Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brain exercises

So my daughter tells me about this program, Neuroactive, that is sold at her place of employment.
Of course there are demos available on line, to try out these brain exercises.
I am interested, hell, I need all the help I can get!
Off to try them out.
Dam, they are a challenge!
So, I thought I would share.
Tell me what you think?

4 different exercises

I have only done two of the four.


  1. Kiddo
    I think that you’re making much ado over naught. That is not to infer that your brain did not receive a significant trauma however, here comes the big But. But worrying about something that Happened four weeks ago is Not conducive to healing.

    You have to understand that the irrational fear of falling has nothing to do with the primary insult to the brain, this is self-induced and as such is not going to help you one iota.

    As I have told you before it will take time, perhaps as much as six months or even longer for the symptoms to go away, a brain injury is nothing to be taken lightly, however for the moment there is little you can do to speed the healing. Let the brain take care of itself. It’s a simply marvelous gelatinous organ of some 1400 grams with no moving parts but at the same time it has wonderful regenerative capabilities.

    Now I’m a Biologist (or at least was) and not a Neurologist however in my years I have bisected and dissected brains from everything from fish, to frogs to cats rats and humans. I have looked at slices of brain tissue under some of the most powerful microscopes known and I would not even attempt to tell you How the damn thing works. Oh sure I could tell you the basics, much like I could tell you the basics of how a internal combustion engine works. It has pistons a crankshaft and goes wrooom wroom but that does not make me a mechanic, and anyone who tells you any different is either a fool or a liar.

    Hopefully when you get to see your Dr. he will send you to see a Neurologist but I will here and now give you a little heads up(please forgive) on what the Neurologist will tell you. He will tell you that unless the CAT has shown some damage that can indeed be repaired physically i.e. surgically there is sweet fuckall (although he may use a slightly less scientific term) that can be done with the exception of rest and allowing the brain to do it’s shtick.

    So do yerself a favor and drop by my place for an in depth self help thingy, after filling the following script.

    1 Take a hot bath
    2 while laying in said hot bath count backwards on your toes to 1081 (you may use digital means i.e. your fingers to keep track)
    3 then contemplate your navel for Exactly 13 minutes and then wiggle your ears alternately.

  2. ok, I understand what you are saying.
    and I know that is irrational.
    I tell myself that everyday.

    I say, look at the number of walks and the amount of bike riding year round times the number of years =
    this was a fluke, it was shit luck.

    See I can do the rational thing, but then fear gets me.

    Believe me silv, I am trying every time I go out. To not be fearful.
    I am working on it, but like everything it is easier to say, then to do.

    And yes, you did tell me it would be long, six months or more.

    And I thought, who is this joker
    No way, is it going to take that long.
    Well ya know what, here four weeks has passed, four f'n weeks.
    And I am still sleeping 10 and 11 hours a day.
    And I am still tired everyday.
    I can't do to much of anything, cause I get dizzy, I get nauseated.
    I am still switching letters.
    In other words, I am frustrated!

    And here is my problem, I am impatient, I want to be better two weeks ago. I don't like this shit.
    Sometimes, I am really angry.
    I have this vision of myself having a total kicking breaking things fit.
    That is frustration.

    And you know what else, I can't deal with stress, worth a shit.
    If hubby and I have so much as a cross word, I can't deal with it.
    I feel overwhelmed completely.
    I have to go lay down, and do deep breathing, just to get myself relaxed.
    Years ago when we went through a very rough financial patch, I was having an irregular heart beat, well dammit if it ain't back!

    So silverfish, sorry for the rant.
    But, I think I am at the peak of my frustration levels.
    This has gone on far longer then I had ever imagined, andit sucks.

    Sorry If that all sounds bitchy.
    It was good to get it out, though.

    The one shining light for me has been my husband, who is the greatest.
    And our daughter is coming home, and I am looking sooo forward to that.

    One other thing that has been good has been being able to share with you and maggie and nobody.
    It has been really helpful.
    Probably more so then any of you realize.

    That said, I will, I am trying to worry less, relax more.
    That is what my husband tells me, everyday.

    Anyway, thanks silverfish for the help, and words of encouragement I really do appreciate it.
    More importantly, I will take the advice to heart

  3. Your Soooo Welcome. But take what I say to heart I do sometimes know where of I speak.

    A friend of mine did exacly that which you have done. Slipped on the ice and cracked the back of her head on the pavement and in doing so severed a nerve in the in the front part of the brain a nerve leading to the orafactory bulb(remember the rebound effect that I talked about). Well that was some 12 years ago and she still has no sense of smell or taste as in NONE.

    Yuh know at first one might think that it's nots so bad not being able to smell or taste, well it wouldn't be if one made their living skinning skunks, but this friend of mine was a four star chef, now I wouldn't have her prepare a meal for my dogs. She goes through the motions but the result is less than it should be, she now works as a teller in a bank where the smell of money seems not to be a problem.

    So all in all think yourself lucky, it will get better, it will take time but it will get better you have my word.

  4. I don't know about you Pen, but it's a learning process for me, that's for sure. Thanks Silv, I'm going to keep all this mind. Unless of course I slip on some ice and crack my skull. Then you'll have to tell me again.

    Pen, I don't know if this is of any use at all but I'm a big expert on quitting cigarettes. Never mind those losers who've only done it once or so. I've quit tons of times and I'm really good at it. And the same thing happens every time. The whole world turns a filty shade of cack, joy departs, and there seems to be no point to anything. The trick for me is to remember to pipe up and say, 'Dickhead, you've quit smoking. You're brain is out of whack so of course you feel this way.' To which the response it, 'Oh yeah, I forgot'. Which is true, I had. And funnily enough, it does tend to put the kibosh on a thought process that, uninterrupted, would galloped off to ever uglier places. Mind you, when I'm like that my brain just fires up that process again ten minutes later. And I have to remind myself all over again. Repeat ad nauseam.

    So never mind that Silverfish quack, listen to Dr Nobody. My decades long history of successfully quitting smoking is testament to my brilliance.

    Hmm... now that I think about it, your problem is completely different to mine. Perhaps if you were to take up smoking? Then I could DEFINITELY be of some useful assistance.

    Anyway mate, we're rooting for you.

  5. Quack Huh and you a Dr. now? What Yuh do stick a bone in your nose? Or maybe a feather duster in Yer butt and do the oogie boogie dance" well I'll have Yuh know Sir that it takes a Great deal more to see to the needs of a fair maiden such as Penny, So begone with your failed methods of cigarete smoking, begone I say Begone.

    ps Nobody the Email is in the works.