Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Israeli attack: no humanity, no restraint, illegal use of Palestinians as human shields

A round up articles from around the globe:

Shoot First and Worry About Consequences Later (consequences? what consequences?)

Israeli soldiers say :Humanity Absent in Gaza

IDF used Gazans as human shields: nothing new there

Despite a 2005 Israeli High Court ruling outlawing the practice

Thursday, 6 October 2005,
JERUSALEM - Israel's army must stop using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" in operations against suspected Palestinian militants, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

Palestinian and Israeli human-rights watchdog groups had sought the ruling. The court's decision that the practice is illegal under international law hardened a temporary injunction issued in 2002.

"The army has no right to use civilians as human shields ... It is cruel and barbaric," Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak wrote in a 20-page judgment.

Israeli soldiers testify on army's immoral behavior in Gaza war


  1. And? Will anything happen? Will Israel be taken to task? Will the US stop backing her?

    Nope, nope and nope


  2. I was quite amazed at the news tonight, they ran a whole five min sound bite on Jew actions in gaza. It seems that even the jew run media can no longer keep a lid on this crime. Will wonders never cease?

  3. hmm, will wonders never cease.
    or our the attrocities so great so obvious it can no longer be denied
    or are the msm outlets competing with the news on line????

    and buff will anything happen?

  4. To be honest Penny, I don't think anything will happen, anything positive that is, for the Palestinians.

    In fact, I see things getting FAR worse than they are now - esp with Israel now having a nuclear sub and two warships in the Red Sea. If that insane rogue nation decides to attack Iran, I can easily see all Palestinians rounded up and the keys thrown away. They will use the excuse of proctecting their interests.

    I don't know how one stops the Israelis. They are a REAL menace to so many it makes one's head shake.

    I guess that's what happens when you play the whore for so long. I also think that they will have zero problem sacrificing their own (again) - then they can start all the whining off anew!! Ohhh look another Hollowco$t!! Oi - why does everyone hate us so??



  5. Clearly we should invade Israel. Like I said a while back, all the bullshit reasons we were given for invading Afghanistan and Iraq cease to be bullshit when applied to Israel.