Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apartheid Israel - CBS: Is Peace out of Reach

What is this? I am shocked! I am stunned! I am amazed!
Will wonders never cease?
CBS, yes CBS does an honest bit of journalism.
If we had more balanced reporting on this topic, there would already be a solution regarding the ongoing occupation of Palestine by Israel.
Since there hasn't been, we get the lopsided favouritism towards Israel's "apartheid" policies that have become the norm.

Shows the Illegal Settlements on the West Bank. The ILLEGAL settlers actually acknowledge that the entire purpose of their ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS is to prevent a peaceful solution in the area. I am still stunned to see this all, main stream!
Note the fanatical settlers attitude. Ya know "God told them" to be there.
How frightening is that kind of attitude?

I think I am still in shock............

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thanks to: US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Great Global Research New Hour Interview

click the links and enjoy the talk....
and thank goodness for shows like this and many other in the independant media format.

MP3 Files: Hour 1
Playlist Files: PLS M3U

GUEST: Larry Everest is a longtime writer, author, activist and critic of US imperialism. For over 20 years, he's covered the Middle East and Central Asia for the Berkeley-based Revolutionary Worker newspaper. In addition, his articles appear in numerous other publications, and he contributes regularly on-air for Pacifica Radio KPFA's Flashpoints.

The current Gaza conflict will be discussed and how the Obama administration will address it.

News on Gaza/Israel: The ultimate reality show

This hour has 22 minutes did an interesting parody on the media coverage surrounding the attack on Gaza. It features Mark Cricht as Wolf Blitzer. I am amazed they got it past the CBC censors.
Sorry, can't link to it directly, but click below, go to the side bar on the right, Pg 2-second video from the top. It's called: The Situation Room

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Piracy is Terrorism, Somali Pirates are terrorists.

I am on a roll with this subject. What with Ethiopian troops withdrawing from Somalia, after accomplishing their instability goal.
Then the sudden appearance of pirates and their 'international importance'.
I see the signals for a start of some sort of new operation, another means to the end.

Oh and look, here is the New York Times telling us just that.

Piracy Is Terrorism

For this reason, it seems sensible that the United States and the international community adopt a new, shared legal definition that would recognize the link between piracy and terrorism.
soon, everything will be 'terrorism', but, I digress.

Understanding this in simple terms, Africa has become a major oil supplier. China a major buyer. Africa has therefore become the scene of a struggle between China and the US, for access to oil or maybe it would be better called oil domination.

Here is an interview with a talking head from the CFR.

Q&A: China, Africa, and Oil

Esther Pan is a staff writer for the Council on Foreign Relations website

As global demand for energy continues to rise, major players like the United States, European Union (EU), and Japan are facing a new competitor in the race to secure long-term energy supplies: China.

How extensive are China's oil interests in Africa?

China's voracious demand for energy to feed its booming economy has led it to seek oil supplies from African countries including Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says China accounted for 40 percent of total growth in global demand for oil in the last four years; in 2003, it surpassed Japan as the world's second-largest oil importer, after the United States. In the first ten months of 2005, Chinese official sources say, Chinese companies invested a total of $175 million in African countries, primarily on oil exploration projects and infrastructure.
China, unlike the US has been taking a different tact in their involvement with Africa.

Experts say China has adopted an aid-for-oil strategy that has resulted in increasing supplies of oil from African countries.

Especially in Angola

China is at the forefront of this revolution.

In its desire to secure future energy supplies, it is proposing billions more in credits, loans and infrastructure programmes.

The Angolan government says it hopes to use this money on infrastructure projects to help rebuild roads, bridges, and schools across the country.

In fact the money from China helped Angola to basically flip off the IMF.

Oooh, making enemies tsk, tsk.

Angola defies IMF as China enters the fray

Luanda - Prospects for a deal between Angola and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that could pave the way for development funds receded on Friday after the oil-rich state signalled it wanted to create its own programme.

I also notice that in this article, and nobody touched on this in one of his previous posts at his blog.

Western demonization of Zimbabwe, is this why?

I'll quote:

China has begun moving into Africa in a big way. Its support of Zimbabwe won international attention in the last few weeks.

China's involvement in Africa raises the possibility - not only in outcast states like Zimbabwe or oil producers like Angola - that countries will be able to play it off the IMF and World Bank, giving them more leverage to avoid the worst excesses of those institutions, and indeed of the international aid system, which since the fall of the Soviet Union has been monolithic.

China is already in Africa, spreading the money around, they have done it well and the Africans are going to keep that in mind. What does this have to do with Somalia?
Well lets get back to Somalia and the oil rich horn of Africa.
The Horn of Africa is on the East Coast of Africa. This is very good for China, Very Good. In terms of transportation. In the horn is Somalia. Oil rich and ready for the taking.

But, along come the pirates? What to do, what to do??

Of course when the problem is Piracy is terrorism & pirates are terrorists.

The reaction is -Expand the war on terror!

The solution is, to send in ships, warships of course! To deal with the pirates?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Somali pirates as a pretext for oil domination.

I came across a rather interesting read:

Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates

I wondered about the sudden outbreak of pirates in Somalia. Always questioned: Is there more to this story then meets the eye? It is like they just burst on to the world stage out of no where.

