Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vince Li Trial- Day 3

Just a general comment, something I have observed all the while with regards to the media coverage surrounding this event.

The coverage from the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Sun Media outlets has been the most sensationalised coverage I have seen. They positively relish in regurgitating every gory detail of this murder. Always with a warning, which they of course know is even more titilating. Oh, I realize it sells papers a plenty, and a lot of people love every sordid detail, they cling to it and use it to stir themselves up, it empowers them to spout off irrational self-righteous opinions.

But the reality is mental illness is a subject far to many people know very little about and it is a disease that already carries such a stigma. There is such a shame attached to it. Particularly in intolerant judgemental societies that seem to be par for the course in Canada. Yes, Yes, I know Canadians like to think their so tolerant. The reality is the vast majority of Canadians are intolerant of anything different, including the mentally ill.

The imbalanced coverage by the press, particularly in Manitoba, for the sake of selling more papers, will only feed the intolerance, in an area where information, education and enlightment of the population is very important at this time.
But then informing, educating and enlightening the populace is not the job of the press anyway. The job of the press is to sell and increase advertising revenue!

Back to the trial coverage:

#3: And to no one's surprise: Li found Not Criminally Responsible
or Judge finds Li not criminally responsible in bus beheading

#2: Additional background information on Vince Li here

#1: Excerpts from the agreed statement of facts for the trial of Vince Weiguang Li you can get the rest here

Vince Weiguang Li was born in Dandong China on 30 April, 1968. He graduated from the University of Wuhan Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science (Computers) in 1992. Mr. Li immigrated to Canada in 2001, and became a citizen in 2005. He graduated from CDI College (Computer Programming) in 2002.

Now I understand how he came in to Canada as a skilled worker

In this agree statement of facts I see still, there is no mention of the RCMP standing around outside of the bus for almost 5 hours? Was that not mentioned at all? Or did this person not include it in this account? That response by the RCMP, or non-response has stuck in my craw all this time.

This article from the Globe and Mail has information on his time in ON.

In early September, 2005, Toronto police picked up a “dishevelled and confused” Chinese immigrant as he wandered aimlessly along the city's Highway 427.

Over the previous months, the hard-working, church-going Winnipegger had begun hearing what he thought were commands from God.

The orders started as general advice, but gradually morphed into more bizarre instructions – buy land he couldn't afford in Thompson, Man., travel to Toronto for work, and dispose of all his personal belongings, according to a psychiatric report released Wednesday in the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench.

Failing in his Toronto job search, the man was apparently commanded to return home. So he began walking. For several days, he followed the sun along Toronto's highway system until police found him and, against his will, took him to the emergency room at William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke.

Within 10 days, Vince Li said that he fled the hospital and returned to Winnipeg, defying doctors who had begun treating him for schizophrenia, according to the report.

I didn't think I was sick,” Mr. Li is quoted as saying. “I lost my temper one night and they gave me a needle and I slept for two or three days. When I woke up, I saw the doctor, who told me I should stay longer, but I got scared; I took my stuff from the nurse and took the bus back to Winnipeg.”

Despite being placed on a Form 3 certificate – an involuntary admission document that forces patients thought to pose a risk to themselves or others into a psychiatric facility for up to 14 days – Mr. Li defied doctors by leaving after just 10 days.

and reported here
A man accused of beheading and cannibalizing a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada apologized to police when arrested and begged officers to kill him.

Of course, I will update. I am waiting for the Judge's oral decision today.


  1. Now comeon Penny, Yuh can't keep picking on the RCMP for just standing around for five hours, They were just waiting for their Tazer batteries to recharge.
    I mean it had been a busy night, with zapping that group of ole ladies down at the bingo hall an all.

  2. Oh yes I can, and I will because there was something wrong with that picture.

    I mean four of them tased the polish immigrant to death, and he was "armed" with a stapler.

    Then two of them tasered an old man, in a hospital, lacking oxygen and "armed" with a pen knife.

    But on this night, how many of them stood around for 5 hours with their weapons and let this go on and on and on.

    How come no one is asking about that, especially not our free media?

  3. hey silv, something you mentioned about the mother, good god, I thought it was just me.

    At first I was really sympathetic to her, as a mom, to lose a child, my god.

    But as time goes on?

    While still sympathetic to her loss, I am starting to see a picture of a woman thriving on her role of victim, so many things she says seem off, like it is all about her.

    And I have seen comments in other forums with regards to her stance, one person asking the media to stop giving her air time, claiming she is doing more harm then good.

    And this selling of stuff?

    I know there was a scammer around also, pretending to be part of the McLean Family but were they not asking for donation to assist with legal costs.

    All in all, there is just too much enjoyment in the limelight here, that is only my opinion, but, It is not mine alone.

    And these attacks on the mentally ill, will serve to worsen this issue, this is the last thing people fighting such a disease need.

  4. It's simple Penny, the RCMP are a fedral police force. They're "owned" by the government of Canada and well, the government can't go having bad things like that reflecting on them, can they? Stuff like that needs to be kept hush hush, no such thing as free speech here!

  5. I know skye, but all this focus on Vince Li, when it is just not that simple, but then it never is.

    But someone should have looked into that, besides me.

  6. Well there Yuh go, news flash Li found not criminaly responsable.
    The mother McLean is Verklempt.
    Stay tuned for the made for tv special, staring?

  7. Starring the mother as herself perhaps?

    In a way I am so glad it is over, hoping the media will move on from this woman's misguided railing.

    She claims she is devastated by the verdict,I am surpised by this as I assumed the family had been in the loop all along and that this was already explained to them.

    I am sure this came as no surprise really.