Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just because it isn't past due, doesn't mean it is safe to eat !

If it has been open for a while in the fridge, check it or toss it.
Don't assume it is still good.

If you find mold, in your food after you have already consumed some of it.
It is already too late.

Oh and food poisoning, even when mild is most unpleasant.
Another one of life's lessons learned the hard way.


  1. Hope you are OK. We have all been there.

  2. Oh piffle, green is yummy, vegitaedibles are green and they is yummy. Cows and Chickens eat veggies so when meat turns a little green it’s just the natural goodness of the veggies showing through, I know this cuz like Maple Leaf Foods tells me so.

    Not only that but just think, penicillin comes from mold and we all know what the Dr. gives us when we are sick, yep you guessed it Mold. Sure they call it some fancy name like penicillin so that they can charge more for it and it’s a little easier to inject than a chunk of green cheese or bread but it still comes from mold.

    So eat your green meat , moldy bread and cheese boys and girls and save yerself the trip to the nasty Dr.

    Remember we’re all in this together and I’m pullin fer Yuh.

  3. When in doubt...
    Throw it out!!!!!

    Food poisoning is one of the most common of complaints. It seems we've really lost our 'sense' of things, the elderly especially have alot of trouble with this. I know my Dad, who has NO sense of smell whatsoever has lightly poisoned himself numerous times. I check his fridge now, daily. He gets mad that I toss stuff, but hey - better that than the 'runs'.

    Anyways, hope you are feeling better... I've been poisoned myself and got the health inspectors involved, it was from a restaurant who didn't change their oil on time... it wasn't a pleasant experience.

    Buffy - belching

  4. belching!

    bile belching is the name of this game and it is gross, gross I say.

    The date said May 08/09, and since it was only May 01/08. I didn't even check, so I scooped some yoghurt in my bowl,started eating, and then there it was the dam blue green fuzz, I ate no more!
    I threw it away, but alas, it was too late......
    That night nauseated and dizzy, OMG!

    Can anyone explain why there is so much dizziness involved with food poisoning??

    This is my second experience with it.
    The first came from a finger lickin' good chicken place, who shall remain nameless.
    I was sick for days, this time wasn't as bad, thankfully.
    Yesterday was horrid, today, better, tomorrow ?

    # Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting, starting from one hour to four days after eating tainted food and lasting up to four days, usually indicate bacterial food poisoning.
    # Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headaches, fever, and chills, beginning from 12 to 48 hours after eating contaminated food, particularly seafood, usually indicate viral food poisoning.
    # Vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, dizziness, tearing in the eyes, excessive salivation, mental confusion, and stomach pain, beginning about 30 minutes after eating contaminated food, are typical indications of chemical food poisoning.

    why dizziness???

  5. oh and thanks for your well wishes btw , penicillin?

    two members of my family are allergic to anything that ends with cillin

    all of them, not me though, but spouse and kiddo, well let's just say it is hive city for them

  6. Have you guys seen Super Size Me? At the end he does that experiment with the various things to see how long they last before they go off. Remember those fries that were still mould-free after months and months?

    Well there you go! Just eat nothing but McDonald's fries and you'll never have a problem. And people say it's not healthy! Pah!

  7. feeling better today, and no I am not going to start eating Mcdonalds for "health" reasons.

    but ya made me think of this bread I saw advertised and it stays fresher longer, it can sit on the shelf really long and still be "fresh"
    Well someone tried it and told me it was really good, and it stays fresh for so long..
    all i kept thinking was, what kind of chemicals are in it?
    and do I want to eat them?
    Answers respectively:
    I don't know and I don't want to know

    and NO!