Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recipe for strangeness: Laurel Canyon, 1 Bear, The Dead, MKultra and the Elite

Back briefly to The Bear, or Owsley Stanley the III, in the Laurel Canyon saga.

McGowan rightfully claims, The Bear, did more to turn the kids on to acid, by manufacturing and distributing, free of charge, many, many hits of acid. How many hits of acid you ask?
Quoted from "For the unrepentant patriarch of LSD, long, strange trip winds back to Bay Area"

By conservative estimates, Bear Research Group made more than 1.25 million doses of LSD between 1965 and 1967, essentially seeding the entire modern psychedelic movement.

He was certainly more hands on then main stream media icon of the acid movement. Mr. Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out -Timothy Leary. Whom, it should be noted seems to have benefited alot more from historical revisionism then he deserved.. But then, what else is new?

In later years Owsley Stanly distanced himself from Timothy Leary calling him the worst thing to ever happen to the psychedelic movement. I covered that in a previous post including info in the comments page on Leary's testimony in front of the Senate.

But, back to Owsley and a band he worked for. Or with perhaps? Quite likely at more then music making. The Grateful Dead. Yes, that Grateful Dead! Formed in the San Francisco Bay area in 1965. Say, that reminds me of another group formed in that same area, affiliates of the Grateful Dead one could say, but we will get to that later.....

Oh and one more thing, just a little side trip.
Since Bear Owlsey is notoriously camera shy I thought I would throw in this picture from his drug arraignment in 1967. Apparently one of a very few photos ever taken. He is now in his mid 70's.

Ok, now the Grateful Dead.
The anonymous person who got me going in this direction mentioned the fact the Grateful Dead, had initially been known as The Warlocks. Interesting. Maybe to obvious? Anyway the name got changed and the rest as they say, is history.

But what about the Grateful Dead? What a long, strange trip it's been for them.

Dave McGowan notes:

Owsley and his frequent sidekicks, the Grateful Dead, moved down to the Watts area of Los Angeles, of all places, to ostensibly conduct ‘acid tests.’ The group rented a house that was conveniently located right next door to a brothel, curiously paralleling the modus operandi of various intelligence operatives who were (or had been) involved in conducting their own ‘acid tests.’

Curious parallels for Owsley and The Dead, no? I mean, for the alleged paragons of the counter culture movement to be following in the footsteps of Big Brother, the CIA and mkultra.
Seems odd doesn't it? It does.
It also seems like it is right out of mkultra's Operation Midnight Climax!
And, yes that is it's actual name. Like a cheesy porn movie , which in a lot of ways, it was.
"Operation Midnight Climax was a series of CIA run brothels in San Francisco and New York. The operation paid prostitutes $100 a day to lure men into the net. The prostitutes spiked their Johns' drinks with LSD"

And the government agents and police watched! (getting their rocks off, no doubt)

Were the Grateful Dead and Owsley involved in covert ops?
Were they providing the cover for LSD experiments on unwitting citizens? Was Owsley providing the LSD? Were they providing the johns from amongst unwitting fans and assorted hangers-ons? It is pretty convenient. The acid for the unwitting subjects could be produced right next door. The subjects could be studied from right next door. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, would suspect a link between these counterculture giants and the CIA.

Then there is that other group formed in San Francisco, I mentioned them back in the beginning. Affiliates of the Grateful Dead. What group you ask? Some other esteemed musical band? Yeah, well if you were thinking that, you would be mistaken. It is a group that is considered a bastion of white male secret elitism. Complete with weird rituals, and heavy duty members amongst the political elites.
It is the The Bohemian Club. Yes, the Bohemian Club boasts Dead members, as their very own.
Isn't that interesting the counterculture boosters and the elites?
The leaders of the Dead Heads, and leaders of the World.
Members of the military industrial complex, and the Grateful Dead members who also maybe members of the military industrial complex?

