Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laurel Canyon-more sordidness, including David Carradine

After a long absence from the Laurel Canyon scene, I'm back at it. Got to hear Dave as usual on Meria Heller show, yeah! He talked about the latest installment which you can read on his site.

If you wondered where all this began for Dave, well, it began with this book-
Laurel Canyon-Michael Walker. You can read some of the book at that link. Anyway, Dave was saying this book was just supposed to be some light vacation reading, he was mistaken. As he read it, there were just so many red flags that kept waving at him, he became compelled to do some digging. Actually, lots of digging.

One interesting item he brought up was the death of David Carradine. David Carradine who recently died under some very strange circumstances.
It is interesting to note, that Carradines wrists were bound.
"Police reported that the actor's body was found nude, with ropes around his neck, wrist and genitals"

Seems it would make hanging himself more difficult?

One thing McGowan pointed out, is that the Carradine death was similar to the death of Michael Hutchence, INXS frontman. Who also allegedly hung himself. At the age of 37. Interestingly, not long after his death, the mother of his only child Paula Yates allegedly died of a drug overdose.(Jim Morrison's deceased spouse Pamela comes to my mind here) Even stranger their child was adopted and raised by Mr. Feed the World, who was knighted by the Queen , Bob Geldof.
This despite the Hutchence family not being in agreement with this arrangement.
Which all does seem really odd.....

But, back to David Carradine. You will never guess where it is David Carradine hailed from?

Photo date: 1972 David Carradine at home in Laurel Canyon

Yup, Laurel Canyon, that surreal place, where nothing is as it seems.
Laurel Canyon where strangeness abounds, and Carradine was strange.
Check out this People magazine article

"At 55, the man who once packed his mental baggage for 500 acid trips and trashed a neighbor's Laurel Canyon home while stark naked has lost none of his contrarian esprit."
Acid trips and trashing homes while naked!? This is the stuff that Dave McGowans Laurel Canyon series has been made of. Apparently Dave is going to do a little digging in that direction.

He also mentioned Eugene Landy, Dr Eugene Landy. Some kind of 'shrink' to the stars.
Gig Young & Alice Cooper who are both mentioned in Dave's piece were 'aided' by this man.
Gig Young committed suicide allegedly, killing his wife beforehand. Alice Cooper, well, whatever.
Most definitely a loud mouthed Republican, pretending to be a rebel.

Landy was particularly linked with Beach Boys Brian Wilson in a really strange, creepy way. Landy had allegedly weaned Wilson off of drugs, but what it seemed he really had done was just got him taking alot of different drugs instead, and helping himself to Wilson's money.

"At first, Landy earned credit for weaning the musician off the drugs, alcohol and junk-food binges that had swollen his body and dampened his creativity. But by the late 1980s, after Landy eased into the role of his patient's co-writer, co-producer and financial manager, the psychologist became the target of lawsuits and a government investigation.In the early 1990s Landy surrendered his psychologist's licence and was barred from contacting Wilson. The episode proved so explosive that, even 15 years later, the central figures in the drama - Landy, Wilson, the minders hired to enforce the psychologist's rules, musicians and collaborators - usually refused to speak about it on the record. "I can't say anything, because you just don't know what Landy's going to do,"

I can't say anything, because I just don't know what Landy will do??
Doctor or tyrant? I don't know? Maybe, something else entirely?

Dr. Eugene Landy also 'treated' Maureen McCormick. She did not seem to think he was very helpful.
He was not a good man. He put me on so many drugs I didn't know if I was coming or going.
Much like his treatment of Brian Wilson.

Ooops sorry, just one more item I need to mention regarding Dr Eugene Landy.
The so called "shrink to the stars" and legal drug pusher had another accomplishment under his belt. He wrote a book. The Underground Dictionary. Published in 1971, it was a dictionary allegedly of 'hippie jargon'. I did look for any links to it. It seems to be for sale as a used book by various book sellers. I wonder if he wrote it to gain a foothold in Laurel Canyon musical scene?
To give himself some sort of credibility, as a hip doctor of sorts. Like Timothy Leary perhaps? Maybe even with intelligence connections, as Dave McGowan speculates. It is possible, who really knows?

