Monday, July 6, 2009

Bird Offspring and their protective mothers

It is picture time! A nice little break from the usual. If you have been hanging out at his blog for a while, you may have experienced the birth of the first clutch of Dove family eggs. I posted the pics here and here

Well since the first we have had a second and our now waiting for our obviously frisky Dove mates, to hatch a third, yes a third nest of eggs.

They have two eggs each time. The first saw only one egg hatch. The second had two little Dove babies. Pictured below with the mother bird.

Now, the third time, two eggs, no hatching yet.

Hopefully, the doves will have two babies again, for a total of 5 babies this season.
From what I have read Mourning doves, can have 5 - 6 clutches a season. So they are half way there!

While I am on the baby subject. Check these cuties out. Baby Mallards.

Mallard mom is close by

Soon her tolerance of us has reached it's limit. She takes the entire brood of eight ducklings into the water.

Ah, sometimes one just has to take a break from the madness in the world and appreciate nature. It is a beautiful thing! Enjoy the break from the madness, please.


  1. Awwwwww....

    That is so cool Penny - especially since the doves are so close that you can watch. Neato!!

    Great pics!

    The ducklings are of course also quite cute, and according to the Great Orange Hunter - very tastey too!!


  2. Ah yes my all time fav, Squab and Duckling kabobs. Nothing says Brekky like a bird on a wire.

  3. aargh!!!


    I am not eating any of these critters, I am enjoying there beauty.

  4. Just taking a bit of a break from all my chores of the day! I'm half done, yeah

    Anyway, your pictures are absolutely lovely Penny. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  5. Skye really meant that the pics were absolutely Yummy.

  6. The over population of doves follows that of the extreme human overpopulation. Pretty and cute -- just like humans! Oh, wait...

  7. skye did not say yummy, she said lovely.

    and yah anon double take on the pretty and cute like humans.

    These birds are mellow, and quiet, even their call is mellow.

    Humans on the other hand, some of them, not all, are pretty loud and grotesque, I don't know why but an image of Rush Limbaugh just popped in my head.