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Obama & Bibi Netanyahu: Two "Peacemakers" in one Pod

"Obama for change, Obama for Peace"- Remember that ?
Did anyone REALLY believe that Obama was going to be different?
Worse, did anyone think he would be different because he has a different colour skin ?
How about Bibi, he is being touted as a radical warmonger. Is he really more of a war monger then his predecessors?? Is he more radical?
You know that saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

That applies to the US and Israel-

Missile Defense Ships Would Protect Against China, Gates Says

The increasing number of U.S. warships equipped with ballistic missile defense technology would provide greater protection in case of conflict with China, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

"We're converting more ships to have ballistic missile defense that would help against China," he told a PBS interviewer in regard to his budget plan for fiscal 2010.

Up Is Down: The Military Budget

The largest military budget in the history of the world is being increased. Certain weapons are being cut back, others expanded. But the overall budget is going UP. However, you don't need me to tell you that. You've learned it from these fine news sources.......

Barack Obama goes ahead with missile defence shield despite disarmament pledge

Despite the "peacemaker's" presence the US military budget is increasing, the US is readying for war with China, and the 'peacemaker' breaks his own pledge.

Then their is Israel, where it is alleged there are hawks and doves.What baloney!
Israel's government like the US has always been a government fully engaged in warfare.

No matter the label. No matter the spin.There are no hawks or doves, there are no peacemakers in these two countries.

There is merely the false concept of them. The lie.

No more make-believe in the Middle East

Settlement construction, including the massive developments encircling Jerusalem, has continued for four decades. All of Bibi's predecessors – even the "doves" – never once slowed settlement construction, despite their repeated assurances. Throughout, despite intensive US monitoring and reporting on growth, the US has always pretended to believe them.

In the early 1990s, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told the US that settlement sites such as Har Homa were merely in the planning stages. When site work began, he claimed that it was only preparatory work with no approval for construction. When ministry approvals for construction were given, he and his successors claimed that they would prevent construction. Today Har Homa stands as one of the many monuments to the success of deny, deny, deny.

The latest and final major link in the chain of Jerusalem-encircling settlements, known as E1, has followed exactly the same progression. E1 is important, because if it is allowed to become a town, it will effectively split the West Bank in two, ending hopes for a two-state solution. US observers, myself included, reported during the past six years the clear evidence of site preparation, only to be told by the highest levels of the Israeli government that roadbeds, drainage systems, terracing, and other clearly observable major works were "erosion control." Again, the US pretended to believe the official spin.

Former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert told the US repeatedly that the separation barrier would not be used for political purposes, and that its route through the West Bank, rather than along the internationally accepted "Green Line," was to provide security "setback" for towns on the Israeli side of the Green Line. Again, the US pretended to believe them.

I have to say, I was rather surprised at the contents of this article. And, the ending!!

Finally, Washington can say, clearly and forcefully, that Israel's occupation harms US interests; that an attack on Iran is unacceptable and will get no US support, even in the UN Security Council; that settlement construction must stop and barriers be removed; that meetings are no substitute for progress; that Palestinians must be granted the opportunity – a real one – to form a viable state; and that the time has come for one of the world's wealthiest countries to be weaned off American largess.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu: Past and Present- Anti-Castro terrorists and NAFTA

FLASHBACK: Anti-Castro terrorists (CIA) introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971.

January 10, 1977 Front page
1971 Mystery:
CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported
New York

With at least the tacit backing of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971.
Six weeks later an outbreak of the disease forced the slaughter of 500,000 pigs to prevent a nationwide animal epidemic.
A U.S. intelligence source told Newsday last week he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at a U.S. Army base and CIA training ground in the Panama Canal Zone, with instructions to turn it over to the anti-Castro group.
The 1971 outbreak, the first and only time the disease has hit the Western Hemisphere, was labeled the “most alarming event” of 1971 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. African swine fever is a highly contagious and usually lethal viral disease that infects only pigs and, unlike swine flu, cannot be transmitted
to humans.
All production of pork, a Cuban staple, halted, apparently for several months. (Economic Terrorism?)
A CIA spokesman, Dennis Berend, in response to a Newsday request for comment, said, “We don’t comment on information from unnamed and, at best, obscure sources.”
Why the virus turned up in Cuba has been a mystery to animal investigators ever since the outbreak. Informed speculation assumed that the virus entered Cuba either in garbage from a commercial airliner or in sausages brought in by merchant seamen.
However, on the basis of numerous interviews over four months with U.S. intelligence sources, Cuban exiles and scientists concerning the outbreak — which occurred two years after then President Nixon had banned the use of offensive chemical and biological warfare — Newsday was able to piece together this account of events leading up to the outbreak.
The U.S. intelligence source said that early in 1971 he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at Ft. Gulick, an Army base in the Panama Canal Zone. The CIA also operates a paramilitary training center for career personnel and mercenaries at Ft. Gulick.
The source said he was given instructions to turn the container with the virus over to members of an anti-Castro group.
The container then was given to a person in the Canal Zone, who took it by boat and turned it over to persons aboard a fishing trawler off the Panamanian coast. The source said the substance was not identified to him until months after the outbreak in Cuba. He would not elaborate further.
Another man involved in the operation, a Cuban exile who asked not to be identified, said he was on the trawler when the virus was put aboard at a rendezvous point off Bocas del Toro, Panama. He said the trawler carried the virus to Navassa Island, a tiny, deserted, U.S.-owned island between Jamaica and Haiti. From there, after the trawler made a brief stopover, the container was taken to Cuba and given to other operatives on the southern coast near the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay in late March, according to the source on the trawler. The base is 100 miles due north of Navassa.
The source on the trawler, who had been trained by the CIA and had carried out previous missions for the agency, said he saw no CIA officials aboard the boat that delivered the virus to the trawler off Panama, but added: “We were well paid for this and Cuban exile groups don’t have that kind of money . . .”
He said he was revealing the information because he is a member of an exile group being investigated by the United States in connection with terrorist activity in Florida. His account was confirmed by another intelligence source in Miami. The source said he had no proof that the operation was approved by CIA officials in Washington, but added: “In a case like this, though, they would always give them (CIA officials in Washington) plausible deniability.”
The investigation referred to by the operative on the trawler involves a federal inquiry into terrorist acts allegedly carried out by Cuban exiles. Those include bombings and assassination attempts in the United States and Venezuela. Trained originally by the CIA for operations against Cuba, the exiles have become more restive as they view what they believe to be an increasing move toward rapprochement between Fidel Castro and the United States.

