Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember the man found dead at the G-20 protests?

The Police in London said he "died of a heart attack" and that protestors made it difficult to get help to the man.

That does not appear to be the case!

Early reports even had the police giving conflicting reports on what had happened.

"The officers were white as sheets," said Andy Bowman, a 24-year-old PhD student. "The blood had drained from their faces. They were giving us conflicting stories about what had happened; some of the officers were saying he had a blow to the head and some were saying he'd collapsed of a heart attack."

His friend Thomas Barlow, 26, said: "Some of the police were taking their helmets off, looking shocked.

So some were immediately lying. While others who were as "white as sheets" must have been frightened by the truth, the truth that this man had died at the hands of law enforcement and that they have offered NO ASSISTANCE, instead it was the protestors who tried.

From another article

"Police sources close to the investigation said they were using CCTV footage to piece together his final movements. Investigations were at an early stage and they currently had "no stance" on the events that led to his death."
Photographs taken around 7.20pm show Tomlinson lying and sitting on the pavement about 200ft from where he collapsed. He had one arm in the air, and appeared to be in discussion with five riot police.
The images suggest he was then lifted up by a protester.

What photographs is this reporter speaking of ? Where did they come from? Were they from CCTV camera? No explanation is given.
But if they were from CCTV cameras, how could they show only this?

" Tomlinson lying and sitting on the pavement about 200ft from where he collapsed. He had one arm in the air, and appeared to be in discussion with five riot police."

Rather then this?
Watch this video given to the Guardian UK, which clearly shows the police assault the man.


  1. No worries, it's already here too.


    Do you think Harper cares?
    Do you think Harper cumms?

    Press 1 for cares
    Press 2 for cumms

    WE'RE so F***ed.

  2. Not forgetting that London has more CCTV cameras than any city in the world. Until the tourist turned up with his vid and gave it to the Guardian, the police had declared that none of it had been captured on camera.

    Shades of the 7th July bombings, the assassination of Menezes, etc etc. Hopefully another nail in the coffin of the surveillance state. How long before people start taking out the cameras? It's something that can be done on an ad hoc basis independent of other actions.

    Oh. Are they trying to ban hand held lasers in Canada? They are here with various staged events. And not for nothing. Hand held lasers are a brilliant means of defeating cameras. Burns the shit out of the receptors.

  3. I have a surveyor's laser. It is THE BEST cat toy ever made.

    (Though it doesn't speak to highly of the intelligence quota of most cats!! Though one of mine, Buffy the Vole Slayer, has figured it out)

    Oh, and Nobody - shhhhhhhh don't give our uberlords any ideas!!!


  4. I was thinking about the shooting of the fellow, the brazilian?
    Recalling how they covered that one up, lied, remember the pics of him released to darken his skin and play on the fears of the "terrorist"
    what bullshit, all of it, every day, day in day out, bloody manipulations!

    Then of course the RCMP in Canada, lying and lying when they killed that man at the airport. Had a bystander not got video of that, these guys would have quiety swept that one under the rug.

    Camera are not going to keep us safer, they are going to make us more vulnerable to the machinations of the state.

  5. The Brazilian was Jean Charles de Menezes. I mentioned him.

    The point with cameras is something else altogether. If you go and get a new passport or driver's license, the photo required must be facial recognition compliant. Anyone who has either of these gives the government name, birthdate, address, and, most cruically their picture.

    Then all the government has to do is plug in the feed from all the cameras to a computer, or series of computers, running facial recognition software and there they have you - a constant, perpetual record of where you are at all times.

    This is not pie in the sky stuff. It's easily do-able. In fact I'll bet money they're doing it right now.

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  7. Hey Pen, thanks for piling in over at Xymphs, but really um... leave the brutality to me, mate. There's no point trying to have a sensible conversation with a paedophile. And certainly not about the finer details of one of his ad hominems.

    Let's put it this way - when two blokes are brawling in a bar on account of one of them saying something uncomplimentary about the other's wife, there's no point standing in the middle saying, 'Well I met his wife and I thought she was nice...'

    Can you dig it? You won't take offence if I say that you ain't a brawler, will you?


    *I resubmitted this because I left the word 'not' out of the ad hominem sentence.

  8. I won't take offence, I am not a brawler.

    I did point that fellow towards some links of info, he refused to acknowledge them at all.
    I asked him if he looked at them
    Twice over two days

    Then he made a comment to me, I guess you didn't attend college or university?
    I'm like what?
    which is when I left the comment about being from kalamazoo and playing the kazoo.
    I figured I could at least be equally as stupid and pointless, if nothing else.
    But a brawler, I am not.

    He had his mind made up. It was closed and not willing to accept any new information.
    It is probably better you don't waste any time 'brawling' with him either.

    oh and I didn't realize that about the facially compliant id.

  9. Yeah Pen, he ignored them because he's a paedophile spook! Seriously. Whilst you're not wrong saying 'his mind was already made up', it's a bit like saying a Zionist's mind is already made up about Israel. You know what I mean?

    He was only there to make sure that everyone knows that talk of the pedophocracy is bullshit and his sole means of doing this was to attack the tunnels under McMartin. EVERYTHING else was ignored. It's the pedophocracy equivalent of calling everyone an anti-semite. Can you dig it?

    Anyway it was a treat to watch him behave so perfectly true to form. He just kept returning to the same thing over and over. And the only site he wanted to send us to (in spite of being called on it) was the CIA-funded, paedophilia-promoting IPT. Honestly, what a giveaway.

    Anyway seems like he finally begged off.