OH, and do I think we are being lied to about the pirates in Somalia? Yes, yes I do.
Who imagined that in 2009, the world's governments would be declaring a new War on Pirates? As you read this, the British Royal Navy – backed by the ships of more than two dozen nations, from the US to China – is sailing into Somalian waters to take on men we still picture as parrot-on-the-shoulder pantomime villains. They will soon be fighting Somalian ships and even chasing the pirates onto land, into one of the most broken countries on earth. But behind the arrr-me-hearties oddness of this tale, there is an untold scandal. The people our governments are labelling as "one of the great menaces of our times" have an extraordinary story to tell – and some justice on their side.
This piqued my interest, and in my experience there is ALWAYS more to the these kind of stories then what is told to us. But, I am also going to make some corrections to this along the way. Corrections, I think are more in line with the facts.

" In 1991, the government of Somalia collapsed. Its nine million people have been teetering on starvation ever since – and the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to steal the country's food supply and dump our nuclear waste in their seas.
That is not exactly correct. In 1991 the government did collapse. Think 'Black hawk down' for the Hollywood version. Yet, a government did arise out of that collapse. A government that was functioning and widely accepted. A government that the writer of this piece doesn't even bother to mention. One must ask why would that be?
Because the government was an Islamic government!
Yes, indeed a functioning Islamic government.

Somalis Recall Islamic Rule as Brief Visit of Peace
"Many women supported the Islamic Courts in Mogadishu because they received security," said Alia Adem Abdi, who chairs the Hiran Women Action on Advocacy for Peace and Human Rights Organization, based in Somalia's restive central Hiran region. "They had an access to move freely in the capital city. Also the children had access to go to school. But not now."

or here
"The Islamists avoided large-scale violence in defeating the warlords, who had held sway in Somalia ever since they drove out U.N. peacekeepers by killing eighteen American soldiers in 1993, by rallying people to their side through establishing law and order."

There is nothing scarier to western powers then an Islamic government. You know, the "war on terror" mentality? What was REALLY SCARY though, not only had this government succeeded in making women and children feeling safer. It was a government that brought stability. The stuff of nightmares, if stability is not on the western menu!
Which of course it wasn't!
Stability is never pertinent when there is oil to be had.
In fact instability is preferred

The Horn of Africa, at whose core Somalia lies, is newly oil-rich. It is also just miles across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, overlooking the daily passage of large numbers of oil tankers and warships through that waterway. The United States has a huge military base in neighboring Djibouti that is being enlarged substantially and will become the headquarters of a new U.S. military command being created specifically for Africa.

So that stable government had to go. All this Johann Hari fails to mention at all. His silence leaves me questioning.
Anyway, who overthrew the stable Islamic government of Somali ? Who would benefit from the division and suffering of the people? Of course, Ethiopia overthrew the government of Somalia, acting as a proxy for and with the help of , wait for it... the US.
Why would you be? And if you are? Time to get your head out of the ground, or out of your rear.

Bush’s sad policies in Africa

"In December 2006, the Bush administration authorized Ethiopia to invade Somalia waging a proxy war using Ethiopia, who could not even feed it’s own people."

In fact the US even did some aerial bombing of Somalia, looking for 'Al Quaeda' of course.
They had to help their proxy out just a bit. They did manage to at least kill a 4 yr old 'terrorist'. It is amazing how 'Al Quaeda' shows up in such a timely fashion for the US.
Dam, they are reliable!

As of today it is being reported that Ethiopia is withdrawing the last of it's troops from Somalia.
Accomplishing it's goal, of creating instability for the past two years.
"Over the last two years the situation in Somalia has deteriorated into one of the world’s worst humanitarian and security crises."

Ethiopia did it's job well and I am certain will get some nice parting gifts from it's masters.

But a report by the International crisis Group says the international community is preoccupied with the piracy phenomenon – instead of concentrating on the core of the crisis, the need for a political settlement.

Preoccupation with the 'piracy phenomenon' brings us back to the article that started this.

Hari claims the Piracy is in response to illegal dumping of toxic materials off the coast of Somalia, and the looting of Somalias food resource: seafood.

"This is the context in which the "pirates" have emerged. Somalian fishermen took speedboats to try to dissuade the dumpers and trawlers, or at least levy a "tax" on them. They call themselves the Volunteer Coastguard of Somalia – and ordinary Somalis agree. The independent Somalian news site WardheerNews found 70 per cent "strongly supported the piracy as a form of national defence".

Now this much of Hari's article makes sense. 70 PERCENT of the people polled strongly support the piracy as a form of national defence. It is really all they have, hence the support.

But what of the international communities obsession with the pirates? Are the acts of piracy being exploited? Being used as justification for something else?
In Hari's article when he says
" and yes, some are clearly just gangsters "
While, it is likely some of the so called pirates are attempting to act as some sort of rag tag national defence, to save their livelihoods etc.,
It is also likely others are committing acts of piracy for different reasons.
So consider this- What if the "gangster" pirates were being funded by privateers?
Who might the privateers be? What of the privateers agenda?
Control of the waterway perhaps?
The waterway that is
as stated "overlooking the daily passage of large numbers of oil tankers and warships"
Is control or domination of the waterway, as a means to transport the abundant oil resource that Somalia is at the core of the reason for this "preoccupation" of the "piracy phenomenon"?
Is it all just another part of an oil dominance strategy?
Another move on the Global Chessboard?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel tries to head off war crimes charges

As if Israel's actions in Gaza weren't totally despicable. Adding insult to injury.......
read here

They are now claiming they used lawyers to avoid breaking international law.
" it used lawyers and leaflets in what it says was an effort to save civilian lives and bolster its case against accusations of war crimes."

