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Dave McGowan, Laurel Canyon, Mind Control via MK Ultra

So, I just got through listening to Dave McGowan being interviewed on Meria Heller's show.
Of course, on the Laurel Canyon material. They talked about the latest installment, and about that dam song American Pie. More on Gram Parsons, Altamont, the formation of the Hell's Angels, and that fellow that produced all that acid.

Augustus Owsley Stanley
Yah gotta love that name!

Owsley the 3rd, showed up in Berkely, California just in time to help thwart the anti-war movement by giving out copious quantities of acid, freely. According to Dave McGowan 4,000,000 tablets of LSD were distributed for free. Yes that is 4 million tablets by one man! Quite a feat and one wonders how exactly could he afford to do so, did he have a 'generous benefactor' ?
All that acid would certainly aid in squelching dissent, getting the kids on drugs and off of productive activities, like participating in the politics of their country.

I am of the opinion it was all one big MK-Ultra mind control experiment on a larger scale.
Out of the psych wards and orphanages and onto the streets of a chosen city. Provide the free acid and have Timothy Leary
(CIA operative and pop culture guru) telling the kids to "tune in, turn on and drop out" It was perfect.

OH and btw unbeknownst to me till yesterday, the MK in MK-Ultra stands for mind control as it is spelled in German. Meinung Kontrolle. The word mind that is used means views or opinions, in other words what you think. Therefore to control what you think and all that entails. So named because this program was populated with the Operation Paper-clip scientists brought in from Germany after WW2. One was even a Jewish doctor, known as Doctor Green.

MK-Ultra sprang out of the Pheonix Program.
One of the people involved in the Pheonix Program is Michael Aquino. He shows up in the Laurel Canyon story, is a claimed satanist even operating his own church , Temple of Set. He was linked to a pedophile ring and is
linked to the HAARP project.


  1. here is a thought for nobody.
    writing on the pedophocracy (Dave McGowan) and the Aquino connection to the Presidio ring.

    Besides black mail how about using the kidnapped kids as mind control subjects.

    that series of videos (I used the first one) talks about that very topic as relating to mkultra.


  2. Absolutely! It's both. If you read of X1 and the various other MPD/DID victims it sounds like there wasn't much they weren't capable of. One of them recounted assisting in the torture of another child. I guess it would depend on the nature of each child. Some would be well-suited for violence and some not I guess. It also seems that others would be suited to adult membership in the pedophocracy. These being the people who hand their own kids over to receive the 'training' that they themselves received. Nightmarish.

    And what with me not being able to listen to sound files, thanks for filling me in on Meria's show. It's brilliant. And thanks for that German as well. Funnily enough I was just talking to a German guy who told me that 'mind' in German was some word that begins with 'B' (can't remember now) and thus it was unlikely that MK stood for 'mind control'. I'll run this past him when I see him, see what he says.

    Otherwise, 4,000,000 tabs for free. Seriously. Whatever way you do the math, this is massively beyond the realm of 'amateur'.

  3. kinFunny, 4,000,000 micro dots, I just did the math and in my lab here at HOME in my basement should I so choose, not counting cost of equipment(cost $500.) I can have that ammount ready for the street in about four days at a cost of less than $80.for chemicals.

    One does need a very good working knowlege of organic chemistry as the process is a real bitch.
    Each and every chemical involved will kill you quicker than dead if you make a mistake, and when one has to work in the dark or at best in a photo darkroom, it's a pig.

    That having been said it's really no big deal, 4,000,000 tabs=how much blotting paper soaked in a solution and then chopped into confetti? Answer, less than 14 litre and enough paper to soak it up.

  4. aha, now, we know how you got your cash ;);)

    so your saying silverfish, that this was a cheap, cheap way to corrupt the kids, and this man was a very good chemist (who despite being arrested by local law enforcement, and his equipment confiscated, then managed to get all charges dropped and successfully sued for the return of his equipment)

    so he needed a generous benefactor only to keep his arse out of jail?
    Okay I get that.

