Monday, March 30, 2009

When corporations rule, nothing matters but the bottom line

Your or your childrens health and wellbeing don't even rate.

Will NAFTA exterminate Canadian pesticide bans?

"A battle brewing over cosmetic (lawn) pesticides between one of North America's biggest chemical companies and Canadian lawmakers may end up re-shaping the future of Canada's environmental policies in the years ahead."

Dow Chemical has filed against Ottawa under Chapter 11 of the most 'wonderful' agreement, NAFTA, that ever benefitted Canada, NOT!

"That's why the company filed a notice of intent to take action under chapter 11 of NAFTA, Lachance adds, noting the Quebec ban sends a bad message to the business community.


  1. Remind me sometime to tell you about these so called cosmetic lawn pesticides or more accurately herbicides. It's enough to scare the pants off Yuh.

  2. silv, dish, dish the details, every last gory one.

    I mean I have some idea these are bad, but perhaps not enough?

    oh yeah, my word is


  3. 2,4-D DICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID and 2,4,5-TRICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID are not so much poisons in and of themselves but rather synthetic estrogens, now as any biologist knows the estrogens are some of the most powerful hormones produced in any body plant or animal, as well as the most persistent.

    The true poison contained in these chemicals is of course the dioxins which are produced as a result of the high heat and pressure used in the production process and these are virtually impossible to remove and basically last forever in the environment.

    During my career I have worked with pure dioxins which are essentially what is found in the above mentioned chemicals. When working with these chemicals which were stored in a huge Taylor Vault. We were required to wear six pairs of latex gloves worn one over another and when we were through with the experiment the procedure involved in the removal of said gloves involved me removing my partners first layer of gloves and then she removing mine then I with the second layer and so on. The discarded gloves were then placed into a special container using disposable tongs and sent to be disposed of in what is called a Super Destructor. Such is the threat of these chemicals, some of the most deadly known to be produced by man, second only to plutonium.

    Granted the amounts involved are small but they amounts that we worked with were contained in vials similar to those found in the free perfume samples that one gets in the mail. The contents of which if efficiently distributed were enough to kill some 25,000 individuals and yet accumulatively these toxins are sprayed on the environment in untold tons yearly.

    Back to the estrogens which are female sex hormones and control virtually every aspect of life, as stated earlier these hormones are very powerful and literally cause the plants to grow themselves to death.

    Have perhaps wondered why female children are developing breasts and entering puberty at increasingly younger ages these days? As well as young boys with increasingly smaller penis and testicle size? It’s not rocket science. These chemicals are also a direct cause in the increase of breast cancer in both females and males on this there is no doubt in the scientific community, like I said it’s not rocket science.

    A few more things, if you say well I don’t spray these chemicals on my lawn so I’m safe well then I suggest that you think again. Farmers spray both 2,4-D DICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID and 2,4,5-T TRICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID on tomatoes to force all of the fruit to ripen at the same time to enable machine harvesting as well these chemicals are sprayed on potatoes to enhance the red color. Oh the price we pay for convenience.

    By the by
    2,4-D DICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID and 2,4,5-T TRICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID when mixed 50/50 give us that lovely chemical known as Agent Orange. People exposed to Agent Orange are 70% more at risk of giving birth to children born with birth defects. I having been a soldier in Vietnam, you needn’t wonder why I never had any children.

    Anyone who says that 2,4,5-T TRICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID is no longer available is either ignorant or just plain lying. The deal is that it has just been repackaged and is contained in a virtual plethora of new and improved herbicides.

    And the dance goes on. I won’t even get into the increased cancers in dogs other than to say that, In the urban setting, it has been proven that households using 2,4-D put their dogs at twice the risk of developing canine malignant lymphoma. People spray their lawns, dogs eat grass, dogs walk on grass, and dogs lick their paws. Oh Yeah children play on the grass as well and as we all know they stick just about anything in their mouths including their fingers but the E.P.A says it’s safe as soft boiled eggs so no worries.

    There is so much more but for now I grow weary.