Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The latest addition to our household

We have a new baby at our house! Isn't it exciting?! Ok, well it is for me it is.

How can anyone not love a baby? Of any kind.

Out of nowhere, or so it seemed, a nest was built in the backporch and came fully occupied-
with a pair of mourning doves. How had I missed the entire process of the nest being built?
I don't know.
Maybe, Mr and Mrs M. Dove, worked quickly, diligently and very stealthily?
Or maybe I was simply not paying attention to all the spring activity?

That is them in the pic. Us looking at them. Them looking at us.

One of the birds sat, alot of the time. Sometimes the mate flew in and there was cooing and such. I honestly can't tell which is male and which is female, but it doesn't matter really, they were together and obviously in a parental way.

While the birds seemed to have settled quite nicely into their new surroundings, suddenly danger was lurking everywhere. Ferocious neighbourhood cats began to appear!

Having birds nest in your porch, makes one aware of just how many cat's are in the neighbourhood. I had to chase them away to keep my little doves safe. And I did! Though I had difficulty with one very persistent cat. Who I caught climbing the wood posts to get up to the nest. Eventually this one got the hint, after chasing, much banging and noise making and it stayed away.

The doves were pretty tolerant of us, maybe they appreciated the safe haven we had provided. Peering into the nest we noted there were two eggs.
We have been patiently waiting and waiting for the babies to hatch.
Well yesterday, we noticed nesting bird was sitting off to the side of the nest.
Aha, there must be a baby bird!
Sadly one egg did not hatch, but happily the other did. The first baby pictures!
One brand new baby mourning dove!
Cute huh?


  1. Hmmm, sounds like Squab fer lunch an could I have toast with that please.

  2. oh you are wicked!

    I shall chase you away like a cat.
    Watch out, I have a broom and/or shoe hand for just such occasions.

  3. That rates a total "AWWWWWWWWWWWW"

    Cute beyond belief!!

    Now, you'll have to watch for those bloody starlings!!

    Keep us posted on your adopted family honey!!

  4. I am worried about them already, but what has got me frightened is when the young one leaves the nest.

    We had a nest of robins a few years back, hubby and I ran all over the yard trying to keep the cats away from the babies when they all suddenly lept out of the nest and made their moves to fly.

    It seemed like every freakin' cat showed up, we tried to keep them away from the baby robins, but the babies hid and we couldn't find them and could no longer keep the cats away from them, since we no longer knew where the babies had gone.
    All in all it was frustrating, and sad.
    I hoped at least one of the baby robins made it that year, but I never knew.

  5. If you have an old branch, with lots of 'landing' spots, can you position it alongside the porchwall? This might help give them many options for a holding spot when learning?

    I know cats can be a pain. Mine just dont really bother with the birds too much, if they do usually it's a sparrow or something.

    The hot item for the hunter this year is squirrels...

    Better than the neighbour's rabbit, though.

  6. That is a great picture Penny. What would be cool is if you could get a wireless cam or maybe a wired cam up there and be able to watch them grow up on your PC.

    The footage may be worth something if you recorded it.

    How long would the wire be if you were to connect a cam at the nest to your PC in the house ?

  7. Well I am glad that the baby is as appealing to you all as it is to me, even if someone wishes to eat it.

    From what we read the babies on stay for a couple of weeks, and I think this one is more then a few days old, but I am not sure?

    It wouldn't be hard to do a webcam, it would upset the parents terribly.

    I wish I would of thought of that when the nest was built, though that would have been interesting.

    I'll try to get a pic again over the weekend, then we can see how much the baby has grown.

  8. There will be more next year. Birds are really neat to watch anyways.

    You could stop the cats by putting a collar on the tree or pole the nest sits on - similar to the ones vets use to stop dogs from chewing off their bandages.