Wow, lawyers and leaflets, do those save lives? I mean when fleeing in terror, do you stop and go
"oh I must really read this leaflet"

Besides the pure bullshit factor in that, where were the Gazans to go?
When shooting fish in a barrel, just how far can the fish flee to avoid the shot?
Given Israel has the Palestinians trapped in Gaza, where exactly were they to go?

And this part

The Gaza “campaign was a long time in the works, and we were intimately involved in the planning,” said Lieutenant Colonel David Benjamin of the Military Advocate Corps

There you have it, the Gaza attack was not in response to the Hamas rocket fire.
Despite the spin. Long planned.

“Approval of targets which can be attacked, methods of warfare -- it all has gone through us.”

So they did approve of bombing multiple schools, mosques and a university, strafing kids in the street, using white phosphorous, etc, etc,.
Must have, since approval of all targets went through the Military Advocate Corp first.

Sounds like war crimes to me

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Hard Sun

I was over at Skye's blog and she was talkin' music.
I love music, always have, probably always will.
But she got me thinking about a song, a Canadian song.
This is a song, that makes me cry, I don't know why. It just does.
Done by Indio in the 80's, recently covered by Eddie Vedder.
The Indio version is way, way better.
Indio's version is more earthy and bluesy, Vedders version is slicker.
I prefer the first version.
It is of course "Big Hard Sun"
I think it is a song about our relationship to the earth and the sky.
Maybe you disagree, that's ok.
Point is, I am in the mood for this song and I am going to share!
I don't like the lyrics flashing across the screen.
The song doesn't need it.
The scenery is good though
All these years later, this is still a great song!

Brain exercises

So my daughter tells me about this program, Neuroactive, that is sold at her place of employment.
Of course there are demos available on line, to try out these brain exercises.
I am interested, hell, I need all the help I can get!
Off to try them out.
Dam, they are a challenge!
So, I thought I would share.
Tell me what you think?

4 different exercises

I have only done two of the four.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Canada ready to be the whore, the servant, the doormat

We'll give it to you, will give it all to you.
Our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our souls.
We just can't do enough for you

The federal government intends to impress on U.S. President Barack Obama that Canada can play an even larger role in resolving U.S. concerns over the security of its energy supplies.

Is that giving you the warm fuzzies?

Maybe this one?

Canada will answer Obama's call

Yeah, the US says JUMP, Canada says "How High"???

and it just keeps getting better with this one-

Harper wants joint Canada-U.S. policies on energy, ecology

NAFTA morphs into the American Union, right in front of our eyes

Monday, January 19, 2009

Corruption in the Ukraine leading to the gas crisis?

The latest Ukraine/Russia gas commotion had me wondering, what was really going on?
Of course the main stream North American media has been blah, blah blahing.
To summarize: Russia bad. That is all you need to know.
Sadly, that is all the average donut head cares about.
HOWEVER, there is usually far more to any situation then meets the eye.
I am not so sure that it is simply the case of "Russia Bad".
It looks like corrupt politics in the Ukraine is a big part of the problem.

Upon doing some digging...... I came across an interesting name
RosUkrEnergo: an intermediary, owned by Gazprom and two Ukrainian oligarchs.

"a Swiss-based intermediary owned by Gazprom and Ukrainian oligarchs, which skims at least €600 million a year off the gas trade"

How did RosUkrEnergo come to play such a profitable role?

In January 2006 Ukraine and Russia struck a new gas deal. Victor Yushchenko, he of the Orange Revolution fame played a central role. "Yushchenko hailed the contract as a victory because it allowed Ukraine to continue receiving gas at subsidized prices for another year."

It did a little more then that.

"In addition, the deal gave a shadowy intermediary company, RosUkrEnergo, full control of gas imports from Russia, as well as access to the Ukrainian domestic market. Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, owns half the firm, and two Ukrainian tycoons own the other half."

So Victor Yushchenko negotiates a deal that appears to benefit some of his own cronies and possibly himself.

"Figures linked to Ms Tymoshenko, who is to run against Mr Yushchenko in upcoming presidential elections, have accused his party of pocketing RosUkrEnergo money"

It's possible, I mean, I don't know.

Ukraine politics seems about as corrupt as any other countries, maybe even more so.

Can't be forgotten that Mr Yushchenko made the deal that gave RosUkrEnergo full control of the gas imports???
He didn't seem to do much to bring on a new deal, to resolve this latest crisis. Even going so far today to suggest that "Russia rest on previous agreements". The agreement that was so profitable to a "shadowy" intermediary with ties to his own administration. HMMM...
Yushchenko's administration voices alternative gas proposals

Yes it seems this latest agreement was negotiated between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. In this latest deal, RosUkrEnergo is out. Frozen Out.

I like the comment left on this article:

"Could the Ukrainians please figure out who's doing their negotiating? Europe is not going to be blaming Russia if - after a deal was said to be in place - Ukraine tries to change it.

If the Ukraine could get their act together, it would go along way to ending this mess.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Media Bias and the Israeli Slaughter

Maggie wrote this piece the other day, check it out at her blog
I am posting this here for two reasons. The first being a little test maggie and I are conducting.
A test to see if Google blogger is excluding blogs for material posted.

