Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel tries to head off war crimes charges

As if Israel's actions in Gaza weren't totally despicable. Adding insult to injury.......
read here

They are now claiming they used lawyers to avoid breaking international law.
" it used lawyers and leaflets in what it says was an effort to save civilian lives and bolster its case against accusations of war crimes."

Wow, lawyers and leaflets, do those save lives? I mean when fleeing in terror, do you stop and go
"oh I must really read this leaflet"

Besides the pure bullshit factor in that, where were the Gazans to go?
When shooting fish in a barrel, just how far can the fish flee to avoid the shot?
Given Israel has the Palestinians trapped in Gaza, where exactly were they to go?

And this part

The Gaza “campaign was a long time in the works, and we were intimately involved in the planning,” said Lieutenant Colonel David Benjamin of the Military Advocate Corps

There you have it, the Gaza attack was not in response to the Hamas rocket fire.
Despite the spin. Long planned.

“Approval of targets which can be attacked, methods of warfare -- it all has gone through us.”

So they did approve of bombing multiple schools, mosques and a university, strafing kids in the street, using white phosphorous, etc, etc,.
Must have, since approval of all targets went through the Military Advocate Corp first.

Sounds like war crimes to me


  1. Hey Pen,

    Notice how since this 'ceasefire' (which isn't) that the news media has pretty much stopped reporting here? It's all Obamarahma etc.

    I guess everyone figures it's over - life is back to normal and we need not worry about it anymore.

    Meanwhile - tens of thousands are now homeless, Israhell is not letting aid and is continuing to shoot folks from gunboats in the sea.

    The blockade remains in place.

    Nothing has changed.

    F*** IsraHell.

  2. hey maggie:

    come on, Israel just wants peace

    I saw the news story about the shootings, and of course they won't let aid in.

    They were out to destroy the gazans, they sure as hell aren't going to help them put their lives back together.

  3. Perhaps the worm is turning but I for one am not holding my breath.

    I grew up in a Jew town and the first thing I learned is NEVER trust that which a jew tells you, Never, esp. the ones that say they are good jews, then one knows that they are lying as there is no such thing.

  4. How appropriate, my varification word is Haubled. Isn't that how the Gazan's must feel, haubled down in a small area just to be killed off? Granted it's spelled hobbled, but hey, the pronunciation is the same!

    Anywhoo's it, the more I read about Palestine and Isreal, the more ignorant I feel. It's weird really, the more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn. So Penny, thank you for this post and keeping me learning :)

  5. Hi Skye -

    Look up Dr. Norman Finkelstein. If you have a chance ever - go hear him speak.

    He's a rare bird, honest, brave and in my view truly righteous.

  6. Norman Finkelstein is a jew and as such can be trusted as much as any jew which is not at all. I would as soon trust my dogs not to chew on a bone left on my countertop, I would sooner trust a pittbull than trust a Jew.

  7. And never mind the leaflets, they told people to come out of their houses and assemble wherever, and shot them as they came out. Red rags to a bull? Sheeyit, white flags to bullshit psychopaths.

    But nothing new there! They did precisely the same thing in Lebanon in 06.

    I know that Ahmadinejad didn't say 'wipe Israel off the map' but I'm now given to thinking that it's a perfectly sensible idea. I know that Hollywood's depictions of Nazis is over-the-top crap designed to make us view those who opposed the Jews as the greatest villains ever, but even they didn't use a nine year old's body for target practice.

    Can you dig it? Jewish Hollywood was one step behind the Israelis in imagining depravity. But I expect they'll catch up. A Hollywood German will do what the Israelis did and whenever the topic comes up, everyone will think of Germans. And that's how it works! Hooray for Hollywood!

    And Silv is being his usual blunt self sure enough, but I'm not far from him. The only Jews I'd ever consider dealing with are the ones who have renounced their membership and clearly enunciated why.

    Actually even then, I probably wouldn't believe them...

    My verification word is 'proophs'. Proophs indeed!

  8. Silverfish,

    Norman is an athiest. I've been to his talks and have had the opportunity to speak with him myself, he is very clear about this point.

    I am NOT going to fall into the 'all 'Jews' this and that', just as I will not fall into the same trap regarding Muslims or Christians or whatever - NO matter how tempting it is at times.

    Just because someone's heritage may include Jews, Catholics, Moonies or FSM adherents is NO reason to pre-judge. Period.

  9. Silverfish - a question:

    Following your logic - would you say that all Germans are Nazis???

    Be careful now, as this is exactly what 'they' want us to do - it falls into the category of Divide and Conquer - hate each other's little groups so we can't unite and throw the curtain back to reveal the real powers driving all this hate and bloodshed - and NONE of them are aligned truly to any religion or group - outside of that which seeks power for power's sake.