A US-owned company, Carroll Farms, has been accused of dumping contaminated pig waste and fecal matter, causing a “strange flu-like outbreak,” spreading across many parts of Mexico. (NAFTA strikes again?)

The recent swine flu outbreak taking place in Mexico may have originated at a US-owned pig-breeding farm by the name of Granjas Carroll (aka Carroll Farms), which is owned, in part by the Smithfield Food Company. Smithfield also promotes the consumption of genetically-altered foods, and even owns certain genetic lines of pork breeding. On April 12 of 2009, before the swine flu outbreak was covered by mainstream media outlets, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada broke a story on how Carroll Farms was polluting the drinking water near the towns of La Gloria and Perote, in Veracruz.
According to La Jornada, Carroll Farms maintains a strong political influence in municipal governments in the area. Recently, group of environmental protesters that blocked a highway near the Carroll Farms facilities was arrested. Among them were Guadalupe Serrano Gaspar, a 66-year-old man who said was arrested by undercover police officers. Local residents from 20 towns nearby in Veracruz and the bordering state of Puebla also oppose what they consider deplorable environmental practices by Carroll Farms. The complaints from local residents range from reports of large quantities of pig excrement in the waterways to the smell of chemicals and feces in several towns.
Veratect, which is company that tracks epidemic outbreaks, has posted a timeline of events that also indicates that the Mexican swine flu outbreak may have started in Veracruz, Mexico near the Carroll Farms facilities. According to the Veratect timeline, more than 400 local residents at La Gloria, Veracruz and other nearby towns reported having strong flu-like symptoms days before the outbreak was reported by the media. Local health authorities in La Gloria and Perote have determined that this “strange” flu-like disease or “new strain of the flu” was spread to the local towns by flies that feed on pig feces. In the town of La Gloria, 60 percent of the 3,000 inhabitants have been infected.
The newspaper La Jornada also reported that local health officials and residents found “clouds of flies” feeding on organic pig waste, carcasses and feces. Reportedly, Carroll Farms has been dumping organic pig waste out in the open, leaving it exposed for the flies to feed.
The swine flu has now been spreading to major cities in Mexico, the US and Canada. In Mexico, over 900 people are dead. Mexico City has begun to close down schools, churches, and libraries. The Mexican government is planning to vaccinate 500,000 people, although it is widely known that there is no vaccine for this latest strain of swine flu because it has not yet been produced.
Related articles:
Swine-flu outbreak linked to Smithfield factory farms
Bloggers Question Smithfield Role in Mexico Swine Flu Outbreak

Monday, April 27, 2009

Italian cruise ships repel pirates

One more attempted attack by pirates and another successful repel.
With some interesting aspects.....

An Italian cruise ship was attacked off the coast of Somalia on Saturday and was successfully repelled. How did this come about?

The small white skiff approached the Italian cruise ship Melody after dinnertime. Pirates firing madly, and the private Israeli security forces shot back.

Of course analysts are saying this unprecedent use of weapons could make things worse.
But what the above story leaves out, is what I am interested in.
Reported elsewhere...

In this news story

"Pistols kept in a safe on the ship were handed out to security staff hired from an Israeli private security company."

However, industry sources said guards were often used “discreetly” and cruise line security work was popular with young Israelis who had recently completed army service.

I always wondered about the fact that there were indeed guns on many of these ships that had been attacked.

Then there is this:

They sprayed the pirates as they climbed ladders with water hoses!!!

'We started firing in the air. When they saw us firing – we even sprayed them with water with the fire hose – they gave up and went off.'

and this:

Passengers hurling chairs overboard!

No passengers were injured but there were reports that some attempted to repel the pirates by hurling chairs overboard at the dinghy, before being ordered below decks by the captain.
So we have security forces firing guns into the air, sure.
But crew taking a fire hose and spraying the pirates as they climbed ladders and chairs being thrown down at them would have made the attempt to board the ship far to difficult to even continue trying.

I know the media will focus on the guns being fired as the deterrent, but, the pirates are at the disadvantage when they are on ladders supported by puny skiffs, trying climb aboard these massive ships. The fire hose and chairs were just brilliant and likely all that was needed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine flu outbreak news and views

some interesting stuff- lots of links
makes me think of all the news of the bird flu 'pandemic' that didn't materialize.
Still, the best thing anyone can do for themselves is have a strong immune system, be healthy, don't abuse the body, it's the only one you got! Well that's my opinion anyway :)
read on...............................