All in all, as usual I must say, Laurel Canyon is weird. You know that saying, truth is stranger then fiction, well in Laurel Canyon never have truer words been spoken.


  1. Thanks Pen, what with not being able to watch movies or listen to radio shows (if anything it's worse now that I'm at the library) I definitely groove on you filling me in on the gist of Dave's appearances on Meria's show.

    And David Carradine. The man who stole Bruce Lee's show! And not forgetting of course that Bruce Lee died under very mysterious circumstances as well. Hmm... now that I think about it, that all came down his personal doctor as well. Shades of Michael Jackson. In the end it was declared that Lee had died of cannabis consumption. Ha ha ha ha! The only man in history ever to die from dope!

  2. Yah, David Carradines death was odd, and didn't Bruce Lee have a son, wasn't it Brandon Lee who also died in a weird way???

    Michael Jackson and his doctor
    Elvis Presley and his doctor

  3. I think MJ was murdered. He was worth more dead than alive.

  4. roger (down and in)July 9, 2009 at 6:59 PM

    Hey...if you guys want to watch a very clean copy of "Mondo Hollywood," made in '65 or so to mock Hollywood of that time and where Mr. McGowan has obviously taken a lot of his cues from, you can watch it fo' free at SnagFilms. Notice how McGowan is starting to repeat and also making each installment shorter as he's decided to add more "chapters to come" on his Laurel Canyon epoch. Hmmm...what gives Dave ?

  5. roger down and in, is this the same roger as over and out.

    If so, how are you?
    I am reading the piece or actually have read the piece on the hippies you left the link to, interesting.

    As for McGowan making the pieces shorter, I honestly hadn't noticed.

    If he is repeating some stuff, it is likely because this series has gone on longer, way longer then he had thought it was going to, so I assume he is doing connect the dots kind of thing.

    One other reason for the shorter pieces may be to keep up with putting them out in less time.

    When the laurel canyon series started his website was regularly overloaded with people piling in to read the pieces, plus many, many websites and blogs put link backs to it, me included.

    Which if I can recall on Meria him saying was totally surprising to him, and it still is, the amount of people reading the series.. he never expected that type of response.

    He has written 3 books, I have them all and have read all of them, all good.

    anyway, ramble, ramble ramble, hey roger, good to see you back and yes, I am going to check out the mondo hollywood movie, though I have heard, it is pretty awful, any comments?

  6. roger (yes, him)July 10, 2009 at 7:04 PM

    Mondo Hollywood was an intentional satire of that time and place which is now stylistically dated, for sure, given that it's been copied numerous times since it's release. It's odd that McGowan references it constantly and seriously as if it was some kind of hard data, historical abtract base to work from....Why would he be prolonging the process by increasing the amount of chapters and shortening the length of each if he can't wait to end the whole sequence ?

  7. I don't get the impression McGowan has referred to Mondo Hollywood all that much, I have to check back, but I am thinking it was in the earlier pieces and he was using it for pictures, of that oddly named fellow


    Hold on I better go check, as Laurel Canyon has been going on for sometime now and some of it is now left in the dust for me.

    I don't get the impression when I hear him talking he can't wait to end the series, it has been his most successful, which he has admitted has surpised him to no end.
    I get the impression he is taken back by it's success.

  8. ok, went back to check and it was in parts 5 and 6 McGowan uses clips from the film Mondo Hollywood.

    From reading the pieces again, well just scanning over them, I just get the idea that he is using them as pics to show the readers who these people are what they looked like.

    How they danced and how god awful ugly those two fellows were, YUK!

    btw: I went to that site, but the movie wouldn't play, said it was not available at this time, try later, so I will try again today, if I can or sometime over this week-end, got to watch a U2 commercial for blackberry though???

    I used to love U2, saw them live and all and they are good band, good show, but, they suffer from excessive exposure, now I can't bear them.

