Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Official" stories vs what really happened- Gaza and 9/11

I was thinking about official stories vs what really happened. By that I mean the real story, not the blog of the same name. No disrespect intended.

What got me thinking about this was the attack on the UN school in Gaza.
If you read the accounts in the North American media, the attack was "near" the school.

If you read elsewhere, the school itself was attacked. As in the school was the direct target.

Then of course the spin went into overdrive. Doesn't it always?

Hamas was using the school, it was their fault all the kids died. But there is no evidence of that. None what so ever!

What makes the 'official' Israeli story so interesting is that the news of Hamas using the school came from anonymous IDF sources. Anonymous sources, now why would that be the case?
It would make sense that if the IDF had actual information, real evidence that Hamas was using the school to shoot at Israeli forces, they wouldn't need to make anonymous claims, based on anonymous information. No if their claims were legitimate they could back them up, but they aren't. Not very confidence inspiring is it?

On the other hand the UN, who by the way, is demanding an investigation into this incident.
Is saying they are 99.9 percent certain, there were NO militants present at the school

Gunness said based on UNRWA's investigation, the agency is "99.9 percent certain" there were no Palestinian militants in or on the grounds of the school that was sheltering civilians when it was shelled by Israeli forces.
That is pretty good. Most days, I can't claim to be 99.9 percent sure where my house and car keys are. In fact, I can't even claim to be 50 percent sure. So 99.9 percent is dam good!

The UN had notified Israel of the schools location, and the schools were clearly marked as UN schools.
A U.N. official in Gaza said a school where dozens of Palestinians were killed by tank shells on Tuesday was clearly marked with a U.N. flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities.

He said UNRWA regularly provided the Israeli army with exact geographical coordinates of its facilities and the school was in a built-up area. "Of course it was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties," he said.
So it is clear that the UN knew what was going on at it's schools. It knew the schools were being used as safe shelters for the children of Gaza. And the UN is challenging Israel to prove their claim. So far Israel has not. They are sticking to their 'official version', the anonymously sourced story.

While zooming about the information highway, reading various news sites, I came across something that was surprising in some ways, but yet, not really. Since I have seen this before, and I'll get to just where and when very briefly.

What I had noticed was how many people choose to believe an 'official story" based on no evidence, supported by anonymous sources in a heresay sort of fashion, as if it was the gospel truth. I don't know why this surprises me, and yet it does every time.

All I could think of was 9/11. The "official version" vs the reality. Which to this day, there is no realistic version.

There it was playing itself, albeit out on a smaller scale. The 'official" Israeli version of events at the school, completely unsubstantiated by even a shred of evidence.
Versus the obvious fact, the school came under attack, the third school by the way. Killing 40 children. Resulting in the school finally collapsing from the direct hits. Not the "nearby" hits.

I guess it is hard to understand why people willingly choose to be so gullible. Is it easier? Is it brainwashing, conditioning, stupidity, an inherent weakness of humanity. Just what is it?
Or is it a submission to authority? That it is some government telling us , so it must be the truth? If that is the case, goodness aren't a great many of us a lame excuse for humanity?


  1. Penny do not try to see your Dr. on the morrow, DO SEE your Dr. and demand that he send you to a Neurologist pronto.

    I really don’t like to hand out medical advice online as I am a Microbiologist and not a medical Dr. however in this case as much of the training is the same I would be remiss if I did not tell you to seek further medical advice post haste.

    With the symptoms you describe it’s not really rocket science to see that which you have received is a rather significant brain trauma. The problem with head trauma is that there is almost always more insult to the brain opposite to where the injury happened. ie In your case injury to the back of the skull while bad enough, the worst damage to the brain would be in the front or the prefrontal cortex, as the brain tends to bounce away from the primary insult. In your case injury to the prefrontal cortex would explain the dyslexia like symptoms. When the brain gets banged around it tends to swell causing pressure headaches these should go away in time however your Dr. should be able to give you something to hasten time frame.

    One final word of caution, I would advise Do not take the, novoclyloprine , or cyclobenzaprine same thing really as the adverse affects can be far reaching indeed, not the least of which can be acute disorientation and severe gastronal bleeding. I really don’t know why this crap is on the market as the adverse side effects far outweigh any of the perceived benefits.

    Always keep in mind brain injures take a lot of time to heal and you can expect to feel these symptoms for at least the next six months, perhaps longer. So hang in there, and by the by keeping your brain active is very good therapy, a therapy to often neglected by the mainstream medical profession. Like what else is new

  2. wrt to your piece: All 'official' history is like that.

    wrt your head: Sound familiar??

