Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Games Wargamers Play ?

A few updates on some news I have been following:

NATO is holding "war games" in Georgia.

Another oxymoron, war games. Is war a game to the people who are caught in the midst of it? What kind of sick mind thinks this stuff up? Obviously these kind of words are the products of PR firms, spin doctors, whatever you wanna call them. Call them word games!
They create nice sounding labels for nasty, nasty things, so they can play the populace as the fool.

Anyway, I digress, NATO is conducting anti-terrorist tactics, or so they say.

But Operations Cooperative Lancer/Cooperative Longbow, sound like they could be preperations or covers for other actions including attacks on Russia?

The first stage, running from Wednesday to May 19, is a command post exercise focusing on training and compatibility with NATO procedures in a crisis response operation.

The second stage, to be held from May 21 to June 3, is a field drill aimed at providing basic training for peacekeepers.

Russia is aware of this potential, obviously. Russia is unimpressed with this show at their door.

Yesterday it was alleged that there had been an attempted coup in Georgia. Georgia accused Russian of being behind the coup, but it seems even the Pentagon calls the Georgian mutiny an "isolated incident"

"It looks like it was a somewhat isolated incident that has now come to an end," said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman, adding that he had no information about Russian involvement.

There is news that this was orchestrated by Georgia. Was it an attempt to garner sympathy in the west? Was it a war game?

A practice run in case the opposition parties and supporters get too powerful?
The mutiny of about 500 troops at a base outside Tbilisi ended without violence after the president visited the base and urged the rebels to surrender their arms.

If this had been a real coup attempt would the President have really gone to have a talk with alleged rebels and have them surrender their arms??

It has that kind of feel good movie ending, no?

Also in the news Russia expelled two NATO envoys, who both just happened to be Canadians.

Which I am sure will send Peter MacKay into full blown propaganda spin mode for the Canadian audience. Right now, he just want to know why?

(We'll give him time to fabricate something along the lines of this pirate tales, perhaps)

Though most news outlets are reporting this was done as a result of the expulsion of two Russians from Brussels, for spying.

I guess it is entirely possible the Canadians were spying also. Therfore they too, had to be expelled.

The beat goes on, the beat goes on......


  1. Once I saw Sakashvili running up some stairs wearing a flack jacket and surrounded by guys with ak-47's I knew that the whole thing was staged. Honestly.

    Frankly I suspect that nothing happened at all. Not when the cameras were turned off that is...

  2. At first I thought it possible, it was a real coup.

    But after reading all the other news reports.. of course I could be totally wrong.

    now, I am of the mind Sakashvili staged the coup.

    Heroic photo-op, sympathy from the west. Kick start the war games.
    Blame russia, whatever?
    I just think it was staged.