The second reason is regarding Maggie's experience at the CBC website.
An experience in media censorship. I have been at the CBC news site also.
And noticed the exact same phenomena Maggie describes in her post.

"Something happened yesterday, around lunchtime. First I couldn't access the site - it was very slow. After that it seemed only comments which extolled Israel's virtues were allowed. The number of posts supporting the inhumane actions on the part of the Israeli admin went through the roof. None of my submitted posts were printed. Also, the time lag increased - where before it was usually a few minutes before a rash of new posts appeared, it began to become more like 20 minutes, or 30 minutes before a small number of posts - all supporting the bloodshed and indeed some cheering it on - showed up on screen."

Two of us noticing the same activity at the same time? I submitted about 8 posts that day, 5 didn't make it. They were my opinion, backed up with links. I had links to video clips, news items etc..Twice I tried to submit links to the interview posted here, and another link to an article showing the difference between the Israeli military and the Hamas resistance. CBC censored these links.
What annoyed me about this? They were links for information purposes. CBC is not supposed to be sensoring Canadian opinion, nor are they supposed to be engaged in biased media presentations. Yet they are. So Friends of CBC, you are not getting any more donations from my family. I want real unbiased media.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Invasion of Gaza- give a listen!

just click the link, and your heels, and your there!

The Invasion of Gaza" with Michel Chossudovsky discussing Israel's broader military-intelligence plan, "Operation Justified Vengeance" (Ariel Sharon 2001) of which "Operation Cast Lead" is part; the assassination of Yaser Arafat; the humanitarian crisis; strategic gas reserves offshore from Gaza; and Israel's energy transport corridor along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean.

Us, Israel and wars of aggression

I have been thinking about Israel and the US lately.....
How alike they are in their corrupt ways.
What has been on my mind are how the elites of the two nations operate.
The governments. The decision makers. The ones with the power.
The power to decide who lives and who dies.
They decide to take the lives of others.
They offer up the sacrifice of their own peoples.
All for the most surreal of goals. They claim it is always for security, safety, peace.
Well you get the idea.
If not, I'll help.
Iraq. The attack on Iraq was necessary because Iraq allegedly had weapons of mass destruction, and were a threat to the entire world! So we were told over and over and over. Therefore, the country had to be destroyed, hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, scores more maimed, for the world to be safe.
Now Gaza.
Israel says Gaza has to be attacked for it's citizens to be safer. Therefore Israel has to go into Gaza and cause mayhem, destruction and death on a scale beyond my imagination. For Peace. For Security. It has to kill in the most wanton and despicable ways for security? Does that make sense?

And that the elites get enough of the population to go along with this, through propaganda usage just NEVER ceases to amaze me.

Well there it is, what has been on my mind- I want to include some food for thought.

On Oct. 1, 1946, judgment was delivered by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Robert H Jackson, the US Prosecutor at Nuremburg who went on to become a US Supreme Court Justice said:

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole. ...Crimes against international law are committed by men, not by abstract entities, and only by punishing individuals who commit such crimes can the provisions of international law be enforced.”

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaza news...

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Remnants of an Israeli white phosphorus shell, identified by the marking on the outer casing — M825A1 — have been found in the village of Sheikh Ajilin in ...

First Gaza damage estimate: $1.4 billion

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Israel's fierce assault on Gaza's Hamas rulers has destroyed at least $1.4 billion worth of buildings, roads, pipes, ...

Gaza child casualties triple since Israeli ground invasion, UN says

UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- The number of child casualties in the Gaza Strip has reportedly tripled since the beginning of the Israeli ground ...

I omitted the picture available with this news story, click the link to see it.
It is heartbreaking.
It leaves me asking?

Is that what "Hamas" looks like? Is that some of the "Hamas" targets we have been hearing about? Does Hamas look like dead little babies? The pictures we have seen over and over?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Canaduh! Votes ALONE for Israel. Have you no shame?

Canada has replaced Britian as the new lap dog for the US and apparently Israel.
So if Blair was the 'poodle', what would be the appropriate dog choice for Stephen Harper?
It has to be a smaller model, but beefier, with jowls and of course ever slobbering and grovelling.
Any suggestions?

Canada votes alone for Israel

The only one of 47 nations on UN rights panel to refuse to condemn military offensive in Gaza

and want to hear the reasoning? The logic?

Marius Grinius, Canada's representative on the council, said the language of the motion, which accused Israel of sparking a humanitarian crisis, was "unnecessary, unhelpful and inflammatory."

unnecessary, unhelpful and inflammatory?
I don't know, what kind of language needs to be used to condemn the deaths of civilians?
Will 'touchy feely' language be better.

"Oh, Israel, that is sooo naughty. You have killed more then 900 people now, blown them to bits in their beds and schools. But, poor you (pat on the head) you didn't mean it. Here is some candy now run along?"

Is that the language Canada expects?
Then wait for this, cause it get's better...

"He said the text failed to "clearly recognize" that Hamas rocket attacks on Israel triggered the crisis."

Why would or should the text "clearly recognize" that? Since Hamas rocket attacks DID NOT trigger the crisis. That would be nonsense, utter and complete.
You can inform yourself of that here, here, here and this...

Hey, why let truth get in the way? Especially when bullshit propaganda will suffice

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Muslims against Sharia" still in action, probably on overdrive

Just when we thought the posers "Muslims against Sharia" went away?????