CLG: Flu Kills The Torture Memos --In a 'Holy convenience, Batman!' moment, a 'unique' flu virus (one likely concocted in US Army labs) overtakes media coverage of revelations that the highest levels of the US government instructed the CIA (and private contractors) to torture terror suspects. By Lori Price 26 April 2009 Guess where the first swine flu outbreak occurred? That's right, Fort Dix, New Jersey, in 1976. Thirteen soldiers died, leading the US government to force a questionable vaccine on the population -- backed by a legal liability escape clause mandated by and for the pharma-terrorists. Next, people started dying not from the flu -- but from the *vaccine.* [See compendium of key flu articles here.]


Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility 22 Apr 2009 Missing vials of a potentially dangerous virus have prompted an Army investigation into the disappearance from a lab in Maryland. The Army's Criminal Investigation Command agents have been visiting Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, to investigate the disappearance of the vials. The vials contained samples of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis... In 97 percent of cases, humans with the virus suffer flu-like symptoms, but it can be deadly in about 1 out of 100 cases, according to Caree Vander Linden, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Seventh case of swine flu confirmed in California

US confirms two more cases of swine flu

— Health authorities in the central US state of Kansas confirmed two cases of swine flu on Saturday

Irish authorities issue swine flu warning

and never forget, there is always money to be made on the misery of man

Roche in talks with WHO on Tamiflu potential in swine flu

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teen Pirate: Bilingual or NOT?

The teen pirate as has been reported, speaks no English. He has an interpreter present in the courtroom.
a Somali who speaks no English, is of uncertain age.

It has been reported his parents are using intepreters to manage the court process.

then listened as Mr. Muse’s father, via a telephone hookup from Somalia and through an interpreter,

YET, one of the crew members is claiming that the teen pirate spoke to him on the ship. In broken English? Is this a credible claim?

"When I first saw him, he carried himself as the leader. He was asking for directions, how to start (the) engine, and asking for all the crew," Reza recalled of Muse.
"He told me then when I was with him that it was his dream to come to the USA," Reza said.
Muse spoke in broken English, and mostly spoke to the captain, Reza said.

I have my doubts that the teen can speak English at all. His parents don't speak English, so they would not have taught him. Given the poverty, lack of education, etc., in Somalia. Is the sailors tale part of a fabrication?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curious and Curiouser

Freddie Mac Acting CFO David Kellermann Found Dead


U.S. atty gen'l: 'no idea' on Freddie Mac death

"It's obviously tragic but I don't know anything more than what I've read," Holder told reporters at an Earth Day event when asked about the death of Freddie Mac's acting chief financial officer, David Kellermann.

Holder answered "no idea" when asked if Kellermann's death might be related to any probe of Freddie Mac.

I really wonder about this story?

contradicting the spin out of the US and Britian----

'Deeper' recession ahead says IMF

The global economy is set to decline by 1.3% in 2009, in the first global recession since World War II, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says.

Piracy Off The Promised Land

what about this piracy????

Piracy 1. the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea

full article at link:

Why is it that little is heard of the piracy off the coast of the Zionist entity and the strip it dominates called Gaza? In contrast to the actions of young Muslim fishermen from an impoverished and broken Somalian nation, the entity carries out its piracy under the title of the Israeli Occupation Force, out of a country with the greatest wealth and with the pretence of a fully fledged legal system. As it turns out, its maritime law is the British Maritime Law of 1856, a hangover from the British Mandate.

Free Gaza advanced the sailing of its 66ft 50 tonne MV Dignity from 6 January 2009 to 29 December in response to the 'greater shoah (holocaust)' promised to the people of Gaza by the deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai in February 2008, this massacre having started with the killing of over two hundred people within the first fifteen minutes of the blitzkrieg on 27 December. The British master and the Greek mate had the boat readied as fourteen passengers joined in Larnaca. One was Cynthia McKinney. This erstwhile congress woman and very recent presidential candidate had come from the US at a day's notice. There were also two surgeons and a Palestinian physician. 3.5 tonnes of medical supplies were loaded; the majority had been given by the Cyprus government. Cypriot customs and excise officers had inspected the vessel and its cargo. The Dignity slipped its moorings in the dark at 07.00 hrs and the two Detroit 840 hp engines drove it hard and south towards Gaza.

At 04.55 hrs EMT on 30 December, searchlights appeared astern. There were two Israeli gunboats. They came abreast, circled and stayed with us. These boats can do over 45 knots, carry ten tonnes of fuel and have sophisticated weapon systems including Hellfire missiles (3) Tracer bullets were fired skywards, forming ellipses, and flares put up. At 05.30 hrs approximately, one gunboat was playing its searchlight on the port side of Dignity. Suddenly there was a tremendous crash at the bow, and then another almost simultaneously, and another on the port beam across from where the author had sat vomiting for eight hours. The bow dipped and it seemed the boat was breaking up. It was dark, the wind force was 4 to 5 and there was a 10ft sea. The master shouted 'we have been rammed'. It was feared the boat would sink. He broadcast a Mayday distress signal; there was no later response. Cynthia Mc Kinney and Caoimhe Butterly could not swim; the life vests were rapidly deployed to all. The hull was taking water but bilge pumps were working. The first words from a commander of one of the gun boats came over the radio. First there was the accusation that the ship's company was involved with terrorists and that it was subversive. Then there came the threat to shoot. The master was forbidden from making for Gaza or further south to El Arish in Egypt. He was ordered to return for Larnaca – about 160 miles, though the boat was badly damaged and the Israeli did not know whether there was sufficient fuel, which there was not. He set a northerly course and the boat stayed buoyant in a moderating sea. A crew member arranged with the Lebanese authorities for a safe harbour in Sour (Tyre) where jubilant crowds thronged the quays.