Group Protests Dead Members' Bohemian Club Membership

Mike Weir and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead are members of the Bohemian Grove.
"The activists who protest the gathering of the Bohemian Club's all-male political elite and movers and shakers at the Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio each July claim Weir and former Dead percussionist Mickey Hart joined what they call "the Evil Empire" years ago."

Weird huh?

That was reported in 2006, but it goes even further back then that to 1998.
Letter to Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)
asking them not to be involved with the Bohemian weirdos.

Oh and this part:

"Hart bunks in the Hillbillies Camp with George Bush Sr. and Donald Rumsfeld and Weir resides in Rattlers Camp with Edmund Littlefield Jr., whose father is the former CEO of General Electric"

Grateful Dead band members bunking in with the likes of George Bush Sr and Rumsfeld and the former CEO of General Electric?

It is like they fit right in with the military industrial complex so well, they can see each other in their jammies, or maybe their undies? But then, thinking of Operation Midnight Climax.....
Maybe none of them got anything to hide.


  1. This is so depressing...

    security word:
    yes po

    to think that all the musicians I listened to for so many years....


    The saddest thing is that it's all quite easy to see.


  2. what did you think of Operation Midnight Climax and the whole Dead thing with the Bohemian Grove weirdos??

    I am worried about some rabid dead heads appearing.

  3. Whacko! The Grateful Dead as Bohemian Grove members! I had no idea. Thanks Pen.

    Wonders will never cease will they?

  4. no wonders will never cease.

    When I stumbled upon that, I was like what the hell!

    But then I got thinking if they were aiding the cia in operation midnight climax, making them members in good standing of the military industrial complex, why not?

    Isn't that what the elites are all about?
    screwing the rest over, using them?

  5. It's not like the Dead we're all, necessarily, knowing participants in the ops...they didn't have to be if you have any notion as to how this kind of thing works.


  7. hey anon:

    "It's not like the Dead we're all, necessarily, knowing participants in the ops...they didn't have to be if you have any notion as to how this kind of thing works."

    your right about that, maybe some knew and other's didn't.

    Like a military op or any other kind of op, it was likely only a "need to know" who needs to know, and what needs to be known.

    oh, I will check out the link thanks!

  8. one more question anon. who I wish had a name, btw...

    the link, I looked at it,and book-marked it so I can really read through it, rather then skim

    Is there something of signifigant interest in it?
    I did note the part about communism.
    but, like I said I must read it more thoroughly

  9. There's actually a new webisode series about this called, appropriately, Operation Midnight Climax. Check it out!

  10. There's a new web series about Operation Midnight Climax starring Meredith Salenger:

  11. Read your new post! To answer your question about the new series called Operation Midnight Climax:
    The research we did was mostly done on the web, from old time articles, etc. The rest of it was conjecture and a little imagination. For example: the series takes place in LA, but the real OMC took place in New York, San Francisco and Marin.

    However, we recently filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the CIA so there is slight chance that we could get our hands on some pictures or videotape. We'll keep you updated! Meanwhile, you should be able to subscribe to the Strange Science podcasts on itunes very soon!

    Thanks for the interest and support!

  12. GarCIA > BOB WEIR >A C E = 1 3 5 + 5 3 1 = 666. Steal your face = SKULL FUCK MK ULTRA . DEADHEAD= VICTIM OF MK ULTRA MONARCH . MASONIC SYMBOL, SACRED GEOMETRY 13 Point Lightning Bolt = 5 points up on left 6 down on right (band starts with five members and finishes with six ,mickey hart = 11) two polar opposites = 13 . 8 teeth = 138 >831 = 8 + 3 = 11 and 1 = 11 1 = days left in a year after sept 11 > C I A = 3 9 1 = 13= 4 = four ruof = barrack like a dog

  13. Here is another article. How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry


    “I Lived In Mercury”: Frank Zappa family poisoned by Pentagon toxins during childhood, pre-death confession reveals