Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama in Canada, the morons gather.

So Obama was in Canada today.
Well my first thought is, whopeedoo.
But wait, apparently some moronic Canadians love Obama. Look, here is their website
Canadians for Obama
All I wonder is, what kind of drugs are these people on? It must be prescription pharmaceuticals.
The kind that make you passive and docile and willing to believe the hype of the mainstream media.
And the media was hyped! I noted wall to wall television coverage. And the headlines!?
Apparently "Canadians love Obama".
What about? Why Canadians think Obama is sexy
And this Canadians want Obama
Who comes up with this crap?
Or, as I heard this on television news "Canadians are starstruck over Obama"
Yah, whatever.
The security in Ottawa was like none ever seen. With "Parliament Hill is in virtual lockdown"
Wondering how much did this cost taxpayers?

Me, I am less then enthused. In fact, I am not impressed at all.
Well he is the first "Black President", as is repeatedly regurgitated.
So what?
I don't care if he is black, white, red, green or has purple polka dots.
Clue: It ain't his colour it is his actions that count.
So far, with the most recent troop surge in Afghanistan as just one example of Obama's agenda. Obama is coming off as white and colonial as his predecessors, note I said predecessors and I meant his plural predecessors, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc.,
Obama for Peace? Obama for Change?
NO and NO!


  1. It made me sick to my stomach to see the flocks of fools gather to see the monkey man.

    Watching bonzo one and Bonzo two standing inside of the plexi-glass cage I thought "Oh look and it waves back too, I wonder how long it took it's handlers to train it to do that"?

  2. Don't forget the people interviewed for the news segment Silv! After all, these people thought he was waving to them and only them. They thought it was so special that he'd wave to them. Jesus Christ, had I been there, plexiglass nor no, I'd have been throwing snowballs to show my disgust with the bastards. Who cares if it would have landed me in jail, at least I'd have been honest and realistic in showing my hatred for the monkey crew.

  3. well then, I'll take it neither of you think Obama is sexy?

  4. Well I suppose cow flop could be reffered to as sexy, if your into scat that is. I however am not.

    Obama was nothing but shit going in and will be nothing but shit going out.
    On a lighter note obamas a reall fine jew shine boy, like " yasir masa i shine yo jews up juz fine Masa Bossman, juz don't make me herd goats like ma poppa neva did.

  5. Skye - it was perfect snowball weather yesterday here in the capital!!

    I threw some at the squirrels raiding my birdfeeders... not that I ever hit them though.

    Obamaitits too over the city - it was sickening to say the least, and stupid people in stores who said "Obama will turn things around" and "I wish WE had an Obama here"


    ~ Buffy the WORST arm in the world (tennis elbow doesn't help)

  6. hey silv:
    I think it is James Petrus that calls Obama the first Jewish President ever, so heavily is he indebted to AIPAC.

    I think he may have wrote a piece to that effect.

    and buff, I wondered how you liked the Obama phenomena in ottawa, god all the people they showed were pathetic.

    And did you know Obama bought a cookie? Yes he did. It was a maple leaf, and the shop renamed it the obama cookie.

    Kind of sickening eh?
    Did they realize how renmaing the maple leaf, a canadian symbol for, an American president? How NAU that was, how typical of America running the show in Canada?
    I know they didn't, but that is what I thought of when I saw that little clip.
    god almighty!

  7. You gotta wonder when the hero requires a lockdown of parliament to visit.

    Don't the Obamanoids wonder when their hero gets followed around by an armed division ready to defend against any attacker ? Maybe they don't notice because all of our leaders require armed protection to enter the public sphere.

    Maybe the "quality" of a leader can be somehow measured by the number of armed guards he or she requires to walk in public.