They never really go away. They are like a bad rash, an oozy infection, an inflamed hemorrhoid!

These fake Muslims, who are really Jewish/ NeoCon bloggers are still in action.

Let me direct your attention to a message left here by a person named Dee, her page is
Thoughts by Dee

She found my previous posts on the "Mash" posers and left a message.
Read it here, just scroll down ,as you can see.... it is the usual types of "reply" from the potty mouths posers.
I see they have found someone else to stalk..... Notice within 5 minutes of her leaving her message, they left one too.

Now Dee, wants to do a post on them on her blog. I think she should because the more people that know what these people are up to, the better! Go Dee, do it!!!
I will soon be deleting their response to her, as I always do.
But for those who may not have 'experienced' these posers, get over and read what their about, before I delete the trash!
And would everyone show Dee some support, check out her page, please!

US asked 4 Middle East States for a 300 BILLION dollar handout

Well here is a story that didn't garner much main stream media coverage. Or none that I really noticed. Yet, I would think it is fairly significant.

Take note the states that the US asked are the usual servants of the US.
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait (they fought a war for that kingdom), UAE and Quatar.
Where oppressive regimes reign supreme over oppressed populations.
And yet, the bearer of "democracy" keeps these government empowered?

US seeks 300 billion dollars from Gulf states

US plans to use Arab Gulf aid to help ailing automobile industry, banks, other suffering companies.

the one "western source" I could find was here

Though it was lacking in detail, unlike the Middle Eastern News Sources.
They were quite clear on what the money was for

Financial aid to help prevent US economy from sliding into recession

Al-Seyassah said Washington sought the amount as "financial aid" to face the fallout of the financial crisis and help prevent its economy from sliding into a painful recession.

The daily said the United States plans to use the funds to help the ailing automobile industry, banks and other companies suffering from the global financial turmoil.

Note to these countries, the US has officially been in recession for over a year now.
Stop feeding the parasite

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Official" stories vs what really happened- Gaza and 9/11

I was thinking about official stories vs what really happened. By that I mean the real story, not the blog of the same name. No disrespect intended.

What got me thinking about this was the attack on the UN school in Gaza.
If you read the accounts in the North American media, the attack was "near" the school.

If you read elsewhere, the school itself was attacked. As in the school was the direct target.

Then of course the spin went into overdrive. Doesn't it always?

Hamas was using the school, it was their fault all the kids died. But there is no evidence of that. None what so ever!

What makes the 'official' Israeli story so interesting is that the news of Hamas using the school came from anonymous IDF sources. Anonymous sources, now why would that be the case?
It would make sense that if the IDF had actual information, real evidence that Hamas was using the school to shoot at Israeli forces, they wouldn't need to make anonymous claims, based on anonymous information. No if their claims were legitimate they could back them up, but they aren't. Not very confidence inspiring is it?

On the other hand the UN, who by the way, is demanding an investigation into this incident.
Is saying they are 99.9 percent certain, there were NO militants present at the school

Gunness said based on UNRWA's investigation, the agency is "99.9 percent certain" there were no Palestinian militants in or on the grounds of the school that was sheltering civilians when it was shelled by Israeli forces.
That is pretty good. Most days, I can't claim to be 99.9 percent sure where my house and car keys are. In fact, I can't even claim to be 50 percent sure. So 99.9 percent is dam good!

The UN had notified Israel of the schools location, and the schools were clearly marked as UN schools.
A U.N. official in Gaza said a school where dozens of Palestinians were killed by tank shells on Tuesday was clearly marked with a U.N. flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities.

He said UNRWA regularly provided the Israeli army with exact geographical coordinates of its facilities and the school was in a built-up area. "Of course it was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties," he said.
So it is clear that the UN knew what was going on at it's schools. It knew the schools were being used as safe shelters for the children of Gaza. And the UN is challenging Israel to prove their claim. So far Israel has not. They are sticking to their 'official version', the anonymously sourced story.

While zooming about the information highway, reading various news sites, I came across something that was surprising in some ways, but yet, not really. Since I have seen this before, and I'll get to just where and when very briefly.

What I had noticed was how many people choose to believe an 'official story" based on no evidence, supported by anonymous sources in a heresay sort of fashion, as if it was the gospel truth. I don't know why this surprises me, and yet it does every time.

All I could think of was 9/11. The "official version" vs the reality. Which to this day, there is no realistic version.

There it was playing itself, albeit out on a smaller scale. The 'official" Israeli version of events at the school, completely unsubstantiated by even a shred of evidence.
Versus the obvious fact, the school came under attack, the third school by the way. Killing 40 children. Resulting in the school finally collapsing from the direct hits. Not the "nearby" hits.

I guess it is hard to understand why people willingly choose to be so gullible. Is it easier? Is it brainwashing, conditioning, stupidity, an inherent weakness of humanity. Just what is it?
Or is it a submission to authority? That it is some government telling us , so it must be the truth? If that is the case, goodness aren't a great many of us a lame excuse for humanity?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PAJU occupy the Israeli Consulate

and the Big Shiny Gold Star of the day goes to.....PAJU, Palestinian and Jewish Unity

The Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) is a human rights organization that explicitly recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to national existence and to live in security. We condemn all violations of human rights. PAJU was co-founded in Montreal by Bruce Katz, a Jewish Canadian and Rezeq Faraj, a Palestinian Canadian who have been friends for more than 25 years. Our group is comprised of Jews, Palestinians and other Canadians of good conscience who work together to promote peace in the Middle East and to educate the public on the Palestinian question.

