Friday, May 15, 2009

RFID drivers licence, Electronic Surveillance of the Human Goods!

The new RFID chipped Ontario, Canada drivers licence. All the tracking, none of the privacy.

For those foolish and blinded enough to believe this is for your 'security' and 'safety'
There is no security or safety in these RFID tagged drivers licence.

Look at how accessible RFID readers are, to anyone, for a few hundred dollars.
So anyone armed with a reader, can drive by, walk by, ride their bicycle past and scan the RFID tag in the drivers licence, and bingo, your information is in the hands of whoever!
It can happen at home, in the mall, at the park, where ever. It doesn't matter.

The concept, the very reason for the tag is to keep track of YOU.
Your movements, your whereabouts, your travels.
That is right, TRACKING YOU, like a bit of inventory, and nothing more.
Call it the tracking of humankind. The end of freedom of movement.

Fully stripped of our humanity, we are ready to be tracked like any other service or product. Like any other consumer good. Isn't that what we are? A good? Ever notice people are not referred to as people, always the consumer?

And, all that information, that can be gathered. Information about you! Which then could be used against you. Or sold to the highest bidder.

If you missed the report I posted yesterday, The Electronic Police State, read it.

If you want to know more on the RFID tags get this book Spychips,: How major governments and corporations plan to track your every move with RFID

Watch this brief video

Then stop deluding yourself that this is being done for your benefit.

Ontario's high-tech driver's licences pose privacy risk: watchdog

The technology behind Ontario's new enhanced driver's licences will allow people to secretly track other people's activities and movements unless privacy protection is added, warns the province's privacy commissioner.

"The radio frequency identity (RFID) tag that will be embedded into the card can be read not only by authorized readers, but just as easily by unauthorized readers," Ann Cavoukian said in a statement accompanying the release of her 2008 annual report Wednesday.


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  2. Silly just hide your drivers L under your tinfoil hat. I mean really if your worried about it and you should be then just wrap it up im tinfoil, works like a charm.

  3. thanks for that, we did some homework and made a nifty duct tape and foil credit card size sleeve.

    Fits nicely in the wallet, I feel much happier.

  4. Is it adhered to the back of the license? Can you scrape it off? I would.

  5. I think this is about humiliation. Humiliation breaks the spirit and makes us easier to rule. I concluded this after wondering why they put cameras in bathrooms of little kids. Its to humiliate adults who learn about it and feel powerless. Its mass psychological rape.

    I would suspect that you could take two old credit/bank cards, glue aluminum foil on them and put them on either side of the group of credit/bank/gas cards that you carry.

    But we will have chips in our clothes, shoes, maybe even underwear and socks ! Not to mention in our food and vaccinations. One or more will always work.

  6. thanks Brian, at least someone in Saskatchewan has got a brain, now if only Ontario would reverse course on this nonsense!

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