Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ian Tomlinson update

The officer who shoved Ian Tomlinson is off "sick". So when it was reported he was "on leave", he was clearly put on sick leave and therefore he is getting paid.

"Mr Smyth indicated that the officer involved had been taken ill before being suspended by the Metropolitan Police on Thursday, when a senior police officer went to see him in person."
So the suspension was window dressing?

Now of course, the man is on holiday.

"A senior officer travelled to where he is and suspended him in person. He was due to go away anyway. I suppose he'd booked a holiday for Easter."
A senior officer travelled in person to tell this officer he was suspended, from a job he was already on "sick leave" from?? Does that make sense? Of course, he is going on holidays right when the spotlight is glaring?

A more likely scenario, the officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson was suspended with pay for "medical reasons" The senior officer went to see him personally to tell him to go on vacation, get out of town, not to suspend him.

"The officer was also wearing a balaclava under his riot helmet"

He was wearing a balaclava, so was he the designated head basher? This way he could not easily be identified. Might have worked had the video footage not shown all the officers involved including ones who could be identified.


  1. Pigs is Pigs, esp. in riot gear Pigs is Pigs.

  2. pigs is pigs, true and shit is shit.

    this scenario stinks.

    cover-up comes to mind.

    The officer in the balaclava had to have been wearing it to conceal his identity.

    Yet, why would they do that unless they were intending to crack heads.

    It is the only thing that makes sense.

    And the way they are attempting to smear this man, is just ridiculous.

    Hoping the family makes alot of noise in this situation

  3. They tried to smear the fellow in Vancouver as well.
    Even the judge wanted to know what the bloody hell his record of spending a few weeks in juvie in Poland when he was a teenager had to do with him being murdered at the airport in Canada.

    The deal is smother the VICTOM in shit and perhaps they(the pigs) won't smell as bad. Same same every fucking time.

  4. I know, ( regarding the polish man at the airport)I was saying that in the post yesterday, and how many of us could stand up to such bullshit scrutiny.

    Not a one of us, not a one.

    We all have our blemishes, that is what makes us human.

    I keep hoping people become aware of this type of tactic, don't fall for it and demand accountability, is this to much to hope for?

  5. Call me cynical, but really is this any surpirse?

    I too hope the family raises hell over this.

    This cop must be a 'very special' type of pig.

    (apologies to barnyard and wild pigs and boars everywhere)

  6. ...The family of Ian Tomlinson face a three-year wait for an inquest into his death, according to legal experts, who say that pressures on the coroners' system are "frustrating the grieving process" for victims' relatives. Fucking handy for the state eh ... that the system is just sooo busy, we'll just have to wait a few years, and hope everyone forgets / gets caught up in other stories and events... and buys us more time to fabricate some flaky stories and previously unseen CCTV footage. More here ;

  7. You can bet your bottom dollar that if this was a policeman, or government official, that it would be done and dusted in weeks or at most months.

    Can you imagine if Ian had shoved a policeman (never mind clouted him first) who then had fallen and hit his head, and subsequently died half an hour later. Do you think the " pressures on the coroners' system" would be such an insurmountable issue to the progress of the investigation/inquiry?

    I think not.

    Dr David Kelly springs to mind...

    How long exactly, did it take for the state and their tools to thoroughly, and beyond all reasonable doubt, arrive at the conclusion that he had commited suicide (...), and hadn't, as was patently obvious to almost everyone but the most gullible, been murdered? A matter of months after the death. In July, David was found murdered, sorry, dead having committed suicide. By August there was an inquiry which was done and dusted by January of the next year.

  8. As soon as the shit hit the fan UK gubment went into media spin overdrive and wheeled out a quick bullshit terror arrest scene in Manchester and elsewhere.

    Bovine Bob Quick waved his super secret terror documents for the cameras outside No.10 so the arrests had to be brought forward, he quickly resigns and picks up a huge pension.

    Ian Thomlinsons death is rapidly removed from the front pages and all the terror suspects come from Pakistan so they can keep ramping that threat.

    Odd thing is the cop who attacked Ian had also removed his epaulettes which show his i.d number. Cops who witnessed attack do nothing or say nothing and when Ian dies none come forward to report as witnesses or report said cops behaviour. Many other cops also wore balaclavas.

    There was a lot of bullshit that day and on it goes.

  9. fortuzero: yes that is so convenient for the state, 3 yrs cause they are so "busy"

    Interesting that you bring up Dr. David Kelly.

    I thought David Kelly was murdered also, had had embarassed the Blair government horrendously and challenged the alleged authority.
    How quickly they had their cover-up commission, the hutton inquiry.
    They can move quickly when it is needed.

  10. john: I noticed that too. I just can't keep up with it all, and had a feeling the arrests were timed to knock the Tomlinson story off the front pages, as of yesterday I saw it reported they had already released one fellow.
    How soon before they are all released?

    As for this Quick fellow. Not a blunder, but an intentional "mistake" ( the photographing of the secret file) to have to move up the arrests to a more suitable timeframe. Then Quick is redeemed and gets the payoff? Is that about right?