Members of this group got themselves arrested today at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto

Police arrest 8 protesters at Israeli consulate

Toronto police have arrested eight Canadian Jewish women who occupied the Israeli consulate on Bloor Street.

The group carried out the occupation to show their opposition to Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip and its two-year economic blockade of the territory, Miriam Garfinkle, a spokesperson, told on Wednesday.

The most prominent of the eight arrested is Toronto activist Judy Rebick. But the group also includes Israeli filmmaker B.H. Yael, peace activists and students, she said.

for being such decent human beings, I am moving them to the great sites @. I admire the unity, it gives me hope.

Russia totally cuts off Ukraine and by extension parts of europe

While the world has been witnessing the attrocities in Gaza.. Well as much as one can bear of that anyway. Let's take a peak at the Russian/Ukraine situation affecting Europe.

Wondering does this have to do with the stance the Ukraine took in the ill-fated move Georgia made on Ossetia? Payback for NATO's role in that? Hmmm?

Russian gas flows to Europe through Ukraine shut down completely on Wednesday, reducing power to industries and homes in south-east Europe and disrupting supplies to major economies.

The dispute, over gas prices and debts owed by Ukraine to Russia, left thousands of households in Bulgaria without heating and hit supplies as far west as France and Germany as Europe faced freezing mid-winter temperatures.

“Russia, which supplies 80 per cent of its gas to Europe through Ukraine, has left Europe without gas. There is zero transit,” said Valentin Zemlyansky, a spokesman for Ukrainian state energy firm Naftogaz.

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom blamed Ukraine for the closure. It said Russia was still pumping a small volume of gas to Ukraine and accused Kiev of keeping it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

aha ! Palestinian natural gas coveted by Israel

Thou shalt not covet they neighbours goods...............

Gas deal, coming polls behind military operations in Gaza?

Even as the massive aerial attack by Israel on Gaza entered its fourth day, and the number of deaths mounted to nearly 400, the question troubling people across the world is: what does Israel hope to gain out of this?

Two factors that are not being talked about much, but have figured prominently in the Israeli calculus are: natural gas and the upcoming elections to the Israeli Knesset, their parliament.

Gaza is a small strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea. Its territorial waters extend to about 35km off the coast. In 1999, the oil firm BG International discovered a huge deposit of natural gas 32km from the Gaza coast. The Gaza Marine gas field contains 1.2 trillion cubic feet of gas valued at over $4 billion. As per the Oslo peace accords, which created Gaza, Israel has security control over air and water around Gaza. So, it wrangled a deal with BG to get access to Gaza gas at cheap rates.

But before the deal could go through, Hamas won the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006. This sparked off a bitter power struggle between Hamas and the pro-west Fatah. Ultimately, the Palestinian Authority split in 2007, with Hamas taking control of Gaza and Fatah taking control of West Bank. One of the first things that Hamas did after getting elected was to declare that the natural gas deal would have to be renegotiated.

Then began the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which prevented much required food and medicines from reaching the hapless Gazans. Crammed into about 360 sq km, 1.5 million Gazans saw their lives crumble into dust. To get food and medicines, Gazans built tunnels under the Israeli barriers, and once even broke through on the Egyptian side. But the Israeli and Egyptian army tamped them down.

It appears that the current Israeli move is to try and turn the Gazans against Hamas, paving the way for a more pliable administration, so that the gas deal will go through. Reports from Israel indicate that preparations for this attack were underway since several months ago, with the ceasefire offered by Israel being just a ploy to lull Hamas.

and another story:

Hamas holding Natural gas discoveries off coast of Gaza hostage in 2006?

Round-up of news from Gaza

US blocks security council vote calling for immediate ceasefire
On the diplomatic front, the Security Council is meeting again today to discuss the crisis, after Sunday’s emergency session did not produce a ceasefire resolution. On Saturday, the United States blocked a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

no suprise there! Lets see what happens the second time.

Israel bombing schools and killing children, that is more then one school

UN demands probe into Israel's strikes on Gaza schools

His statement was issued before Tuesday's third Israeli attack at a school, which killed 43 people who had sought shelter in the UN-run building at the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, according to medics.

UN official says Gaza school was clearly marked

Gaza hospital crowded with civilians, doctors say

When the Israeli airstrikes began more than a week ago, the first casualties Shifa Hospital saw were fighters in military uniform, a Palestinian doctor said Monday.

"But after that day and until this day, we didn't receive any men from the resistance or anyone in the military," he said. "All of them were civilians."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Check out this blog!

It was recommended by Brian over at Rusty Node.


these people are closer to the conflict then we are and can certainly give us an interesting perspective.

Ironically as I am typing this American MSM is blaring about how hard pressed Israeli's have been due to the rocket fire. They are talking about this terror inflicted on the Israeli's. I agree this sucks.
BUT, no mention of the points made in the previous article I posted. No mention of the blockade, the denial of food or medicine. The stranglehold on the life of Gazans.
No mention of the boats delivering humanitarian aid being shot at or rammed by the IDF, to prevent humanitarian aid from getting to desperate Gazans.
Nope, none of that.
It is as if those facts do not exist.................