  9. roger (up and at 'em)July 12, 2009 at 10:02 PM

    Actually, I don't care how long he keeps extending the Laurel Canyon thing as long as he comes up with something new and surprising on it (I liked the Houdini part and the secret propoganda studio on top of the canyon part). And I even hope A&E picks it up and stays faithful to his original spin. As for "Mondo Hollywood," it runs fine as I just checked it. Maybe your internetting off the neighbor's signal ? Or your host country is hampering transmission ? Or your own computer is feeling maligned and unloved ?

  10. hey roger of the ever changing handle, I tried again no luck on the movie, wondering if it is just on youtube or google video??


    maybe my host country is not allowing it, as my computer is well loved, and I have done nothing offensive at all to it.

    And yes, the parts on Houdini and the movie studio were both really interesting.

  11. roger (handle vandal)July 23, 2009 at 6:55 PM

    Naw...It's there waiting for you to upgrade your data pipe (?). snagfilms.com

  12. hey roger, you handle vandal, lol.

    keeps me on my toes anyway :)

    I will try again, I just haven't had the chance.
    I am trying to read more, out of my pile of books, I am reading one about 'fear' right now.
    and good god, I am allover the place with this blog, there is soooo much going on!!!

  13. O' yeah...I used to run around with all this trying to ferret out the red herrings from the magenta ones, from the beige to the white ones, etc.. Verily, t'was too much for my sensitive noggin. I wonder if all this flu hysteria is just an initial wave of hysteria, confusion causing increased anger, distrust, alienation, etc..An ambiguous mass psy-ops, always the best kind.

  14. OMG roger, I can't belive that you said that, are you serious??

    Because what freaks me out, is I have been wondering just that myself.

    A major psy-op!
    Like an experiment on humanity.
    Easy enough to do, just have WHO lead the way, all the govs follow, and the media hypes it.
    The entire mechanism for the psy-op is in place.
    Now, sit back and see how many buy into it, how many take the shots, etc. Like information gathering.....

    Hmmmm thanks for stopping by with that comment.

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  16. But how does she know that the McGowan guy is not some sem-disinfo guy, anyway ? So some of them come from the same neighborhoods back East and some of them we're dealing. It's the entertainment industry ! That's not news. Is this some anti-idealism of the 60's thing ?

  17. hey Gwen:

    Dave McGowan a disinfo agent?

    Are you familiar with him at all?
    The link to his website is in my sidebar.
    You decide.

    "anti-idealism of the 60's"

    my own opinion of that?
    There was no idealism.
    There was nothing ideal about the times.
    There is just a concept of that, as such.

    That is just the marketing that surrounds the '60's

    The reality, is something else entirely.

  18. "Semi-disinfo" is what I said...So what was "the reality," anyway ? (As you see it, of course...)

  19. Hi Gwen:

    the '60's have been characterized and marketed to us as a time of change, of idealism a time when the young challenged the status quo.

    Maybe it started out that way, maybe, there were legitimate attempts at changing the status quo, maybe, but how successful was it?
    How was our reality impacted by this time period? Not our perception of that time period, but the reality.
    The lasting impact?
    Look around you.
    Is there racial harmony? really?
    Are woman equal to men, really?
    Do we have more peace?
    Is there more love in this cruel world?

    Sure, there was great music, but did the music serve to subvert the movement, to divert it's attention and energy away from important, relevant issues?
    How about the drugs?
    LSD, legal?
    CIA plant Timothy Leary encouraging is useage and telling you to "drop out" and do drugs instead. What master would that really serve? The establishment, the Powers that be.
    Would getting drugged up and dropping out really bring about change, societal change??

    Included amongst the posts here a fellow named Roger, he left a link to a really interesting piece about the 60's and the counterculture revolution, and I'll admit, I had to read it a few times, and think about it.
    But it is quite good.
    On the Poverty of Hip Life

    I don't know if you have read any of the Laurel canyon series, like I said Dave McGowan's site is linked in my sidebar.
    If you click the tag at the bottom of this post, other posts will come up, documentaries and more.

    Anyway, thanks for asking Gwen.

    It is difficult, when ones perception of reality and the facts don't jibe.