Sunday, March 8, 2009

Canada's Passport: It get's around, and not just with Canadians!

So, I was wondering what came of the fraudulent Canadian passport useage by Israel's spies in '97?... How did Canada react? It had been previously described as a "limp wristed" reaction.

Too kind, it was positively wimpy! It was a limp wristed lash with a wet noodle.

Let's see Canada's ambassador to Israel was recalled!
But Canada did not give the old heave ho to the Israeli ambassador? This move was described by Foreign Minister Axworthy as "a fairly serious step." Fairly serious my buttocks!

Oh and Israel wrote a "letter of apology" that was described as an expression of regret.
But what did they regret?
That they had used Canadian passports to attempt an assassination? Or did they actually regret that they had been caught red-handed doing so?

Reform Party Foreign affairs spokesman Bob Mills, who called for visa, trade or intelligence sanctions to force Israel - or at least Mossad - to sit up and take notice. "To get the message across, I'm not sure that recalling an ambassador is enough," said Mills.

What a laugh coming from the the Reform Party, which form the base of the Harper Conservative Party at this time. The Conservatives under the Harper leadership, can't get enough of Israel's crimes, from Lebanon to Gaza.

To add more fuel to the fire along comes Norman Spector, Canada's former ambassador to Israel publicly wondering if "Canadian intelligence authorities were involved in this operation with the Israelis." Which CSIS promptly denied.

Actually if one reads this article Norman Spector has alot more to say about this subject.

"Canadian immigrants to Israel are routinely asked to turn over their passports for Mossad use."

"It goes beyond information sharing," claims Spector. "There are joint operations." He has reported, for instance, that there was a CSIS operative working for him at the Tel Aviv embassy and that he was a witness to "a lot" of CSIS activities. Spector, who also served as former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's chief of staff, said that Canadians do not know of Canada's obligations pursuant to its commitments at the Sharm el-Sheikh anti-terrorism" summit in March 1996.

After this incident in '97 it was again reported in 1998 that Canada was "investigating" allegations that Israel was still using Canadian passports

Canada probes Israel passport claim
Thursday, November 5, 1998

On CTV network television, Mr Leslie Lewis said Mossad agents approached him twice recently, asking to use his passport and that of his daughter.

Mr Lewis said he had allowed his passport to be used by the Israeli government until last year's assassination revelations, but refused new requests this year to use the family's passports and alerted the authorities.

Israel has denied the allegations, saying "Mossad does not use Canadian passports."

When Israel denies the allegation does it mean Mossad didn't ever use Canadian passports?

In 1973, a woman member of a Mossad team that was systematically shooting its way through a list of Palestinians held responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games carried a Canadian passport.

In 1974, about 50 blank Canadian passports disappeared from a vault at the Canadian Embassy in Vienna. In Nicosia a year later, Cypriot authorities seized the kit of a Mossad team after a hotel bombing in which a Palestinian guerrilla leader was killed. The passport used by one of the Israeli hitmen bore a number that revealed it to be from among the 50 stolen in Vienna.

Or, in 1998 did Israel mean we don't use them anymore? Cause that is not true either! It seems after Israel's expression of regret ('97) and subsequent denial ('98), the Canadian passport shows up again in New Zealand.

The court heard that one of two men charged with participating in an organized crime group to obtain a false passport had earlier travelled into the country with a Canadian passport.

Urie Zoshe Kelman, 30, entered the country with Canadian documentation five years ago, on Feb.2 1999, the court heard. His stay lasted eight weeks and he left the country, headed for Melbourne, Australia, using a temporary replacement Canadian passport obtained while in New Zealand.

While the Canadian government is keeping a close eye on the Auckland court case -- it learned of the developments just two days ago there has been no official communication with the Israeli government.

Note to silverfish: It appears the passport really is as you stated, a goddam piece of paper, and the Canadian government itself treats it as such.

Which leaves me with one other question, all this so-called secure ID, what is the point?


  1. Well done Pen, this has been (and still is most likely) a problem.

    And the fish is right - gone are the days where displaying our flag on our backpacks while roaming the world is over.

    We are 'owned'.

  2. Ya know, I really wonder are these passports really frauds?

    When the assassins in Jordan were caught the author of the book claims that Canada launched a 'military style' op to get them back.


    Unless they were genuine Canadian passports?
    Which would have opened up another can of worms.

  3. I think that they were 'frauds' in that the folks using them were not who they claimed.

    I don't doubt that the passports themselves were genuine. Maybe some were 'fakes', but for some reason, I doubt it.