercise other options?

  4. Oh you guys, don't y'all know that the government has your best interests at heart??

    They are doing all this to save us!


  5. Oh Thank God,

    And thank you Buff. I wish to announce here and now, that I've had enough of this crazy talk. Me and Buff are off now to sneer at all you crazy conspiracy nuts and agree with each other that everything is fine. We're going to eat some steak and we don't care if it's real. C'arn Buff let's go somewhere sensible and not crazy.

    seeya losers!

  6. I didn't put in a smiley winky face thing but everyone gets it don't they? : )

  7. LOL!!

    Hang on there Nobody - I'm coming!! But I want to try some Roo steaks!! So start cooking!


    Oh, I'll bring the tamiflu! We will avoid avians... all will be fine!

    hee hee hee


  8. Ha ha ha! And all of the beach trawlers turn and look at the hippy sitting out front of the cafe, laughing his head off. 'Weirdo'...