  5. hey nobody, the german words for mk ultra came not from Dave McGowan. but from a documentary, the first part of that, is the one I posted, but it is actually in a number of parts.

    That documentary covers different kinds of experimentation including radiation etc.

    if you put the german words into google you will get articles in german on the topic of mind control.

  6. Just thought I would mention, I was looking through a lot of stuff this am on mkultra, and a couple of the articles (more mainstream) use interesting language.

    "It was the 1950s, a time of doo-wop, sock hops and Bobby Rydell, when Americans dusted off the remnants of WWII and looked toward a more optimistic society. Or so it's often thought.But the '50s were often less Happy Days and more The Day the Earth Stood Still, as fears of a Cold War and mistrust of the government were just beginning to bloom.These "delusional fears" were actually rooted in reality, as the government was taking steps toward turning American soldiers into unthinking, unfeeling machines with help from brainwashing and LSD."


    "For many Americans, the 1950s were a docile decade. In U.S. history books, the period is mostly portrayed as a mellow, orderly one, especially in light of the social upheavals that followed in the 1960s. But for the CIA, the "I Like Ike" years were packed with adventure and action, much of it conducted outside of the public's view"

    And all I am thinking about is that dam song, American Pie!

  7. Silv as Pied Piper! Alright then, so we can put down all that free LSD as the work of an enthusiatic amateur. MInd you, there's more than a couple of curiosities attached to Augustus Owsley Stanley III.

    Otherwise Silv, have you heard of a cable series called 'Breaking Bad'? That could be you! You should check it out. Actually just look it up in wikipedia and you'll get the idea. Ciao ciao.

  8. I've followed McGowan's LC series. It is very interesting. In fact, it inspired me to do some reading on the subject. I was previously familiar with McGowan's 9/11 work.

    That said:

    1) I truly don't get the Satanic stuff. It sounds like nonsense.

    2) I've read plenty on serial killers. I don't see the need for MK Ultra. Sure it's possible that such experiments took place but on the whole it seems people are capable of committing gruesome murders without any CIA involvement.


    3) CIA introducing drugs into US society to give "disgruntled youth" an unproductive outlet seems plausible.

  9. anonymous:
    thanks for the comment
    the satanic stuff is just another form of cult. Cults are very well known for using brainwashing techniques to convince their followers they need to stay in the cult.
    Charles Manson and his followers were a cult. The satanists are a cult, they have a leader and followers.

    I would think they are small scale mind control experiments for more on this I would delve into Michael Aquino, as he is linked not only to a cult, but also a child molestation ring, and the US government via NSA, and seemed to play a big role in the pheonix project.
    In other words, the opportunity to conduct mind control experiments on behalf fo the government were easily accessible to this man and his coterie.
    and wrt serial killers, of course people are capable of doing terrible things all on their own, but, with the help of some mind control techniques, the right drugs, people may be capable of far worse.

    Have you read the book on serial killers McGowan wrote? It is a good read, difficult, but good.
    I have the first six chapters of it linked in the side bar.
    Take a gander at them

  10. Owsley came from, guess what, a wealthy, old politically powerful American family. He was taught how to cook by a, now famous, former Dow chemical employee who'd previously been in the Navy. What's interesting is that there was, apparently, also the daughter of the head of the chemical company that was also being taught how to do these complicated sequences at the same time (odd too how she never seems to get any press, don't you think ?). And, remember, the Greatful Dead we're previously called "The Warlocks." I don't think this makes psychedelics suspect, only the varying modes of application. But, right now, they want to demonize them for obvious reasons ! They're de-conditioning agents, for god's sake ! Check out "Acid Dreams" (Amis); "Storming Heaven" (Stevens); "The Dead"-book one (Harrison); "Boo-Hoo Bible" ; Bruce Eisner's Islands newsletter has some interesting interviews with Owsley. There's a lot more but none of you read now anyway so

  11. hey anonymous!
    thanks for the response.

    I always check them out,so if you have anymore info you would like to leave here, feel free to leave it.

    I will check out the stuff you did leave and possibly make a new post of it.

    But hey this is an old post but the McGowan series is regulary followed here.
    btw who is the woman?

