Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Round-up of news from Gaza

US blocks security council vote calling for immediate ceasefire
On the diplomatic front, the Security Council is meeting again today to discuss the crisis, after Sunday’s emergency session did not produce a ceasefire resolution. On Saturday, the United States blocked a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

no suprise there! Lets see what happens the second time.

Israel bombing schools and killing children, that is more then one school

UN demands probe into Israel's strikes on Gaza schools

His statement was issued before Tuesday's third Israeli attack at a school, which killed 43 people who had sought shelter in the UN-run building at the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, according to medics.

UN official says Gaza school was clearly marked

Gaza hospital crowded with civilians, doctors say

When the Israeli airstrikes began more than a week ago, the first casualties Shifa Hospital saw were fighters in military uniform, a Palestinian doctor said Monday.

"But after that day and until this day, we didn't receive any men from the resistance or anyone in the military," he said. "All of them were civilians."

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  1. No worries, they were simply responding to rocket fire which came from these schools, Pen.

    It's all good - afterall those little children will grow up to hate Israel, despite how even-handed she is. May as well just kill em all now.

    Israel has the god-given right to protect herself against kids in diapers you know?

    Sheeesh... next you'll be complaining that they are targeting old folks and women too!!


    Buffy the Pissed off bitch....