  10. Yeah but Buff, there's big differences in those cases you cited. Anyone can be a Christian or a Muslim. Jews are an exclusive group. And further there's tons of ex-Christians and Muslims. You never meet an ex-Jew.

    On the other hand you meet plenty of Jews who aren't religious. And you won't meet any who are Semitic. They're all Ashkenazi and are no more descended from the people of the bible than I am. So why are they Jewish? What is that apart from a fundamental definition of themselves as being 'not of those they live amongst'? Why do they refuse to let go of this us-and-them mindset? What other group of people have a question like 'Is it good for the Jews?'

    Henry Kissinger was on the money when he said, 'Anyone who's been shunned for two thousand years must be doing something wrong'. Okay, so what were they doing wrong? If you want a clue, check out the Talmud. It's horrific.

    Ask yourself why we view the intolerance of the majority for a minority as racist, and yet the intolerance of the minority for the majority as perfectly right. Why do the people who refuse to join the majority never cop the racist tag? And why do the people who object to those of an eternal us-and-them mindset get called racists? Who's definition of racism is this? Not mine.

    Any people who define themselves as 'other' (in perpetuity) I will always view as, I don't know, 'wrong'.

    I've thought long and hard about this. And all starting in my thirties when I moved into the Jewish part of Sydney. I had no preconceptions. But every dealing I had with Jewish people was real eye-opener. It took me the longest time to figure out what was wrong with this picture, if you can dig it. And then comes 9/11, Israel, banking, the obviousness of Hollywood, and what am I to think? Why is the only Jewish state in the world, the ugliest most callous place on the planet?

    Are there no conclusions to be drawn from this?

    Anyway I'm blathering now, so I'll go.

  11. Nobody, I understand what you are saying - really I do.

    I also agree that those who do identify with being 'Jews', in the sense like a 'gang' are certainly a problem. Yes, as a group they are darn xenophobic and it hasn't helped them one iota - again you are correct that most of these are the Ashkenazi, or as my sis and I call them: Jews of convenience.

    That said - just because someone may have ashkenazi heritage doesn't mean they themselves are automatically 'part of the tribe'. I guess they become what is known as the 'self haters'. Again we do see this us and them, or 'other' mentality - and I agree there is something dreadfully wrong with that.

    So, I do get the tribe - or gang - mentality of many askenazis - this has been a problem for them for hundreds of years. (Except perhaps for those who do leave the tribe - again not accepted back into the fold ever). In a way it's more like being in a bike gang, or a mafia.

    So, I do see that - but at the same time I just really hate, really hate lumping all folks together in generalities. To me, it encourages the us vs them mindset as well. I think alot of so called Jewish leaders use terror and fear on their own to keep them in line. Zionism itself was a tough sell at the beginning, as many secular Jews, or assimilated Jews wanted nothing to do with it and were quite happy with the way things were. Intermarrying, changing their religion even - yet still somehow considered part of the tribe... yeah I'm blathering now too.

    So, I guess it really boils down to a gangland type of psyche. So, the question arises: If a person renounces that tribalsm can they still be regarded as a Jew? Like Finkelstein, or even Einstien (both athiests)?

    Anyway now I am rambling, trying hard to not fall into the trap of pigeonholing everyone.

    Check your email - I'm going to fire one off to you which might help you understand me better.

    I hate confrontation....

    Buffy the Wilting Flower.

  12. I have to wade in here.
    First off, I like Norman Finklestein.
    The man has paid his dues, and as a person of Jewishness, he has done a darn good job of alienating himself from the herd. He did it by choice. But nonetheless he did it.
    In other words, he seperated himself, from a certain mentality that is being ascribed to Jewish persons.

    I do not think all Germans are nazis either.
    I think the concept of being a nazi, was an idea born of a time, a circumstance.

    I got to say, I do not agree with the tarring of an entire group of people as all having a certain characteristic, that is unworthy or evil.

    This is something, I am familiar with as the offspring of an immigrant Italian.
    Cause doncha know, all Italians are in the mafia?
    They are all illegals "wop"?
    And they are all stupid?

    I didn't know that either growing up, other persons informed me of that.
    Non-Italian other persons

  13. Hey Pen,

    It's all cool. I had a chat with Buff. Hey Buff if you want to forward that to Pen, no probs.

  14. Nobody the Negotiator... heehee!

    It's all good, no worries. Check yer mail.

  15. Okay Girlfriend - we are all starting to worry!!

    Where are ya?

  16. hey maggie:

    I am around, left some responses at your blog, I see Lee Kaplan did to, that should give you the "warm and fuzzies" eh???


  17. Glad to see you back sweetie - I was quite worried there - almost picked up the darn phone!! ;)

    Also, thanks for the heads up on Lee, as I missed that! I've left a heartfelt response to our dear Lee.

    Waiting now for your next wonderful post darlin'!

    Buffy the Bedazzled