Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Brother Britian arrests woman for noisy sex

This is no joke. It is true and it is both ridiculous and frightening.
What other normal human behaviours can be criminalized?
Read on, you get the entire story at the link, I've excerpted a bit of it.

Disturbing the Peace- On the inalienable right to "excessively noisy sex"

At the end of April, Caroline Cartwright, a 48-year-old housewife from Wearside in the north east of England, was remanded in custody for having "excessively noisy sex." The cops took her in after neighbors complained of hearing her "shouting and groaning" and her "bed banging against the wall of her home." Cartwright has, quite reasonably, defended her inalienable right to be a howler: "I can't stop making noise during sex. It's unnatural to not make any noises and I don't think that I am particularly loud."

Pleasurable groaning and bed-banging are common noises in crowded towns and cities across the civilized world. Most of us deal with them by sticking a CD in the stereo. Those who complain are normally told to stop being prudish or to have a discreet chat with the creators of the offending sex sounds. So how did Cartwright's expressions of noisy joy become a police case, which later this month will be ruled on at Newcastle Crown Court, one of the biggest courts in the north of England?

Because, unbelievably, Cartwright had previously been served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)—a civil order that is used to control the minutiae of British people's behaviour—that forbade her from making "excessive noise during sex" anywhere in England.
And these Anti-Social Behaviour Orders?!!! What in the hell was the thought behind these?


  1. Well its going to look stupid in court, not that that ever stopped anybody.

    Asbo's are sometimes worn with pride and are seen as a sign of recognition and as having 'made it' in some places. Most are ignored generally. They can ban you from being in certain places at certain times or at all. The law has gone a bit daft over here.

    We used to live in a flat upstairs from a young lady who became noisy quite often, intriguingly soon after her boyfriend would leave the house. We used to know her as Mrs Orgasm and friends would occaisionally shout words of encouragement from the window to her, though she didn't need any really.

  2. it is certainly going to look stupid in court.

    From what I was reading on those, anyone can make a complaint against you, heresay included and a person can get an Asbo based on that.

    I recall reading one where some small children had got them.

    Small children aren't really known for great behaviour so, it just makes no sense, at least to me.

    Mrs Orgasm, sounds like an intersting neighbour, so who was she getting busy with if boyfriend was gone????

  3. After thinking about it a bit more I shouldn't have downplayed the effects of having an asbo as they can have some serious consequences for some people. Oh and we are pretty sure Mrs Orgasm was on her own. In fact in that place we seemed to be surrounded by orgasms but it was more funny than something we would complain to the police about.

    Interesting stuff about the Grateful Dead by the way.

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  5. yeah, intersting about the Dead, they do seem to fall in well with the Laurel canyon saga started by Dave McGowan. Don't know if you have been reading any of that, but, it is interesting!