Saturday, April 11, 2009

What has been in the news regarding Ian Tomlinson?

New footage, from another angle, has come to light in the unprovoked police attack and subsuquent killing of Ian Tomlinson.

On April 10th the IPPC (The Independent Police Complaints Commission) is said to be investigating this outrageous incident.

"We will be independent, we will be fast and we will be effective."

Um, yeah, so why is it on this same day they are saying??

The IPCC has yet to interview the officer involved but said it intends to "as soon as possible".

Let's see, the video was reported on April 8th. We can safely assume prior to making the video public the press notified the police.

So in two days time the IPCC , couldn't arrange for a meeting with the officer that pushed Ian Tomlinson?? Despite promising a fast, effective and independent investigation??
How soon is "as soon as possible"
? Is it that hard to arrange an interview with an officer who is no longer required to show up for work ??

It is being reported that the officer is suspended. What I have not seen reported is it with or without pay???

Not to be left free of the stench of cover-up is the Pathologist.

Pathologist in Ian Tomlinson G20 death case was reprimanded over conduct

Previously reprimanded , not once but twice.

Once after he released medical details about a man who died controversially in police custody.

In a second case, which raised questions about Dr Patel's findings, police dropped a criminal investigation after the pathologist gave it as his opinion that the victim, a woman, had died of natural causes. A man who lived in the flat where the body was found went on to murder two other women and mutilate their bodies.
"Who chose the first pathologist and how?" said David Howarth MP

A source with detailed knowledge of the IPCC investigation expressed surprise that the initial post mortem was referred to Dr Patel rather than the Forensic Pathology Services, a body of nine independent forensic pathologists, including Dr Cary, which usually deals with suspicious deaths in London and the home counties.
A surprising choice? Out of the normal routine? Why?

Then there is this reported today: Ian Tomlinson: three-year wait for G20 death verdict
Guess that answers the question "How soon is as soon as possible"

What is even more interesting to note?
The smearing of Ian Tomlinson is on, via the msm.
What this has to do with the fact that the cop assaulted him for no reason at all, I don't understand?
But here is the msm media in action
Editor-at-Large: Tomlinson was no saint, but he deserved better
This is not the only report presenting Mr. Tomlinson as an unworthy drunkard.
Is this being done to help redeem the police force?

Oh, and one more. As had been mentioned the shooting death Jean Charles de Menezes.

Sir, On behalf of the family of Jean Charles de Menezes and their campaign we express our sincere condolences to the family of Ian Tomlinson over his tragic death

The initial picture presented by the police of their integrity at the G20 protest is now crumbling against witness statements and footage to the contrary. With evidence now pointing at a police assault on Mr Tomlinson we remember with sadness misleading early accounts of Jean’s death and weaknesses in the investigation that undermined future legal processes.

The media tried to work their demonisation voodoo on him also. This same type of 'reporting' was carried out in Canada regarding the Polish man tasered to death by the RCMP. (He was a drunkard, prone to violence etc.)

Does the media just rehash the same script in every country? Is it ok to kill people if they are somehow less then perfect? How many of us would be deemed perfect? Don't be fooled by this garbage. The issue at hand, the most pressing issue is the behaviour of the police.

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