Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Dove Family has left the building

Early monday morning, all seemed well in the dove household.
Sometime later however, a disturbance in the order of things, came to my attention.

The nest had fallen?
I hadn't noticed cats or starlings, so what went on? Why was the nest on the floor of the porch, the unhatched egg smashed?
By all appearances it would seem that the birds had done this themselves!
The female dove appeared to be cleaning house. She was flapping her wings and stirring up all kinds of dust. Or was this done to encourage the young one to get flying? Where was the baby? The male? We spotted them flying in the yard, the male keeping close to the young bird.
It now seems, the family has moved on. So I will share with you the last pics we were able to get of the Dove family.

The Male

The Female

The Young Dove.
You can see it's feet look to big for it's body, and it still has some of it's downy feathers. But, that baby could fly!
The male Dove staying close making cooing noises, and when the baby flew off the Dad followed.
The Dove parents really were doting parents, I will say that!
All in all an enjoyable experience, except for cleaning up the messy nest!


  1. A likely story but I'd like to run some forensics on your kitchen utensils if yuh don’t mind.(wink)

  2. And those look alot like stuffed doves to me.The only question that remains is what did you stuff them with? Wild rice and raisins perhaps, hmmmmm

  3. Super cool! Thanks for that, it was brilliant.

    And Silv ya bloody cannibal...

  4. boy, doves mature quickly eh? That sort of surprises me, being good sized birds and all.

    Cute though Pen, sorta sad to see them go eh?

    My little house finches are still going crazy feeding their chicks - I guess they take longer!

  5. silv, silv, silv......
    shakes head and laughs, you really are a silly!
    Though you know after you said these are the most hunted birds in NA, I looked it up and OMG, you were right!
    It's just they are not that big, I mean they are big enough, but, how many of them would one have to kill?
    I saw one report that had tens and tens of thousands of them being shot annually.

    I liked the birds and the experience of having them around.
    It was neat.
    Or brilliant as nobody says.

    When I cleaned up the egg, I looked and there was actually the beginnings of a baby bird,but it didn't make it.

    Oh and they pop in about everyday, no nest, just hang out in the rafters of the porch, as if they would stop in a tree. They coo and then off they go...
    I'll assume they have made another nest somewhere else?

  6. hey maggie!
    Yeah we read it is only two weeks from hatching to leaving, but apparently the males keeps an eye on them for a time after that, feeding them etc., I think it was two months?