Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Demonizing Honduras Leader to justify the coup

Today, are we witnessing the beginning of the spin, with this report out of
Bogota, Columbia of all places????
The deposed President of Honduras accused of drug ties

The regime that overthrew the democratically elected leaders of Honduras claims they have proof, and that neighbouring countries, like Columbia, have proof also. And apparently so does the DEA. Which would neither confirm nor deny the report.
Columbia, the client state of the US, has evidence of this allegation?

All it would take is one word from the US, one very stern word and the democratically elected leader of Honduras would be back where he belongs. In his own country. That has not happened.
Is it going to? I don't see it at this point in time. We can hold out hope for democracy and for the people of Honduras.
But despite the media spin ....the US did not really condemn the coup, see here. Despite their considerable influence in the region! The Obama administration merely paid lip service to the incident. To quote Ms Clinton when asked if it was a priority to see Zeleya back in power, she responded "We haven't laid out any demands that we're insisting on, because we're working with others on behalf of our ultimate objectives."
I am not getting an indication of condemnation from that.
How about this one?
John D. Negroponte,said Clinton's remarks appeared to reflect U.S. reluctance to see Zelaya returned unconditionally to power.
You think?

I am getting out my crystal ball here. It is a little hazy but let's see what it shows us.

Obama will claim that yes, it appears that drugs were being smuggled and he cannot mess in the domestic politics of Honduras. If this is the will of the people of Honduras, which it isn't, but the mainstream media will spin it that way.

Even though his administration, most likely in collusion with the US client state Columbia, and School of America's graduate Romeo Vasquez, have indeed, messed with the domestic politics of Honduras.

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