Monday, July 20, 2009

Coup in Honduras: Canada plays along

The longer the democratically elected leader is out of the country, the less likely that he will come back as anything but a leader beholden to outside interests. Most certainly US interests.
I have already made the case that the US is behind this coup, I stand by it, despite the empty rhetoric of the Obama administration. If you have read the links you will understand where I am coming from.
Some of the latest news has Honduras sliding into disarray. This is unfortunate, but it serves the interests of the powerful and the heavy hand of the military backed regime in Honduras.

And where is Canada in all this?

Well you will be interested to know, Canada did not support the call for reinstatement of the democratically elected leader of Honduras. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Canada is like 'coups are us', if the US is behind the coup, Canada is behind the US.
Which ultimately makes them supporters of the coup!
See Canada's role in Haiti's coup.

The group Common Frontiers of Canada has an interesting letter:

CF to PM: Canada must support calls for reinstatement of Honduras President

Dear Prime Minister Harper;

Canada stands virtually alone among the countries that make up this hemisphere in refusing to call for the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya as president of Honduras. In 2007, when your government announced its new policy focus on the Americas, it promised to promote Canadian values such as human rights, democracy, prosperity and security for all. The recent coup in Honduras has shattered these values by putting the population there at risk, by gutting democracy, and by denying the majority of the population their hopes and dreams for leaving behind a history of poverty and neglect that were raised as a result of the modest reforms instituted under President Zelaya.

- Read the entire letter (PDF)

Here is the latest from Canada regarding the coup, which boils down to - Zeleya, stay away!

Canada’s Minister of State of Foreign Affairs, Peter Kent said deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya should not return to the Central American country until a solution has been found to the crisis.
“A return to Honduras should only occur when a peaceful solution has been found and conditions are appropriate,”
Kent said in an e-mailed statement today.
“A return to Honduras prior to a negotiated resolution is strongly discouraged. Actions resulting in violence will not be in the best interests of the people of Honduras.”

Incredible spin isn't it? So the democratically elected leader, chosen by the people should not return until a 'solution' has been found?
You only need a solution to a problem if there is one, Zeleya won the election, he leads, no problem.

The comment about from Peter Kent about actions resulting in violence not being in the best interests of the Honduran people, is just over the top!
So the military overthrow which resulted in violence being perpetuated is ok, but if the elected leader comes back that is not ok?


  1. I love how they're meant to sit down and come to some agreement. Imagine if a fellow stole your car and then everyone said you should sit down with him to work out some kind of solution to the whole affair.

  2. exactly!!!

    I am at the point when I put this stuff, I am left wondering, why, why, why it is people do not grasp that??

    Do people even think beyond this gobbledegook that is given to us as information???