Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Canaduh! Votes ALONE for Israel. Have you no shame?

Canada has replaced Britian as the new lap dog for the US and apparently Israel.
So if Blair was the 'poodle', what would be the appropriate dog choice for Stephen Harper?
It has to be a smaller model, but beefier, with jowls and of course ever slobbering and grovelling.
Any suggestions?

Canada votes alone for Israel

The only one of 47 nations on UN rights panel to refuse to condemn military offensive in Gaza

and want to hear the reasoning? The logic?

Marius Grinius, Canada's representative on the council, said the language of the motion, which accused Israel of sparking a humanitarian crisis, was "unnecessary, unhelpful and inflammatory."

unnecessary, unhelpful and inflammatory?
I don't know, what kind of language needs to be used to condemn the deaths of civilians?
Will 'touchy feely' language be better.

"Oh, Israel, that is sooo naughty. You have killed more then 900 people now, blown them to bits in their beds and schools. But, poor you (pat on the head) you didn't mean it. Here is some candy now run along?"

Is that the language Canada expects?
Then wait for this, cause it get's better...

"He said the text failed to "clearly recognize" that Hamas rocket attacks on Israel triggered the crisis."

Why would or should the text "clearly recognize" that? Since Hamas rocket attacks DID NOT trigger the crisis. That would be nonsense, utter and complete.
You can inform yourself of that here, here, here and this...

Hey, why let truth get in the way? Especially when bullshit propaganda will suffice


  1. oh and don't forget to check in here:


    where the zionist/neo-con bloggers continue to ply their bullshit.

    And continue to make themselves look as bad as can possibly be imagined, no worse, worse then can be imagined!

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  3. I really would like to see it as I have said I love to study lower forms of life as they scurry about in their aimless and mindless manner. Hither and Thither round and round, to and fro they go.

    Speaking of Microbes Stephen Harper does spring to mind, I seem to recall studing some of his closest relatives while in school. I believe it was in a class studying Intestinal Flora and Fauna, or as my Professor called them little itsy bitsy shit eaters.

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  5. shit silverfish, I can't get the tag to work.



  6. ok got it, just scroll on down and study the scurrying lower life forms

    itsy bitsy shit eaters, is that like dung beatles?

    what an insult to a dung beatle!
    performing a tireless duty

  7. No not dung beatles, more along the lines of Pathogenic microorganisms such as Yersinia pestis , Campylobacter , Streptococci bacteria oh my the list just goes on and on , so for those not well versed in latin just do a search for them under their common names, such as Stephen Harper, Gw Bush etc. ect.etc.

    Oh and lets not forget those lowest of the low on the shit eating food chain, our friends at Muslims against Sharia @ Jews R Us @shitsite.com

  8. Ah yes, the old yersinia pestis campylobacter streptococci. As I said to the old man just now, 'How about them yersinia pestis campylobacter streptococci, eh?' We do like our conversation 'heady', ha ha.

    Speaking of fun, off to check the mad barking of the self-impressed...

    Who needs sport on the TV when we can just check into Pen's?

  9. Well, shit. Not that I'm surprised. How can you expect otherwise from the Straussian crypto-neocon Harper regime?

    Thanks for posting this, though. I had no idea about it until just now. One more reason to hope the coalition goes forward with the no-confidence motion once Harper's stay is over. Not that I trust them either, but 'vote for the crook, not the fascist', as Chirac's campaign said when facing off against LePen.

  10. hey psychegram!

    have you caught the rhetoric from Ignatieff?
    He is just as supportive of Israel's slaughter as Harper, either of those parties and it is lose, lose.

    I think minorities are the only way out,cause the Libs and Cons are knocking themselves out with there LuvIsraelfest.