Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vince Li Trial begins

Li murder trial begins this morning

Two doctors as witnesses and no one else.

VIDEO: Vince Li trial preview

Tim's Law

'I don't think mental illness ought to absolve you of your responsibilities" Carol De Delley said Sunday. "Once the crime has been committed, I still believe they need to be held responsible, otherwise what sort of a message are you sending?"

Here is the disconnect, this sentence sums it up. Carol DeDelley thinks mental illness should not absolve you of your responsibilites. Now, who is claiming Vince Li is NOT responsible for this terrible murder? No one. Not one person. His own lawyers acknowledge he committed this act, their is NO disputing that. Therefore they understand he is the perpetrator and is responsible.
The message being sent is Vince Li will be punished, he will be incarcerated.

Experts anticipate Li's lawyers, who have said they don't dispute Li is responsible for McLean's death, will try to prove that, because of mental-health issues, Li was not criminally responsible for his actions.

What seems to be the issue for Mrs DeDelley is the criminal responsibility. To be criminally responsible one has to be cognizant, aware. Was Li? It doesn't seem so.
So how can he possibley be found to be criminally responsible? He can't. But that doesn't change the fact that he is responsible and will be incarcerated for the rest of his life.
Does Mrs Delley want to punish mentally ill people for being brain diseased/damaged?
Mrs DeDelley says there is no punishment sufficient enough for the murder of her child. I agree. There never would be, there never could be a sufficient punishment for such a crime. But why tie a beloved childs name to a cruel law, a law that would be injust and a step backwards in the history of humankind??

Well anyway, lets see how this trial comes along..
I am curious will we learn anything of Vince Li's past?? I have always wondered if he had a military background?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! If this woman's wishes came true, imagine the repercussions that would ensue for all mentally handicaped/brain damaged people that unintentionally screw up, simply because they don't fathom that they've done something wrong.

    This "Tim's Law" that she's proposing simply cannot be passed in good conscience. It shouldn't even be considered. Someone seriously needs to explain the facts of life to this woman!

  2. This is what "Tim's law" makes me think of

    just locking people up because their brain does not function properly, for indefinite periods.

    Maybe it is easier for society to shut away these persons, rather then deal with the illnesses that afflict them.

    rather like lepers

  3. an article to read, it is more factual, statistical and rational.

    Mentally ill unfairly portrayed as violent

  4. Oh, so if i say god told me to eat the guy sitting beside me because i dont know him and im scared of strangers its all good, right? no, i find a different seat. FAIL

  5. To people who leave comments like OASSO, go volunteer your time if you can on a mental health ward, or with a group that supports the mentally ill.

    Learn and read.

    Then make an informed comment.

    "Oh, so if i say god told me to eat the guy sitting beside me because i dont know him and im scared of strangers its all good, right? no, i find a different seat. FAIL"

    a rational non-psychotic person would find another seat, oh wait, in fact a rational non-psychotic person would not even think such irrational thoughts.

    making your entire point almost nonsensical, was it intended to be?

  6. Thank you for this link Penny, it was very informative and helpful! If only everyone read and understood what is put before there eyes, perhaps then we wouldn't have idiots like Oasso making comments!

  7. the information is out there and sadly people like OASSO can choose to be informed or to remain ignorant, and grace blogs with nonsensical comments.

    Like my heading says, use your brain and formulate an opinion.

    That means get informed before you spout.

  8. non-sensical eh? I get 'voices' in my head, or thoughts, and theses voices (thoughts) make me worried, scared, or maybe even a little...crazy, so theses voices (thoughts) convince me to kill. Plain and simple I commited murder and cannabalism, which correct me if im wrong...are...wrong? or...maybe quite possibly condemning. Oh and regardless of you saying im not informed, doesnt mean jack shit.

  9. OASSO:

    what have you done to get informed so that you can make a more valid contribution to this debate.
    Sadly, yes I am of the opinion your statement was nonsensical.
    I do not mean that to be rude,
    but look what you said

    "Oh, so if i say god told me to eat the guy sitting beside me because i dont know him and im scared of strangers its all good, right? no, i find a different seat. FAIL"

    Is that what you would do, if god, omnipotent and all knowing was talking to you and you were completely delusional, (cause you would have to be to think god is actually talking to you, either that or an irrational christian,lol) because your brain chemistry is screwed up completely, anyway.... you would find another seat?
    You wouldn't.

    Have you read up on mental illness?
    The struggles people have, who are sick, like cancer or any other disease, they have a disease, except it is a disease of the brain.
    What have you done to understand this disease, and then make an informed comment.

    You understand what murder is, the taking of a life, and that is good, you have some grasp of morality.

    But, and this is just my opinion you lack any understanding of this disease to contribute in any meaningful way to a debate on it, or on a law that will negatively impact a great many people including further stigmatizing people already struggling.

    You are looking for simplicity in a complex issue.

    Nothing is ever that simple, especially not in life.

  10. I may be ignorant but at least i know cancer isnt a brain illness that affects ones thoughts and causes hallucinations and gods voice (thoughts) to force me to commit such acts. and im sorry but it is simple. they havent found the guys eyes or part of his heart. he ate them, simple. he is a cannibal, the act of eating another human being. basically, he's fucked and deserves criminal charges to the full of extent of the law. PWNED

  11. OASSO:
    I am going to take the time here to respond, why? Because I think you are a decent caring person, and you mean well and are honestly upset and I understand all that.

    "I may be ignorant but at least i know cancer isnt a brain illness that affects ones thoughts and causes hallucinations and gods voice"

    Sadly cancer can be a brain illness, and you know what, when one suffers from brain cancer or brain tumours one can act extremely irrational and can become violent.

    brain science foundation

    "Aggressive or combative behavior
    Some behaviors present special challenges. In rare cases, a person can suffer from agitation or paranoia. Behavior can become aggressive or combative. These behaviors can be caused or intensified by various medications. Doctors manage these symptoms by modifying drug dosages, or by prescribing antipsychotic drugs or tranquilizers.

    Aggressive behavior is particularly difficult when safety becomes an issue. The best strategy is to pay attention to warning signs of growing anger or threats of violence. Tell your doctor, and try to resolve the problem before it escalates.

    Strokes can also cause aggressive, violent behaviour as can concussion.

    Here is some info on concussion.

    Post concussion disorder

    and the brain changes can include:

    Socially inappropriate behaviours
    Temper outbursts and changes in mood
    now this is geared to a child, but violent behaviour is entirely possible
    Take the time to look into these and other brain dis-eases.