Was there lethal intent? A gun boat came out of the black of night with no lights showing whilst a searchlight from the other gun boat displayed the port hull of its target. It would have approached at about 30 degrees to the Dignity's port and at speed. The intention to sink the Dignity and thus to drown its company was clear (4). If the hull had been GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) it would have shattered and the boat would have sunk like a stone where it was rammed 53 nautical miles off Haifa. Fortunately, the hull was constructed of marine ply with timber ribs and the company survived. The Zionist entity greatly resents anyone coming to the aid of the native population, whatever its depth of suffering, and war lust was growing by the day.

or this ship

A Lebanese vessel, the Tali – 1500 tonnes gross, with food, medical aid, plasma, toys etc mattresses in the hold steamed from Tripoli via Larnaca with Gaza its final port. The entity insisted 5 February that it make for El Arish. The master persisted in his aim and changed course for Gaza. Warning shots were fired and the boat was boarded by armed soldiers. It is alleged they beat some of the twenty on board. The vessel was forced to dock in Ashdod from where it is said the 1000 units of plasma were transferred to Gaza. The entity was to transfer the remaining aid later. The ship's company were repatriated except for a resolute Scot, Theresa McDermott. She was imprisoned silently in Ramleh gaol. (5) When the British Consulate in Israel was contacted for assistance in finding Teresa, staff refused to help locate Teresa saying they couldn’t provide assistance to a UK citizen unless she personally requested it. She was released after six days, her 'crime' probably being a member of the International Solidarity Campaign like Rachel Corrie before her.

like I said, read the rest at the above link.

The 'terrorists' arrested after the Tomlinson scandal released

Did anyone notice after the Ian Tomlinson scandal broke out the police in Britian immediately made a bunch of arrests in an alleged massive terrorist ring??

Oh, the timing of it was so convenient.

Timed to help knock the Tomlinson story off of the front pages and try to make the police look good, you know reputable.

Well, it should come as no surprise at all- All suspects in 'student terror plot' released

All 12 suspects arrested in a security operation intended to thwart what the Prime Minister said was “a very big terrorist plot” have been released without charge
Well the Prime Minister said it was a "very big terrorist plot"!
Was he talking about the one perpetuated by the state?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Precendent setting "Pirate" trial in New York

Hmmm, what is this all about?
Is it a show trial for the American audience?
Another brown muslim for them to hate?
A face to an enemy?

If so, this is pathetic. As pathetic as the entire fearsome pirate farce.

Officials say he is 18? How the hell would they know that?

"It is rare for Somalis to have formal birth records, and U.S. officials did not say on what basis they believe him to be 18 or older."

"Officials have said the accused pirate is at least 18, meaning that prosecutors will not have to take extra legal steps to try him as an adult in a United States court."

So with no formal records to go on, how could the US claim he is an adult??

I guess they will make it up as they go along?? Like Iraq intelligence?

On the other hand-

His parents say he is 16.
His mother says she had him 16 years ago.
The teenager cannot speak English.
Muse's parents, who live in Africa, asked Omar Jamal to help acquire a lawyer for their son. Jamal says Muse does not speak English and is confused with the situation.

Ron Kuby, a New York-based civil rights lawyer, said he has been in discussions about forming a legal team to represent the Somalian.

"I think in this particular case, there's a grave question as to whether America was in violation of principles of truce in warfare on the high seas," said Kuby. "This man seemed to come onto the Bainbridge under a flag of truce to negotiate. He was then captured. There is a question whether he is lawfully in American custody and serious questions as to whether he can be prosecuted because of his age."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Latest Episode in the Pirates of Somalia soap opera

The latest on the somali 'pirates' have them attempting, or so it is reported, to board a Norwegian tanker. A 150,000 ton tanker

Good thing that the tanker took evasive moves, causing the pirates to FLEE.

"Seven pirates attempted to attack the Norwegian-flagged MV Front Ardenne late Saturday but fled after crew took evasive maneuvers and alerted warships in the area"

So the tanker, taking evasive maneuvers on it's own was able to avoid be pirated, and even caused the pirates to flee.

Not to be outdone, though the Canadian warship , the HMCS Winnipeg, turned off it's lights and chased the fleeing pirate skiff for seven hours!

How big is the HMCS Winnipeg? Reading the link, it is very big, it has it's own weapons and comes with it's own helicopter. It has a speed of 30+knots.

Amazingly this ship chased the fleeing pirate skiff for 7 hours with it's lights off?
The ships spokesperson is quoted as saying "We blocked their path," said Michael McWhinnie, a spokesperson on the ship. "We were faster and surprisingly more manoeuvrable than the pirate skiff."

Now, who knows exactly what a skiff is? I didn't, and I had to go check it out.
None of the news article describe the skiff. Though the Norwegian tanker is described and the HMCS Winnipeg was described in a different article. There was no description of the mighty pirate skiff ?

Thinking this must be one hell of a boat! I mean to attempt to board a 150,000 ton tanker and have a patrol frigate chase it for 7 hours in the dark, this boat had better be amazing.

What is this 'skiff''?

The term skiff is used, and has been used, to refer to many various types of small boats.
The skiff can be powered by sails, oars or a motor. The skiff is typically small flat-bottomed open boat with a pointed bow and a flat stern.

Here are some Somali pirates in their skiff

What about 20-24 feet long, with an outboard motor. Did the fleeing skiff finally run out of gas while being pursued by the HMCS Winnipeg. Does this boat or any of the other pirate skiffs seem a match for any of the tankers or armed boats patrolling the Gulf of Aden?

Like I asked yesterday, are these big ships allowing themselves to be boarded or what?

