Monday, January 19, 2009

Corruption in the Ukraine leading to the gas crisis?

The latest Ukraine/Russia gas commotion had me wondering, what was really going on?
Of course the main stream North American media has been blah, blah blahing.
To summarize: Russia bad. That is all you need to know.
Sadly, that is all the average donut head cares about.
HOWEVER, there is usually far more to any situation then meets the eye.
I am not so sure that it is simply the case of "Russia Bad".
It looks like corrupt politics in the Ukraine is a big part of the problem.

Upon doing some digging...... I came across an interesting name
RosUkrEnergo: an intermediary, owned by Gazprom and two Ukrainian oligarchs.

"a Swiss-based intermediary owned by Gazprom and Ukrainian oligarchs, which skims at least €600 million a year off the gas trade"

How did RosUkrEnergo come to play such a profitable role?

In January 2006 Ukraine and Russia struck a new gas deal. Victor Yushchenko, he of the Orange Revolution fame played a central role. "Yushchenko hailed the contract as a victory because it allowed Ukraine to continue receiving gas at subsidized prices for another year."

It did a little more then that.

"In addition, the deal gave a shadowy intermediary company, RosUkrEnergo, full control of gas imports from Russia, as well as access to the Ukrainian domestic market. Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, owns half the firm, and two Ukrainian tycoons own the other half."

So Victor Yushchenko negotiates a deal that appears to benefit some of his own cronies and possibly himself.

"Figures linked to Ms Tymoshenko, who is to run against Mr Yushchenko in upcoming presidential elections, have accused his party of pocketing RosUkrEnergo money"

It's possible, I mean, I don't know.

Ukraine politics seems about as corrupt as any other countries, maybe even more so.

Can't be forgotten that Mr Yushchenko made the deal that gave RosUkrEnergo full control of the gas imports???
He didn't seem to do much to bring on a new deal, to resolve this latest crisis. Even going so far today to suggest that "Russia rest on previous agreements". The agreement that was so profitable to a "shadowy" intermediary with ties to his own administration. HMMM...
Yushchenko's administration voices alternative gas proposals

Yes it seems this latest agreement was negotiated between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. In this latest deal, RosUkrEnergo is out. Frozen Out.

I like the comment left on this article:

"Could the Ukrainians please figure out who's doing their negotiating? Europe is not going to be blaming Russia if - after a deal was said to be in place - Ukraine tries to change it.

If the Ukraine could get their act together, it would go along way to ending this mess.


  1. The Ukraine is nothing but a puppet state, manipulated by their recent experience with the USSR. It's easy to prey on folk's long held bias and hatred.

    They've been had by their elitist puppetmasters - to the detriment of all of her peoples.

    It's not going to be Russia who is blamed when the Europeans start to freeze.

    Chock up another win for the soros team of coloured revolutions! When do we get the stars for our bellies???

  2. If the Ukraine could get their act together???? Thats a joke in itself.
    Say did Yuh hear the one about the two Ukarinans trying to form a Goverment?

    No matter, the punch line is them trying to buy fish in a flea market. Go figure.

  3. what a difference a day makes. Now Yuschenko says the deal is good, and is backing it.

    Wondering if the American paymasters told him to get on board, and try to steal some thunder from Princess Lei there, Julia.


  4. btw: nobody, those Mash posts are all permanently linked on the front page of the blog.
    and may I say, your exchange was hilarious, I mean seriously, tears and all.

    I left a comment.

    But goodness, they are a sad lot.
    They don't grasp they are being laughed at, they really don't get it???

  5. man those idiots won't let it go, nobody, I left you a response there and their back.

    It's like a haunting from some oozy ghost like creature.