    LOL silverfish - I said the same thing to her on the phone the other day... great minds.

    Pen - get yer mri! I think your frontal lobe has sustained some drastic bruising!

    As usual, my thoughts are with you, and hoping for a speedy recovery - did ya get my email with the recipe?


    Buffy the nurse...

  3. Hey Pen, sorry it took me so long to pop in. You've got me worried now. Or Silv has anyway...

    I'd take Dr. Fish's advice and do that thing. Regardless I'm going to include you in my 'thoughts into the ether' gag that I've been doing for Kikz's daughter. Seemed to work for her!

    Otherwise all the best mate and fingers crossed it's nothing too dreadful and your recovery goes smoothly.

    Hmm... today's word verification is 'eationi'. Are they telling us something? Perhaps you should 'eat 1 oni'on?

  4. Well, since onions are good for the blood and circulation...

    Yes penny should eat an onion...or two!


  5. Or maybe a radish, Yuh know tuh put that Radish glow on yer cheeks.
    Just not to many as then Yuh might end up lookin like a whino.

  6. OK now it's been 2.75 days and we are officialy worried.
    Yuh had better comment soon.
    You don't want me to come down there and give you a Scotch injection now do you? strictly for medicinal purposes yuh understand.

    Hey don't laugh, just look at me, I drink a lot of Scotch and I haven't had a concussion for years. Not that I can remember anyway.

    and the word verification of the day was cuncusn. That would be manitobanise for head owie.

  7. hey all:
    hubby checked in today, and told me of the comments.

    I do apologize to you all, and silverfish. I don't think I can take an injection of scotch. Though on the occasion when I did, drink which was rare. I liked scotch with ginger ale, which I am sure you will think is an insult to scotch, but what can I say.
    Actually we went to an anniversary party this summer, and besides wine with dinner, that was my one drink.

    Here is what is going on.
    My hubby has been home, so we try to go out and get things done, that I can't do on my own.
    Since I am not driving at this time.
    Went to the docs, the bank, and to get groceries.

    And that is it for me. I am wiped out.

    Today we went out for two stinkin' hours and I have been layin' on the couch since 11:30 am.
    I am exhausted, my head hurts, my hands shake to type and I can't even make myself post.

    I am sorry to worry you.

    You see this is not me at all, this is not how I am. Just a few short weeks ago, being out for two lousy hours, would have been nothing, but now, I am done for the day.
    (This from a person who rode 2400 plus kms on their bike in good weather this past year, with one ride more then 40 kms)

    I saw the doctor, he said, It will take too long for me to get an mri, He can get me a catscan sooner. I told him about the switching of the letters around and other things
    Sadly, this will have to do.

    I say sadly because I do not think it is the best option for me.
    But hopefully it will resolve the issue of any brain bruising?
    Though I do not know if it will.

    So I am kickin around, just to worn out to come to the blog.

    Silverfish, I wish for a time machine. I wish that I could go back in time, and not have walked where I had, maybe picked another path.
    But, this is not possible, no matter how I wish....
    Hubby says, you will get over it.
    This will pass.
    So, I remind myself, it will, it will.

  8. Hey Pen,

    Speaking of time machines, you remind me of my past. I spent twenty years riding motorcycles (most of them on my beloved katana 750) and crashed so many times I lost count. And yet the worst I copped was lacerations and abrasions. Mind you, 'lacerations' here means 'huge gaping wounds' and 'abrasions' means a quarter inch thickness of tissue. But still, I never had anything as bad as you've received. How absurdly lucky I was.

    See how you go with that CAT scan (me - ow!) and we'll all be rooting for you.

  9. ironically the word verification is hamiz,

    which makes me think of hamas?

    anyway, by bike riding, I should have been clearer, or maybe nobody got it. I did mean bicycling.
    Bicycling in good weather, walking in winter.

    I haven't even been to feed my chickadees.

    As long as I stay quiet, I am ok to blog. By stay quiet, I mean stay home. No driving in the car even as a passenger. No shopping, no malls with all there dam signs lights, colours moving, flashing.
    This is I think what wears me down.
    Like sensory overload???

    If I stay home, quiet, and I know where everything is, it is familiar.
    I am a much happier camper :)

    And if someone would have said, this would be the end result of such a fall, I would have disbelieved them completely.
    Now I know better.
    It will be three weeks, in just a few short days...sigh......