Thursday, May 21, 2009

Games US and Israel Play

I don't mean fun ones either.

First off, the US says we won't ask and you don't have to tell. The great unspoken, yet well known, Israel's own nuclear arsenal!

Then a little show, to put on a good face

Israeli police remove settlement outpost

How big was this settlement that Israel removed?
Seven huts, yup
" the outpost of seven huts"

and of course the fanatics will be back because "God gave them the land"
and they will be back, because this was done before.
They will be back because Israel wants them back there to encroach on land that is not theirs, because god doesn't give anyone anything!
But moves like this are always good PR purposes for Israel.

For Palestinians the settlements and the security infrastructure surrounding them are a major obstacle to their hopes of a viable state of their own.
that is the general idea.

Now onto Israel and Iran. Israel want's to attack Iran. That is clear. There are no nuclear weapons in Iran, that is clear also.
Nonetheless Israel wants to attack Iran.

'We reserve operational freedom on Iran'

Odd, that Israel keeps saying Iran threatens them, but they make no bones about shouting from the rooftops their desire to attack Iran, for no legitimate reason at all and no one says a word?

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  1. No surprise here.

    Obama will not change a thing. bibi will get whatever he wants.

    The spoiled child with whine and moan and Daddy US with give in and cave.

    That's the way of it.