Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Muslims against Sharia" still in action, probably on overdrive

Just when we thought the posers "Muslims against Sharia" went away?????

They never really go away. They are like a bad rash, an oozy infection, an inflamed hemorrhoid!

These fake Muslims, who are really Jewish/ NeoCon bloggers are still in action.

Let me direct your attention to a message left here by a person named Dee, her page is
Thoughts by Dee

She found my previous posts on the "Mash" posers and left a message.
Read it here, just scroll down ,as you can see.... it is the usual types of "reply" from the potty mouths posers.
I see they have found someone else to stalk..... Notice within 5 minutes of her leaving her message, they left one too.

Now Dee, wants to do a post on them on her blog. I think she should because the more people that know what these people are up to, the better! Go Dee, do it!!!
I will soon be deleting their response to her, as I always do.
But for those who may not have 'experienced' these posers, get over and read what their about, before I delete the trash!
And would everyone show Dee some support, check out her page, please!


  1. Don't delete them penny - leave them there for the whole darn world to see.

    Their actions themselves will be their downfall.

    Don't censor them, please.

    Oh and I left another response on the original thread linked above.

    Thanks - for outing these posers.

    ~ Buffy the Bashful

  2. I agree, leave them posted. I've spent a great deal of my life looking at lower forms of life under a microscope, however I never really got to see what they had to say before. Please let me be inlightened as my quest for knowlege boundless.

    Besides what better way for these parasitic microbes to show us all that sometimes evolution makes mistakes.

  3. TY Penny. I should have looked back to see their reply. I guess they're not bored yet. It's sad. Most people can take criticism and have an intelligent debate. They're not able to do that. I guess they haven't taken any debate courses yet in their Nebraska college. If they're a teacher there may Allah help the students!

    Yes I'll get together a post on them. Their site speaks loudly of their ignorance.

    Oh Penny I'm adding you to my blogroll too.

    Nice to meet you all (excluding the obvious).


  4. maggie:
    I'll leave them.
    You are right, their words speak volumes.


    "lower forms of life" I love it.

    and this

    "Besides what better way for these parasitic microbes to show us all that sometimes evolution makes mistakes."

    I am telling you, I laughed, then hubby laughed, then we read it and laughed some more

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Dee

    It is most nice to meet you.

    If my experience with them is indicative of how long it takes them to get bored, it could be a while.

    They came here initially when I posted about Omar Khadr.
    I will take it you have heard tell of the young Mr Khadr.

    I am of the belief wrt Khadr, that he is being framed, by the US.
    I belive the medic was killed by so called "friendly fire" and it is just another cover up.

    Muslim, they are not, so I don't think Allah can teach them much of anything.
    If you check through the posts I have here, in the sidebar there is additional information, you may find useful.

    If you need any help at all, drop me a line!

  7. Hey Dee,

    I popped in on your blog. I was going to leave a message but it wanted my email and I find that a bit tiresome. As far as foreign visitors go, I'm in the continent just below Asia.

    Anyway, good on you. I piled in and did battle with those tedious self-impressed gits last time round here at Pen's. They were so obvious. So obviously Jewish, ha ha.

    I'm not Muslim but I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters. They're a people I'm proud to call friends. Best to you.

  8. You know what's funny Pen? Not only are they not real Muslims, they're not even real Jews. They're just a pack of self-impressed Ashkenazi pretend Jews.

    Sure enough, when the pretend Jews arrived in Palestine they treated the real Jews as precisely as wickedly as they treated the Muslims. Are you familiar with the ring worm scandal? Go google, but long and short, they hauled the Semitic Jewish kids out of school (and them alone) and blasted them with horrific doses of radiation.

    There was no ringworm of course. It was just a lie. And nor does radiation fix ring worm anyway. Another lie. No surprises there, lies is all Ashkenazi have.

    Sure enough, the true purpose of it all was genocide. The Ashkenazi fake Jews view real Jews with the same racist genocidal contempt they hold the goyim.

    But that's the Ashnazi fake Jews for you. Kings of genocide!