In fact did the mainstream media in the US and Canada even mention that Richard Falk had been 'detained' in Israel. You can read about that here if you missed it.
A country that has nothing to hide should not need to take such drastic actions, should they!?
Ironically Richard Falk is Jewish.

The Gaza Catastrophe

a more balanced perspective then the so called main stream media presents to the masses

Understanding the Gaza Catastrophe

January 2, 2009

For eighteen months the entire 1.5 million people of Gaza experienced a punishing blockade imposed by Israel, and a variety of traumatizing challenges to the normalcy of daily life. A flicker of hope emerged some six months ago when an Egyptian arranged truce produced an effective ceasefire that cut Israeli casualties to zero despite the cross-border periodic firing of homemade rockets that fell harmlessly on nearby Israeli territory, and undoubtedly caused anxiety in the border town of Sderot. During the ceasefire the Hamas leadership in Gaza repeatedly offered to extend the truce, even proposing a ten-year period and claimed a receptivity to a political solution based on acceptance of Israel's 1967 borders. Israel ignored these diplomatic initiatives, and failed to carry out its side of the ceasefire agreement that involved some easing of the blockade that had been restricting the entry to Gaza of food, medicine, and fuel to a trickle.

Israel also refused exit permits to students with foreign fellowship awards and to Gazan journalists and respected NGO representatives. At the same time, it made it increasingly difficult for journalists to enter, and I was myself expelled from Israel a couple of weeks ago when I tried to enter to carry out my UN job of monitoring respect for human rights in occupied Palestine, that is, in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as Gaza. Clearly, prior to the current crisis, Israel used its authority to prevent credible observers from giving accurate and truthful accounts of the dire humanitarian situation that had been already documented as producing severe declines in the physical condition and mental health of the Gazan population, especially noting malnutrition among children and the absence of treatment facilities for those suffering from a variety of diseases. The Israeli attacks were directed against a society already in grave condition after a blockade maintained during the prior 18 months.

As always in relation to the underlying conflict, some facts bearing on this latest crisis are murky and contested, although the American public in particular gets 99% of its information filtered through an exceedingly pro-Israeli media lens. Hamas is blamed for the breakdown of the truce by its supposed unwillingness to renew it, and by the alleged increased incidence of rocket attacks. But the reality is more clouded. There was no substantial rocket fire from Gaza during the ceasefire until Israel launched an attack last November 4th directed at what it claimed were Palestinian militants in Gaza, killing several Palestinians. It was at this point that rocket fire from Gaza intensified. Also, it was Hamas that on numerous public occasions called for extending the truce, with its calls never acknowledged, much less acted upon, by Israeli officialdom. Beyond this, attributing all the rockets to Hamas is not convincing either. A variety of independent militia groups operate in Gaza, some such as the Fatah-backed al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade are anti-Hamas, and may even be sending rockets to provoke or justify Israeli retaliation. It is well confirmed that when US-supported Fatah controlled Gaza's governing structure it was unable to stop rocket attacks despite a concerted effort to do so.

What this background suggests strongly is that Israel launched its devastating attacks, starting on December 27, not simply to stop the rockets or in retaliation, but also for a series of unacknowledged reasons. It was evident for several weeks prior to the Israeli attacks that the Israeli military and political leaders were preparing the public for large-scale military operations against the Hamas. The timing of the attacks seemed prompted by a series of considerations: most of all, the interest of political contenders, the Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, in demonstrating their toughness prior to national elections scheduled for February, but now possibly postponed until military operations cease. Such Israeli shows of force have been a feature of past Israeli election campaigns, and on this occasion especially, the current government was being successfully challenged by Israel's notoriously militarist politician, Benjamin Netanyahu, for its supposed failures to uphold security. Reinforcing these electoral motivations was the little concealed pressure from the Israeli military commanders to seize the opportunity in Gaza to erase the memories of their failure to destroy Hezbollah in the devastating Lebanon War of 2006 that both tarnished Israel's reputation as a military power and led to widespread international condemnation of Israel for the heavy bombardment of undefended Lebanese villages, disproportionate force, and extensive use of cluster bombs against heavily populated areas.

Respected and conservative Israeli commentators go further. For instance, the prominent historian, Benny Morris writing in the New York Times a few days ago, relates the campaign in Gaza to a deeper set of forebodings in Israel that he compares to the dark mood of the public that preceded the 1967 War when Israelis felt deeply threatened by Arab mobilizations on their borders. Morris insists that despite Israeli prosperity of recent years, and relative security, several factors have led Israel to act boldly in Gaza: the perceived continuing refusal of the Arab world to accept the existence of Israel as an established reality; the inflammatory threats voiced by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad together with Iran's supposed push to acquire nuclear weapons, the fading memory of the Holocaust combined with growing sympathy in the West with the Palestinian plight, and the radicalization of political movements on Israel's borders in the form of Hezbollah and Hamas. In effect, Morris argues that Israel is trying via the crushing of Hamas in Gaza to send a wider message to the region that it will stop at nothing to uphold its claims of sovereignty and security.

There are two conclusions that emerge: the people of Gaza are being severely victimized for reasons remote from the rockets and border security concerns, but seemingly to improve election prospects of current leaders now facing defeat, and to warn others in the region that Israel will use overwhelming force whenever its interests are at stake.