Oh and btw, Prime Minister Harper is very proud of the Canadian ship and it's crew.
Harper praises crew for foiling pirate attack

Last week President Obama was proud this week PM Harper is proud.
I am thinking all the western leaders will have an opportunity soon to be "proud" of their military, for making such a fine show of things in the Gulf of Aden, for the western audience.
Sometimes these incidents just feel a little too made for prime time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somali Pirates a REAL threat ? REALLY ??

I am posting a selection of pictures from main stream media featuring the allegedly fearsome and oh so problematic "pirates"

(more somali pirates and their boats)

(somali pirates and their boat apprehended by the French)

Anyone notice anything about these pirates boats?? Anything odd at all ??

Like, how small and crappy they all are ?

Compared to the ships they are boarding?!!!

Do these massive ships stop and wait for the 'Pirates' to board???

When the pirates in their dilapidated heaps, throw up grappling hooks and ropes to board the boats (unless they have rocket packs) can no one throw the rope back or cut it??? How about just moving along?

Just wondering????

Just wondering if the big deal about the pirates is to sell a land invasion of Somalia to the western populace.
I mean Somalia isn't exactly filled with good memories for the US or Canada.

Soooo, how to get the western audience 'on board'(pun intended) with an attack?
Create a boogey man?? Or in this case, boogey men, PIRATES !
Like Saddams nookular arsenal , his wmd's that didn't exist.
Does the real threat from these half-starved fellows hold strongest in the mind of a gullible? western audience.

Mind Control: America's Secret War

Originally shown on the History Channel.

"You will hear from Dr. Cameron's patient Linda McDonald, whose past was completely erased by a brainwashing experiment. Linda describes how at age 25 she was placed on a psychiatric ward and subjected to horrific shock and drug treatments which completely erased her mind and brought her back to being the mental age of an infant."

Her story was sad, yes, but apalling completely apalling.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Wondering if the parents are nearby? Some fresh mice handy?
FYI: Did you know a group of owls are a parliament??
So, any thoughts come to mind??? Hmm?

Ian Tomlinson did NOT die of a heart attack

A second post-mortem into the death of Ian Tomlinson showed he died from an "abdominal haemorrhage" and not a heart attack, a solicitor for Mr Tomlinson's family said today. Mr Tomlinson, 47 died during the G20 protest. Video footage shows him being pushed to the ground by a police officer.

Newsagent Mr Tomlinson, who was not protesting, is seen receiving a two-handed push from a police officer.

Interesting to note the url for the pic is

cctv? Is this from the cctv cameras that the IPCC claimed did not exist.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How,when and why people became debt slaves and who benefitted ???

I have been told of a time when people could buy things and pay cash! Yes, apparently this is true. People could buy cars and pay cash. They didn't have to take out loans. They could buy houses and often times save the money to buy that house, yes save the money. (This could not have made the banks very happy.) Paying cash for a house or a car, unheard of at this time.

This magical time I am told was right after WW2 until about the late '70's. One earner and a slew of kids, how was this possible?

Fast Forward to now... different story completely!
How many earners per household, how many jobs held, to still be drowning in debt??

I heard this interview on Global Research News Hour, this man Richard Wolff, is an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts. He has a brief video available which demonstrates quite nicely how and why this happened. How people went from being able to comfortably earn a living wage to being worked to the bone just to get by.

And, who benefited from this?

This deprivation of living wages by business to the working class served to enrich and empower the big banks. Give a listen to this little talk on the economic crisis , the power of the banks and the lunacy of the "market".

Guns and Butter - April 8, 2009 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

I liked the coal miners dilemma-

A young girl asks her father, "Why is it so cold in the house?"

"We don't have any coal", he says.

"But why is there no coal?", she wants to know.

"Because I lost my job", he replies.

Still unsatisfied, she asks one more time—"And why did you lose your job?"

To which he answers, "Because there is too much coal".

It is alot of info, I know. What I like about all this info is the different perspectives presented.
This is what we need to hear, different points of views, different ideas.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Investigators were "wrong" re: Ian Tomlinson Footage

This is from the Police Watchdog?? Should be known as the Police Guard Dog.

So Nick Hardwick, from the IPCC, said on April 9th/09 that there were NO CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the attack on Ian Tomlinson.

"Hardwick said on Thursday there was no CCTV evidence of alleged police assaults on Tomlinson. "We don't have CCTV footage of the incident," he told Channel 4 news. "There is no CCTV footage – there were no cameras in the locations where he was assaulted."

However pictures were published showing CCTV cameras in the area of the assault.

So how is it possible?

"The IPCC would not comment on why, almost two weeks after Tomlinson's death and one week after it said its investigators had pieced together his last moments by looking at "many hours of CCTV", Hardwick had been mistaken about the locations of cameras."

It isn't possible, unless you believe in toothfairies and Santa Claus.

The guard dog for the police knew the cameras were in the vicinity, they just didn't want the public to know that the entire incident was covered by CCTV cameras.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad Trip To Edgewood- MKUltra

There is just so much to post about, aargh!
So many topics of interest, so much news.
One topic that I go back repeatedly is mind control and mkultra. Fascinating stuff.
Some of the interest in this topic is inspired by the Laurel Canyon story, written by Dave McGowan.
Some interest is generated from noting the corruption of governments in general.

We the people have a belief that government is beholding to us. This belief allows the government to committ very heinous acts, that are either unknown to the populace and or the populace cannot/will not accept the reality of due to holding what are really misguided beliefs about government and who it is really serving.

Here is a move called "Bad Trip to Edgewood" that deals with the topic of MKUltra.
Yes , the sound is bad, but the info is good.

Papers relating to Bad trip to Edgewood television documentary, (1950-1993)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ian Tomlinson update

The officer who shoved Ian Tomlinson is off "sick". So when it was reported he was "on leave", he was clearly put on sick leave and therefore he is getting paid.

