Sunday, January 18, 2009

Media Bias and the Israeli Slaughter

Maggie wrote this piece the other day, check it out at her blog
I am posting this here for two reasons. The first being a little test maggie and I are conducting.
A test to see if Google blogger is excluding blogs for material posted.

The second reason is regarding Maggie's experience at the CBC website.
An experience in media censorship. I have been at the CBC news site also.
And noticed the exact same phenomena Maggie describes in her post.

"Something happened yesterday, around lunchtime. First I couldn't access the site - it was very slow. After that it seemed only comments which extolled Israel's virtues were allowed. The number of posts supporting the inhumane actions on the part of the Israeli admin went through the roof. None of my submitted posts were printed. Also, the time lag increased - where before it was usually a few minutes before a rash of new posts appeared, it began to become more like 20 minutes, or 30 minutes before a small number of posts - all supporting the bloodshed and indeed some cheering it on - showed up on screen."

Two of us noticing the same activity at the same time? I submitted about 8 posts that day, 5 didn't make it. They were my opinion, backed up with links. I had links to video clips, news items etc..Twice I tried to submit links to the interview posted here, and another link to an article showing the difference between the Israeli military and the Hamas resistance. CBC censored these links.
What annoyed me about this? They were links for information purposes. CBC is not supposed to be sensoring Canadian opinion, nor are they supposed to be engaged in biased media presentations. Yet they are. So Friends of CBC, you are not getting any more donations from my family. I want real unbiased media.


  1. It's the media Penny, be it anywhere in the world, it's biased and censored. I think the only place to find uncensored information these days is via the net, and even that comes at the cost of spending much time digging for the real thing.

    I get so sick watching the news now, anything about Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Gaza and all the rest of that area is so biased that only small bits appear at any given time.

    On the upside though, I have noticed that various news programs are slowly increasing the amount that they are talking about these places. Granted it's all still cleaned up with only half the truth being said (and that half needs to be filtered to remove the flyshit from the pepper), but at least it's starting to be put out there.

    Here's hoping for more in the future as Israel's bs explodes in it's face!

  2. Friends of CBC, un biased oh PLEASE spare me. Nothing to do with the CBC is un biased, or was that Un B.Sed.

    To infer that the CBC is unbiased would be like stating that not all staff working for the BBC are as queer as Three Pound Notes.

  3. Scoundrel Indeed, Hah. I'll have you know that I am one of the most unscounderly fellows that I associate with on a semi daily basis. Excluding leap years of course.

  4. Well Pen - our experiment is a success. I am obviously being silenced - though I dont really know why. It's not as if I've offered a monetary reward to killing innocent people or anything.

    So, feel free to attempt the experiment yourself and you will see my blog no longer exists. Which explains an awful lot.

    Thanks Pen for your courtesy in helping with my little dilemma.


  5. hey skye, ya know what I say to my hubby?
    Get your daily dose of propaganda?

    That is Global news, which I detest.

    IMO it is the worst.
    but then that is just me, maybe.

  6. look silverfish, once I have made up my mind, it is set, a scoundrel you are.

    btw: when will your pics grace the blog, by that I mean pics of you au naturel.

    "winky thing"

  7. Well Pen, I don't call it the bloc-media for nothing.

    Did you try the other way round? You should pretend to be a mad Israel fan and try calling for genocide. Actually you should couch your language but be just this side of ambiguous. See just how far the CBC will go in its bias to zionists. Actually that's a pretty cool idea I reckon and you and Buffy are the chick for the job.

  8. Simply never happen Penny as my blinding angelic radiance always seems to over expose the film. Shame really.

  9. Hey nobody,

    Not a boad idea, but sadly I am a terrible liar - even in print. Not going to happen.

    Though you did give me another idea. I'll explain later once I have a chance to run it by Penny.

    I'm kinda pissed off right now.



  10. me and buffy are the chick for the job, "the chick"?


    buff did you catch that?

    correction we are the 'chicks' for the job.

    I know it sometimes seem we are the same, but, we are two seperate entities.
    and hell buff's brain, as pissed off as she is, is working better then mine!

  11. silverfish

    "blinding angelic radiance"


  12. Well well well...

    Things are churning in the Nether regions of the blogosphere!

    This am, first thing I still couldn't find my blog when I googled exact titles of articles written.

    Then I fired off an email to 'report abuse'.

    Well... funny enough - I can find myself again.

    Very odd. We'll see how long that lasts...

    *scratching head*

    Oh and Penny - doncha love being called 'chicks'? Makes me feel like a young'n again!! LOL


    Keep the faith!

    Buffy the Befuddled

  13. Sorry! All apologies. I shall now make good - 's'