Saturday, May 16, 2009

The baby gets bigger....

Look at the difference in the baby dove in just 4 days!
Amazing! It is getting it's markings. You can click on it to look at it larger, it's feathers are so neat.
Also note the size of it, earlier pic to present, in relation to the unhatched egg.
It has really grown!

4 days ago


  1. Cool! What sort of dove is it? Not one of those accursed rock doves is it? And what are you feeding it?

  2. Sorry, it's in the nest I see.

    Um, curiously the other eggs haven't hatched. Given that, and also given that it's grown so amazingly fast, I have this nagging suspicion that it's some variety of parasitic bird. You know, like a cuckoo. Keep an eye on him and see what the other chicks look like and whether or not he kicks them out.

  3. Looks like Squab Du jour to me Nobody. And I think Pens just fattening the little dear up fer me lunch, she's such a sweetheart don'tcha know.
    I just can't wait to see the little rascal all roasted up and surrounded by fresh potatos and carrots and with a cherry tomato jammed in it's beak.

    Anyone know whay kind of wine goes best with Squab?

  4. It is a mourning dove, and we aren't feeding it.

    It lives in our porch, with it mom and dad bird. They parents feed it.

    We try not to bother the family too much, and they are relatively tolerant of us.

    I think the other egg will not hatch.
    I am not sure why?

    Mourning doves only take about two weeks to fly the coop so he or she will soon be gone :(

    The do make lovely cooing noises.
    You can give a listen to their cooing here

  5. silverfish you are incorrigible, and I hope I spelled the correctly but if not, well, you know what I mean.

  6. Incorrigible yep that’s me all over, that is if incorrigible means a connoisseur of fresh spring Squab and if it means something else well I’m probably that too as I have soo many talents. By the by did you know that the mourning dove is the most hunted North American game bird. I guess hunting them is ok but I feel that it’s much more sporting just to grab them out of the nest just before lunch.. Oh sure the parents Mourn the loss of the little tike, but like why the hell do Yuh think that they are called Mourning Doves?

    I love the smell of Squab in the Mourning, it smells like Victory.

  7. Glad to see the little one doing well. There is a pair which nest near me, and you're right about the cooing - it's hauntingly beautiful.

    I've got red-headed house finches, in both back and front. They nest every year behing the false wooded shutters on my home. I can hear the babies squeaking now.

    My cat caught and ate another black squirrel yesterday! He hasn't any interest any more for birds - thankfully.

    Silverfish - it's the sauce that makes the squab. ;)

  8. Just an aside - but I still can't see or post any comments on the RFID Driver's Lisence thread...

    Wierd eh?

  9. that is weird maggie, and it is the only post doing that??


    Yah, we were talking with neighbours yesterday saying if Blue Jays would have nested here, we would have moved them, what noise makers, horrid!

    gorgeous birds but awfully noisy.
    The robins were quiet, when we had them.

    But the cooing is nice and yes it is sort of haunting.

    early in the morning the mom has been cooing away.
    It seems like she is singing to the baby, or maybe that is the way I want to imagine it?