"Mr Smyth indicated that the officer involved had been taken ill before being suspended by the Metropolitan Police on Thursday, when a senior police officer went to see him in person."
So the suspension was window dressing?

Now of course, the man is on holiday.

"A senior officer travelled to where he is and suspended him in person. He was due to go away anyway. I suppose he'd booked a holiday for Easter."
A senior officer travelled in person to tell this officer he was suspended, from a job he was already on "sick leave" from?? Does that make sense? Of course, he is going on holidays right when the spotlight is glaring?

A more likely scenario, the officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson was suspended with pay for "medical reasons" The senior officer went to see him personally to tell him to go on vacation, get out of town, not to suspend him.

"The officer was also wearing a balaclava under his riot helmet"

He was wearing a balaclava, so was he the designated head basher? This way he could not easily be identified. Might have worked had the video footage not shown all the officers involved including ones who could be identified.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What has been in the news regarding Ian Tomlinson?

New footage, from another angle, has come to light in the unprovoked police attack and subsuquent killing of Ian Tomlinson.

On April 10th the IPPC (The Independent Police Complaints Commission) is said to be investigating this outrageous incident.

"We will be independent, we will be fast and we will be effective."

Um, yeah, so why is it on this same day they are saying??

The IPCC has yet to interview the officer involved but said it intends to "as soon as possible".

Let's see, the video was reported on April 8th. We can safely assume prior to making the video public the press notified the police.

So in two days time the IPCC , couldn't arrange for a meeting with the officer that pushed Ian Tomlinson?? Despite promising a fast, effective and independent investigation??
How soon is "as soon as possible"
? Is it that hard to arrange an interview with an officer who is no longer required to show up for work ??

It is being reported that the officer is suspended. What I have not seen reported is it with or without pay???

Not to be left free of the stench of cover-up is the Pathologist.

Pathologist in Ian Tomlinson G20 death case was reprimanded over conduct

Previously reprimanded , not once but twice.

Once after he released medical details about a man who died controversially in police custody.

In a second case, which raised questions about Dr Patel's findings, police dropped a criminal investigation after the pathologist gave it as his opinion that the victim, a woman, had died of natural causes. A man who lived in the flat where the body was found went on to murder two other women and mutilate their bodies.
"Who chose the first pathologist and how?" said David Howarth MP

A source with detailed knowledge of the IPCC investigation expressed surprise that the initial post mortem was referred to Dr Patel rather than the Forensic Pathology Services, a body of nine independent forensic pathologists, including Dr Cary, which usually deals with suspicious deaths in London and the home counties.
A surprising choice? Out of the normal routine? Why?

Then there is this reported today: Ian Tomlinson: three-year wait for G20 death verdict
Guess that answers the question "How soon is as soon as possible"

What is even more interesting to note?
The smearing of Ian Tomlinson is on, via the msm.
What this has to do with the fact that the cop assaulted him for no reason at all, I don't understand?
But here is the msm media in action
Editor-at-Large: Tomlinson was no saint, but he deserved better
This is not the only report presenting Mr. Tomlinson as an unworthy drunkard.
Is this being done to help redeem the police force?

Oh, and one more. As had been mentioned the shooting death Jean Charles de Menezes.

Sir, On behalf of the family of Jean Charles de Menezes and their campaign we express our sincere condolences to the family of Ian Tomlinson over his tragic death

The initial picture presented by the police of their integrity at the G20 protest is now crumbling against witness statements and footage to the contrary. With evidence now pointing at a police assault on Mr Tomlinson we remember with sadness misleading early accounts of Jean’s death and weaknesses in the investigation that undermined future legal processes.

The media tried to work their demonisation voodoo on him also. This same type of 'reporting' was carried out in Canada regarding the Polish man tasered to death by the RCMP. (He was a drunkard, prone to violence etc.)

Does the media just rehash the same script in every country? Is it ok to kill people if they are somehow less then perfect? How many of us would be deemed perfect? Don't be fooled by this garbage. The issue at hand, the most pressing issue is the behaviour of the police.

Friday, April 10, 2009

On turning 90

Isn't that amazing?
Granny is 90.
Entering her 91st yr.
In good health and of sound mind.
She is my aspiration.

I am hoping I make it to 90 and beyond intact.

All the changes she has witnessed, not just read about.
Actually seen through her eyes.
Lived through the depression & WW2.
From horse and buggy- to the car.
Dirt roads to Superhighways.
From radio-to tv- to internet and beyond.

And stories... stories of all kinds.
Hardship and happiness.
Funny and scary.
Love and loss.
It is all there, covered over 90 yrs.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember the man found dead at the G-20 protests?

The Police in London said he "died of a heart attack" and that protestors made it difficult to get help to the man.

That does not appear to be the case!

Early reports even had the police giving conflicting reports on what had happened.

"The officers were white as sheets," said Andy Bowman, a 24-year-old PhD student. "The blood had drained from their faces. They were giving us conflicting stories about what had happened; some of the officers were saying he had a blow to the head and some were saying he'd collapsed of a heart attack."

His friend Thomas Barlow, 26, said: "Some of the police were taking their helmets off, looking shocked.

So some were immediately lying. While others who were as "white as sheets" must have been frightened by the truth, the truth that this man had died at the hands of law enforcement and that they have offered NO ASSISTANCE, instead it was the protestors who tried.

From another article

"Police sources close to the investigation said they were using CCTV footage to piece together his final movements. Investigations were at an early stage and they currently had "no stance" on the events that led to his death."
Photographs taken around 7.20pm show Tomlinson lying and sitting on the pavement about 200ft from where he collapsed. He had one arm in the air, and appeared to be in discussion with five riot police.
The images suggest he was then lifted up by a protester.