  12. Someone had mentioned how cults are related to all of these subjects. Cults were chosen as a source for MK experimentation because of the personality breakdown that naturally occurs within these groups. This is especially true with organized intergenerational cults where patterns of abuse can occur begin with a child as young as 2 or 3. The child is "trained" by trauma to cause a personality fracture(s). The fractures are then used to create full blown personailites, triggers can then be used to bring the personalities forward into consciousness. They use this to create sex slaves, spys, human computers, you name it. Look up the works of Fritz Springmeier.

  13. MKUltra is no joke OR laughing learn (truly) how MK is connected to the INTENTIONAL splitting of the mind (MPD) go to

    A very close relative of mine is MPD and MK'ed :( ......

  14. Sandee "Tesh"

    I went to sign into free all butterflies, but, to much info was required.

    I do not think that mind control or mkultra is a joke, I think it is deadly serious and an attrocious abuse of people, perpetuated by a government without morals.

    I am sorry that you know someone who has been harmed in that manner, I have no doubt really that there are thousands of people who were experimented on.
    with drugs, radiation, sleep deprivation, programming and more

    If you would like to share anything here, feel free to, you are welcome to do so.

  15. Hi Penny. No there are only THREE short questions and those can be answered yes or no. I just think that you are not interested enough to maybe learn some things....I could be wrong....reconsider joining...?

  16. Hi Sandee "Tesh"
    I am interested enough, maybe a little leary is all.
    But, I will reconsider.. sadly, I won't try again until tomorrow.
    If you go to the first post on my blog, sorry, the latest post, there is a link there you may be interested in.
    To a book on the Monarch Project.
    Or, maybe you have already seen it?
    Anyway, I will do it tomorrow.

  17. Sandee: if you are here, I did sign up, I went back and did it.
    I have a message that I am pending approval, so I shall have to wait for approval.

    Let me know your still around, and I will let you know when or if I get approved.

    There were questions about NWO, I answered that one because it is relevant to mind control, but the one about do I believe in Jesus or god, threw me for a loop.

  18. bear ('Yah gotta love that name')March 10, 2010 at 4:02 AM

    What a load of rubbish!. Why don't you read some of the interviews I have done. I made less than 400 gms acid (dose: 280 mcg). I gave half that away, the rest was sold to pay for making it. I made it because I hate black markets and do not like to put things into my body I do not know what are. I learned all I needed to know about making it (99.9% pure) by spending ~three weeks in a college library- I never took a chemistry class.

    Bear (Owsley Stanley)

  19. Mr. Bear Stanley, I have given you an entire post, brand spankin' new.

    I even did the math according to your stats.

  20. Wow, what a wonderful place for conspiracy theorists! If I keep following maybe the ghost of Mormon guru Joe Smith will appear and talk some additional crap into a hat? Want something to freak out about? How about 7+ billion human parasites evincing an inability to evolve a symbiotic relationship with their habitat? Can you say 'inevitable extinction'? So relax-life passes quickly-best not to hold on too tightly to your 'obsession du jours' or your structures. Tee freakin' hee!

    1. Like mold on a slice of bread

  21. "How about 7+ billion human parasites evincing an inability to evolve a symbiotic relationship with their habitat? Can you say 'inevitable extinction'? "

    Great that you see yourself as a parasite? Get some help.
    Clearly you need it

  22. So, whom here has read "Thanks For the Memories" ??

  23. Glog

    If you pop back in, I have not read that specific book.

    I do know some of the other commentors have read the book.

    I believe, I have the book somewhere but have not gotten around to it...

    My problem is at any given time I am reading two to three books and have a pile to go.

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  25. To the anonymous commenter who made the pointless comment, off topic, totally irrelevant and showing nothing but ignorance on a subject you clearly know nothing of

    Your comment as follows is gone

    "Lithium is very effective in controlling bipolar disease. I don't know if it helps with the "schizo affect", however. Being delusional to this degree may be very difficult to treat. It is apparently profitable though"

    Let this serve as a reminder to others, don't bother being an idiot here