Saturday, March 21, 2009

A "Dear John" letter from Welland, ON, Canada

When I did the post, The "Lost Generation " speaks I had touched on the news that Welland, ON., Canada has been hard hit by lay-offs and closures in the industrial sector.

John Deere's closing was in fact the latest blow dealt to this small city, that had never really recovered from the de-industrialization that had taken place in the '80's.

In 2009 John Deere will completely shut down a profitable 100 yr old operation, to exploit cheaper wages in Mexico, turning 800 familes lives upside down and wreaking further havoc on the local economy.

Since doing that post it has come to my attention that a group of students from Niagara College are doing a documentary on this closure. It is entitled Dear John.

Here is the trailer for that documentary


  1. Tell them to keep going.

    The loss of our manufacturing base will lead us to the problems seen already in both the UK and the US. I remember, back in the eighties reading a book, "The Changing Anatomy of Britian", it mostly talked about the pendulum swing of left vs right policital systems but one thing I recall being mentioned was the loss of manufacturing.

    Once that happens you're finished, because you lose the infrastructure to be self-sufficient.

  2. I am hoping these kids are very successful in getting the documentary promoted to a large audience.

    I would love to think they would talk futher on globalization as the larger problem, but they may be too much to hope for.

    All in all, it is a worthwhile endeavour.

  3. My heart goes out to those families. I'm going to copy whatever I can and seed it on Limewire and other file sharing programs. I'll put up a youtube channel as well. Let's see how big we can get this.

  4. Thank you all for your support

    my name is Mark and I am the Director of this documentary, my Producer Charles sent me the link to this page. We are both very excited that so many people are talking about the film and we will have a new trailer up soon.
    our website is:

    and I've just set up a blog page for updates on the documentary, if you are interested the link is:

    we also have a facebook page:

    thanks for all your comments and support!

    Mark & Charles