What photographs is this reporter speaking of ? Where did they come from? Were they from CCTV camera? No explanation is given.
But if they were from CCTV cameras, how could they show only this?

" Tomlinson lying and sitting on the pavement about 200ft from where he collapsed. He had one arm in the air, and appeared to be in discussion with five riot police."

Rather then this?
Watch this video given to the Guardian UK, which clearly shows the police assault the man.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PM feared Galloway's message for two reasons

Just one more Galloway story-

Kudo's to the Toronto Star for this editorial! It is really a must read.
This editorial hits the nail on the head, driving the nail perfectly into place.
Some highlights- I have divided them by topics Afghanistan and Israel

Galloway's views aren't odious. In fact, they're in sync with millions of Canadians. In a recent Angus Reid poll, 48 per cent of Canadians wanted our troops brought home from Afghanistan before the scheduled 2011 withdrawal.

It was fear of Galloway galvanizing anti-war sentiment in peace-oriented Canadians

Peace groups have been pushing Harper to establish a department of peace. But he prefers to suppress the case against war, only permitting us to hear it most fully articulated via videolink from free sites outside our borders.

A BBC poll showed Canadians have more negative than positive views of Israel – even before the Gaza bombing, which UN human rights investigator Richard Falk said last month "would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude."

The Galloway episode highlights how Harper has abandoned any pretense of even-handedness in the Middle East. (Last month, Canada was the only country to vote against a UN resolution opposing the expansion of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.)

Indeed, it seems likely Israel had a hand in the decision to ban Galloway from Canada. In March 2008, the Harper government signed a broad-ranging security pact with Israel. The pact, which has received scant attention in Canada's Parliament or media, established close Canada-Israeli co-operation in "border management and security," under a management committee comprised of Canada's deputy minister of public safety and Israel's director general of public security.

So was the decision to ban Galloway not only absurd and anti-democratic, but also influenced by a foreign government?


Obama- Ruling the Internet

My new slogan for the Obama Administration?

"The more things CHANGE, the more they are the SAME!"

Should Obama Control the Internet?

Obviously the answer is NO!

But that didn't stop Jay Rockefeller (D) and Olympia Snow (R) from introducing 2 bill's to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor ( a cybertyrant, if I may) —an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure.

The first bill (S 778) would establish an Office of National Cybersecurity Advisor within the Executive Office of the President. The second (S 773), which goes by the title of "The Cybersecurity Act of 2009," covers a grab bag of topics designed to "ensure the continued free flow of commerce within the United States and with its global trading partners through secure cyber communications".

Here is where this looks like total control of your communications and privacy: read

There has been some controversy over two provisions in S 773. One provision that would empower the president to declare a "cybersecurity emergency" and shut down government networks and maybe even parts of the public Internet. The other provision says that the Secretary of Commerce "shall have access to all relevant data concerning such networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access."

If it walks and quacks like a duck , it's a duck!
This walks like and talks like tyranny cause it is.

Monday, April 6, 2009

George Galloway: How to tell if he is a terrorist

When the question is: How can one know George Galloway is not a terrorist?
The answer is: He was not allowed into Canada
Your scratching your head, your saying well that makes no sense?
Yes, it does.
Let me explain-
George Bush came to Canada, and well, he is a terrorist to many, starting illegal wars and legalizing torture. Still Canada allowed him entry and provided security for him the entire time at an unknown, or undisclosed cost to Canadian taxpayers.

"RCMP refuse to say how much it cost to provide security for George W. Bush's visit to Calgary."

Then there is the news of Jason Kenney's previous attendance at a rally for a group of designated terrorists.
"Conservative MP Jason Kenney is coming under scrutiny for his appearance at a rally organized by supporters of a banned terrorist organization"

"(Kenney) started his speech by welcoming participants to the rally on his own behalf as well as the Prime Minister."

A humorous aside, in many quarters Jason Kenney is becoming known as the "Minister of Censorship and Deportation" Hmm, can't imagine why?

One more piece of information to clinch my hypothesis:

The JDL, Jewish Defence League very proudly proclaimed they told Jason Kenney to keep Mr. Galloway out of Canada. Jewish group proud of role in barring Galloway.

"A letter – sent March 16 to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, his cabinet colleague Peter Kent and opposition MPs – asked the government to keep that "hater" out of Canada.

"We asked that he not be allowed in," said Meir Weinstein, national director of the Jewish Defence League of Canada.

"Whether or not that had an effect on anyone – well, he's not in."

No he didn't get in, did he? How is it that the JDL can exercise such influence on the Conservative Government? Easy! Let me direct your attention here:

Terrorist organization that planned to bomb Concordia University advised Canadian government to ban MP George Galloway

"An organization that planned to blow up Concordia University, and that the FBI, the U.S. State Department, and U.S. courts have branded a 'terrorist organization', has given advice to the Harper government that led Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to barring a British MP from Canada.

Yup, you read that right an organization that planned to blow up Concordia University told the Canadian government to keep George Galloway out of Canada. (See here) a history of their acts of terror. Or you can (See here) Or this US Appeals Court. Then there is this:

"Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians praying in a mosque in Hebron. The Jewish Defense League's states, "We view Dr. Goldstein as a martyr in Judaism's protracted struggle against Arab terrorism. And we are not ashamed to say that Goldstein was a charter member of the Jewish Defense League".

