Monday, March 16, 2009

The "Lost Generation " speaks.

Picture this. Your city, your town. Disenfranchised youth facing a uncertain future. What would you do to make your voice heard?

Well some unknown young individuals chose an interesting way to let their opinions be known to the public at large. I would like to help them get their thoughts out to an even larger audience.

This past week these banners were hung on the Main Street bridge, (itself an icon of better days) in the city center of Welland, ON., Canada. This small city has been hard hit in the recent economic downturn. With news of plant closures and major lay-offs . In the age of globalization, these good-paying jobs will soon be filled by persons being paid very low wages in Mexico.

Indeed, the future must look quite bleak to the young persons that reside in that small city. As it must look bleak to many young persons in so many cities and towns, large and small. Watching, as their parents lose jobs, families lose homes and the future becomes more grim and uncertain.
What will come of their hopes and dreams? Will they become a lost generation? A fate they seem to already have accepted.


  1. Not many thoughts, being a working stiff they don't want us to think, just obey.

  2. The fact is for America, it can't simply roll over and fall asleep anymore. The problems you created are now kicking in your doors.
    My guess is the youth of today will simply ignore it, as always.
    But take away their video games and internet porn, they would probably hit the roof.

  3. I before "E" , except after "C". But, I agree.

  4. I'm at a loss as to why the 'i before e' rule is being quoted. Otherwise hats off to these banners.

  5. thanks for the comments and nobody, indeed, hats off to the banners.

    I am not so sure the youth of today can ignore this mess, as they look to be the biggest losers in this all.

    no jobs, no future, no dreams.

    It may be that the youth will have to aid in the rebuilding of communities, their energy and creativity (hoping it hasn't be dulled by tv and video games) will be needed.

    The banners were well thought out, they were cut so they wouldn't be shredded by the wind, they were weighted with filled pop bottles so they would hang straight and they were hung to get the attention of adjoining busy streets.
    These kids were thinking.
    They were not obeying.

  6. Gee, and we wonder why our youth today are so darn cynical.

    All we need to is look around at our supposed 'leaders', where lying and corruption is the norm. Mouthing platitudes as we dissemble the remainder of our manufacturing base, happily shipping jobs out of the country.

    Shock and awe baby.

  7. Some may still believe in revolution, but will that revolution happen?

    I worry for the youth of today, what with all the reality t.v. shows where you win lots of money, the video games they're mostly addicted to, and the lack of any real structure in most homes and schools, they're starting off at a horrible loss and they don't even realize it.

    If this recession gets to be as bad as the 30's, I wonder just how many people will actually be able to survive :(

  8. There were 2 banners today in Ogden Utah actually replying to these ones. I have pictures on my blog.