Monday, January 5, 2009

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It was recommended by Brian over at Rusty Node.


these people are closer to the conflict then we are and can certainly give us an interesting perspective.

Ironically as I am typing this American MSM is blaring about how hard pressed Israeli's have been due to the rocket fire. They are talking about this terror inflicted on the Israeli's. I agree this sucks.
BUT, no mention of the points made in the previous article I posted. No mention of the blockade, the denial of food or medicine. The stranglehold on the life of Gazans.
No mention of the boats delivering humanitarian aid being shot at or rammed by the IDF, to prevent humanitarian aid from getting to desperate Gazans.
Nope, none of that.
It is as if those facts do not exist.................

In fact did the mainstream media in the US and Canada even mention that Richard Falk had been 'detained' in Israel. You can read about that here if you missed it.
A country that has nothing to hide should not need to take such drastic actions, should they!?
Ironically Richard Falk is Jewish.


  1. Tonight I was in town at my Significant others and for a change I watched the evening news.
    The lead story was about a hockey game, a minor hockey game at that, NO mention of the people in Gaza not one fucking word. I really can’t remember being more disappointed in the human race, I really can’t.

    Some people wonder why I want to get even further away, I can’t tell them for they just wouldn’t understand.

    After what has happened in the last few days, I just shake my head.
    I just can no longer wait to divorce myself from this insanity, I simply cannot.

  2. Did you check his photography? Really stunning.

  3. Hi Pen,

    Did you catch the piece in Haaretz wrt the mock Gaza city where the IDF has been training now for over 18 months?

    This slaughter has zippo to do with the party rockets that Hamas? is apparantly tossing at Israel, and everything to with a land grab for resources.

  4. Sorry Pen, the article is here:

  5. hey all:

    silverfish and we wonder at the disconnect in the human race?

    why are most people social retards?
    really they are!
    try to converse with some people like duh, what? talk about hollywood stars though? and you got their attention. it is sick.

    Do I wonder why you wish to get even further away from the mass of degenerates? No, I understand completely.

    Nobody: yes the pictures are very, very good.I noticed.

    hey maggie, saw the story posted at your blog, I took it over to our 'favourite' place, lol.
    I included it in a parcel of info, for the degenrates.
    or as margolis states for the cartoon version followers