That such a human catastrophe can happen with minimal outside interference also shows the weakness of international law and the United Nations, as well as the geopolitical priorities of the important players. The passive support of the United States government for whatever Israel does is again the critical factor, as it was in 2006 when it launched its aggressive war against Lebanon. What is less evident is that the main Arab neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, with their extreme hostility toward Hamas that is viewed as backed by Iran, their main regional rival, were also willing to stand aside while Gaza was being so brutally attacked, with some Arab diplomats even blaming the attacks on Palestinian disunity or on the refusal of Hamas to accept the leadership of Mamoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority.

The people of Gaza are victims of geopolitics at its inhumane worst: producing what Israel itself calls a 'total war' against an essentially defenseless society that lacks any defensive military capability whatsoever and is completely vulnerable to Israeli attacks mounted by F-16 bombers and Apache helicopters. What this also means is that the flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, as set forth in the Geneva Conventions, is quietly set aside while the carnage continues and the bodies pile up. It additionally means that the UN is once more revealed to be impotent when its main members deprive it of the political will to protect a people subject to unlawful uses of force on a large scale. Finally, this means that the public can shriek and march all over the world, but that the killing will go on as if nothing is happening. The picture being painted day by day in Gaza is one that begs for renewed commitment to international law and the authority of the UN Charter, starting here in the United States, especially with a new leadership that promised its citizens change, including a less militarist approach to diplomatic leadership.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The US's let them eat cake attitude: Food not a right.

So you think you have a "right to food"?

One would think as a human being that should be a ... basic human need, a human right?

Well, you would be WRONG! WHAT? I said, you would be wrong.

While no fan of the UN, the stance taken on this vote, by one country, the US seems despicable.

Here is what the vote was on:

By a vote of 180 in favour to 1 against (United States) and no abstentions, the Committee also approved a resolution on the right to food, by which the Assembly would “consider it intolerable” that more than 6 million children still died every year from hunger-related illness before their fifth birthday, and that the number of undernourished people had grown to about 923 million worldwide, at the same time that the planet could produce enough food to feed 12 billion people, or twice the world’s present population.
The US doesn't "consider it intolerable" that more then 6 million children die every year from hunger related illness? I mean couldn't they just pretend to care? Feign concern?

This article claims it is all about the IMF bankster gangsters and using food as a means of control.

The IMF gangsters make all kinds of profits by manipulating food around the world. Haiti received tons of highly subsidized cheap US rice, but only in exchange for loans from the IMF. Unable to compete with the low prices, Haitian rice farmers went out of business and locally grown food dwindled to a fraction of what it had been. As a result the tiny nations ability to provide for themselves was damaged to the point food riots broke out when the subsidized rice flow was adversely affected by rising fuel costs and / or increased demand in China / India.

I agree with that and I take it even further.

The first thing that came to my mind was all those big corporate conglomerates, American of course, promoting their GMO crops as a necessity.
You know the names.. Monsanto, Archer-Daniels Midland, Carghill.
Think of how the US has been 'promoting' the use of these corporations frankenfoods worldwide. Iraq and India pop in my head. Of course the US and Canada.
Oh, how the US government has protected the manufacturers of monstrosites, through legislation and warfare, and complicit "alphabet agencies" of course.

If the US acknowledges food as a right, then everyone can grow their own garden. Organic/ Non-GMO farmers can prosper free from intimidation. It would be their right! Their right and yours and my right ,as individuals, to bypass the giant corporations that wish to control food for their own profit.

The US couldn't even acknowledge that people have a right to food, because that would take all control out of corporate and corrupt bankster gangsters hands.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Golden Rule/ Ethics of Reciprocity a simple means to exercise some humanity

The Golden Rule... how many people are aware of it?

It is like the common sense rule for all of humanity. You don't have to follow any religion to practice it, you just do it.
For example, ever notice if you smile at people...they smile at you?
If you say "hello". People reply "hello".
They may be thinking who the hell is that, but, it doesn't really matter. They will still reply, seriously try it.

Today, we went out for a little stroll. As we walked along another couple met us on the path.
We exchanged best wishes for a happy new year. Did we know them? Nope!
Does it matter? Nope!
But there it was: The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have done to you)

If that is to religious for you, I understand, it does sound a bit like something a deity would lay down for the followers...

So let's use the ethic of reciprocity instead.. what is reciprocity?

Check a dictionary and it says "reciprocity is the state of being reciprocal" So what is reciprocal??
This is getting wordy and definition oriented isn't it?
But, hey we gotta know what it is we speak of right?
Reciprocal: Shared, felt or shown by both sides.

Like the big purple dinosaur: "I love you, You love me" etc. etc. etc. (but without the creepiness)
So the Golden Rule (heavy religious overtones aside) and the ethics of reciprocity are the same. They simply mean doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

Maybe this is a good way for humans to begin a much needed change?

And the beauty of this? Getting back to the heavy religious overtone version.
The Golden Rule is found in all the religions! It is a great uniting stance!!
Just read on. Forget about all the differences in the religions of the world. Focus on the similarities... and the golden rule is there.

  • "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Matthew 7:12, King James Version.
  • "None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." Number 13 of Imam "Al-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths." 5

  • "...a state that is not pleasing or delightful to me, how could I inflict that upon another?" Samyutta NIkaya v. 353
    • This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you. Mahabharata 5:1517
  • "What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. This is the law: all the rest is commentary." Talmud, Shabbat 31a.

You can look here for more religions that share this common moral value.