Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apartheid Israel - CBS: Is Peace out of Reach

What is this? I am shocked! I am stunned! I am amazed!
Will wonders never cease?
CBS, yes CBS does an honest bit of journalism.
If we had more balanced reporting on this topic, there would already be a solution regarding the ongoing occupation of Palestine by Israel.
Since there hasn't been, we get the lopsided favouritism towards Israel's "apartheid" policies that have become the norm.

Shows the Illegal Settlements on the West Bank. The ILLEGAL settlers actually acknowledge that the entire purpose of their ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS is to prevent a peaceful solution in the area. I am still stunned to see this all, main stream!
Note the fanatical settlers attitude. Ya know "God told them" to be there.
How frightening is that kind of attitude?

I think I am still in shock............

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thanks to: US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation


  1. Rabbi Chosen One says, "Oy, Vey! Anti-Semites! How dare you goy quesion Jews!
    Makes me want to cover my ears and scream, Holocaust!, Holocaust!!, HOLOCAUST!!!!!."

  2. Yes it is amazing that this was shown. I don't know if a two state solution is possible any longer now either.

    Sadly, apart from complete ethnic cleansing I don't see how Israel in her current incarnation as a 'Jewish' state can survive - yet perhaps that is the whole point.

    Another sacrifice?

    ~ Buff

  3. Sunlight is a tremendous disinfectant

  4. soooo much to say, soooo little time.

    and the word verification of the day WINTER, freaky huh. Whoda thunk it?

  5. If Jews will support a move to cleanse the US of all non-Gentiles, I will support their moves to cleanse Israel/Palestine of all non-Jews. If there can be a "Jews-only" state, then there should also be a "Gentiles-only" state.

  6. Looks like now the whole world is questioning Israel's right to exist. Even if they manage to setup this "Theocracy" in the Middle East is there really room in this world for one more regime in the world with racism embedded into the DNA of the state? I think Israel is a nation of hate-filled polluted souls with a racist chip on its shoulder. If Islamofasists are bad why are Jewdaofasists and Christeofasists good? I got no stomach for that and am appalled that my tax dollars support this Israeli JewdeoNAZI state bad idea. The fact that this state's establishment was a gross crime against humanity obvious to anyone who is actually from that area who are now just trying to find some cranny to survive in spite of constant military attacks and occupation. I think this is just going nowhere forever and a two state solution is actually the problem and not the solution. The only solution is a 1 state solution with Semites and Jews living together in a democracy of mutual respect. This requires UN Troops to occupy the area for 40 years to keep them from killing each other for a generation until Israeli citizens get over their anti-Semitism. They can still call the place Israel, and it won't be easy, but neither have the last 60 years of trying to make a crime against humanity acceptable. We all live in this shrinking world together or else.

  7. Brilliant!
    First of all, I am still shocked that this was shown on CBS.

    Is is a crack in the armour?

    anonymous #3

    I love that comment

    "sunlight is a tremendous disinfectant"

    I was thinking how illuminating it is too.
    How it enables clarity.

    "If Islamofasists are bad why are Jewdaofasists and Christeofasists good? "

    You know I wondered about that myself, when I listened to that woman spout her God gave us this land rhetoric.

    The double standard.

    We are supposed to condemn Islam when they act in their god's name, but this nutty settler was making the same claim

    God gave them the land, God gives them the right to be there.
    And therefore, it must be this self same God that gives them the right to starve and kill the Palestinians.

    Crazy thinking!
    Crazy, Insane and Dangerous thinking

  8. Well, I don't know that there's anything wrong with Israel that a complete and utter military defeat, a lengthy war crimes trial, and a complete re-organisation of their education system that perpetually hammers home their collective guilt, wouldn't fix.

    I don't reckon anything else would even make a dent on their rhinocerous hide-like self regard. Honestly.

  9. Nobody:

    "Well, I don't know that there's anything wrong with Israel that a complete and utter military defeat, a lengthy war crimes trial, and a complete re-organisation of their education system that perpetually hammers home their collective guilt, wouldn't fix."


    Well... it worked with Germany eh? Oh... wait... that would mean that Israeli is acting just as bad as the Nazis. Well... if the shoe fits...

  10. The more you listen the more you will hear. The more you hear , the more you will agree with me.

  11. I think this lady to her family and the horse she rode in on back to New York where she belongs. Some people.

  12. I am not a racist and I subscribe to the exist of a Universal Consciousness (God), the same Who everyone in all cultures worship but in different ways and different languages. The utter hatred and intolerance that Israelis display towards the rest of humanity and their belief that they are "God's Chosen" is unacceptable. I wonder when the rest of the world will finally get it? Do we have to wait for the destruction of our planet by these fanatics before we realize what they are up to? I'm afraid it will be too late then. Palestinians are described as terrorists because they resist the genocide of their people. Do we expect that Palestinians to lie down and accept death at the hands of Israelis. Did God Create Gentiles for Israelis to slaughter for just the fun of it. I wonder about such a God. Those fortunate enough to know (realize) This "much spoken of God", understands that it is He /She that pervades all of creation. Such a person is always blissful, compassionate and at peace with everyone. He knows that he is only a traveller whose sojourn here is temporary and that he must move on. He knows that all things are of this Earth and when he departs all things will be left on this Earth.

  13. Hi Penny,

    Skye here, not to confuse you or anything, but I'm using Silver's 'puter at the moment. Thought I had better give you a bit of a heads up. I have no idea if it's a problem for anyone else, (probably not), but at any rate, I can't seem to open your blog anymore. Not with my puter anyway. There's something with the itune link on the right and the video link in the post that are freezing things up for me.

  14. That guy Erdogan is anti semite.
    How dare he reproach the president
    of a country chosen by G_d. Everything we did were ordained by the Lord G_d. Anything wrong with that?

  15. "How dare he reproach the president
    of a country chosen by G_d. Everything we did were ordained by the Lord G_d. Anything wrong with that?"

    Is anything wrong with that?

    Hmmmm where shall I begin with that statement? That level of belief. That level of fanatacism.

    First of all, Israel, was not chosen by God. That is the first problem.

    Israel in her present state was chosen by a bunch of people sitting around, making back room deals, most of them racist.
    The Zionists even talked of a south american country as a possible location for their imaginary dream land.
    Maybe the location in the ME was some kind of easier sell, but, God chosen, most definitely NOT.

    Now, 'GOD' if he actually exists, being all knowing and wise, would never put people on the land of others. Because 'God' being so wise, would know, without a doubt, this would be a recipe for disaster.

    Therefore, a wise and benevolent god, would not have ordained the state of Israel, KNOWING full well that it would cause such strife, among people.

    No, that kind of mess can only belong to man. Man in his folly.
    Man in his greed.

    God gave and sanctioned nothing.

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  17. Hey Pen,

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  18. Well nobody, I have been improving, thank goodness, alot of the same problems, just to a lesser degree.

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  19. Thanks Pen, That sounds pretty good. As good as can be expected. I'd be inclined to think that if any hiccups do occur, don't wig out.

    As an animator who used to spend all day long plotting curves over time, I found that almost none of them chart a constant course in one direction only. The trend will the trend, but ups and downs occur. A kicked football will always be accelerated back to earth, but that's not to say a gust of wind can't put a hiccup in the curve, if you can dig it.

    Anyway, it is my fervent hope that your head is like that kicked football except that you don't suffer from wind.

    I say the nicest things don't I?

  20. Gee three to six months, my bad. but then again I'm just a joker.

  21. I have already been experiencing the better, then worse sort of recovery.

    Today has been a little more difficult then what has recently been.

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