Now, if George Galloway was a terrorist he would have come into Canada, with a full security detail at taxpayers expense.The sitting government would surely have attended a rally in support of him. Lastly, he would have had the ear of the government. Since he isn't a terrorist he had none of those privileges

Flu Product contaminated with live virus

Someone sent me this story and it is interesting. It raises alot of questions. I have a tough time believing this was accidental. Seems other persons more knowledgeable on these matters wonder also at this incident
"People familiar with biosecurity rules are dismayed by evidence that human H3N2 and avian H5N1 viruses somehow co-mingled in the Orth-Donau facility."
"somehow co-mingled" despite biosecurity rules?

Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus

Accidental release of a mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses could have resulted in dire consequences.

While H5N1 doesn't easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to a mixture of the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people.

That mixing process, called reassortment, is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.


In order to make profits would a company 'accidentally' release a virus, hoping to make money off of the cure?
Baxter is tight lipped: "He said he couldn't reveal more information because it would give away proprietary information about Baxter's production process."

What were they producing? What were they attempting to produce?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Penny's saying to ponder

"Only the small secrets need to be protected.
The big
ones are kept secret by public incredulity."
—Marshall McCluhan

I haven't put a saying up in a while, but, I couldn't pass on this one. It was brilliant in its' simplicity & accuracy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Galloway a victim of Canada's baffling approach to fighting terror

Fisk asks the million dollar question for us Canadians. Read to the end and leave an answer even if you are not Canadian.
One more thing this was posted at Information Clearinghouse and someone named sneaker left the best comment

Kenney says Galloway is a terrorist.

Galloway is in the USA.

USA, therefore, is harboring a terrorist.

Kenney must call for delivering USA to justice or delivering justice to USA.

Let's roll, Jason.

Now, on with the article.....

"Come out and debate with me like a man," the old bruiser shouted over the video-link to Toronto. "Let's book the biggest hall in Canada and you and I will debate these issues of war and peace and freedom of speech and censorship... If we don't achieve a political settlement (in the Middle East), we're in for war. If there's no justice, there will be no peace for Palestine."

It was, of course, the old scallywag himself, George Galloway, fuming about the Canadian Immigration Minister James Kenney's refusal to allow him to speak in Canada on the grounds that he – Galloway – was involved in "terrorism". The Scottish-born MP was talking from an important centre of "world terror" – New York City.

Mr Kenney's spokesman, Alikhan Velshi, last week compared Mr Galloway to Oliver Cromwell and said he would not be allowed to enter Canada. Self-publicist, friend of dictators, reality TV show performer and general silly ass Mr Galloway may be. But he has no more in common with Cromwell than the minister has with Ghengis Khan.

But this is no laughing matter. How could the Canadian embassy in London have believed Mr Galloway's food and medicine shipment to Gaza, made with Israel's agreement, and its delivery to the Hamas government was a "terrorist" act, even if Stephen Harper's Canadian government regards Hamas as a "terrorist organisation".

Mr Galloway wasn't shipping guns and is touring the US with his anti-war, pro-Palestinian, non-terrorist speeches. "It's just not credible, Mr Kenney," Mr Galloway shouted, "to call a man touring the United States, playing to packed audiences... a terrorist or a security threat."

Quite so. After all, the US has lost thousands of soldiers in its "war on terror" in the Middle East. Canada's army in Afghanistan comprises barely 2,000 and has suffered fewer than 120 military casualties.

Only a Canadian Jewish organisation agreed with Mr Galloway's exclusion; one paper here suggested this might have prompted the ban. The right-wing National Post came out against the exclusion, though only because a "future left-wing Canadian government" might ban Israeli or US speakers.

But there's a bigger issue. Canada helped the US send an innocent Canadian citizen, Mahar Arar, to "rendition" in Syria, where he was savagely tortured. Only a few days ago, another Canadian Muslim told me how he was whipped with steel cables in Damascus as his torturers read out questions from the Canadian embassy. Yet another Canadian Muslim citizen, Abousfian Abdelrazik, has been living in the reception of the US embassy in Khartoum for 10 months after Canadian agents asked the enormously democratic Sudanese government to imprison him for terrorism. Now the government won't let him come home unless he's taken off not a Canadian, but a UN "terrorist" list. Cromwellian isn't the word for it. But the mystery is this: how did so many millions of decent Canadians come to be ruled by such a weird government?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riot police, or rioting police?

The obvious answer has always been rioting police!
Totally self-serving, the more they stir up the crowd, the more they justify their ever growing budgets and pay cheques.

How obvious does this have to be???

At the G20 protests in London only one group appears to be looking for violent confrontation – and it's not the protesters

The way officers tooled themselves up in riot gear and waded into a peaceful crowd this afternoon makes it look almost as if they were trying to ensure that their predictions came true. Their bosses appear to have failed either to read or to heed the report by the parliamentary committee on human rights last week, about the misuse of police powers against protesters. "Whilst we recognise police officers should not be placed at risk of serious injury," the report said, "the deployment of riot police can unnecessarily raise the temperature at protests."

"But there has always been a conflict of interest inherent in policing. The police are supposed to prevent crime and keep the streets safe. But if they are too successful, they do themselves out of a job. They have a powerful interest in exaggerating threats and, perhaps, an interest in ensuring that sometimes these threats materialise. This could explain what I've seen at one protest after another, where peaceful demonstrations turn into ugly rucks only when the police attack. The wildly disproportionate and unnecessary violence I've sometimes seen the police deploy could scarcely be better designed to provoke a reaction."
Remember -Montebello, Quebec and the Anti -SPP protests??? When the Quebec Police placed their own provocateurs in the crowd, to start the trouble, and they got caught !!!
Outed by the protestors. Quietly (no head bashing) taken away by the police.