Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sarkozy: The insecure male

I haven't waded into the whole Sarkozy/Burka nonsense, save for certain new sites message boards.... But, I came across this and I did like this perspective. Give it a read.

Sarkozy - The naked truth
Yvonne Ridley, Former Taliban Captive, Convert to Islam - Wednesday, 01 July 2009


  1. When I was in University I went and talked to some of these women. They do not believe it to be oppression at all.

    Its odd that a 200- 400 year old society has the gall to question the ethics and customs of societies that are 3000 years old, never mind that we know our ways to be wrong and that our society is destined to collapse.

  2. Hey Doug, it is just more demonization. The people here eat it up.
    Somehow, we in the west fail to see our own and many shortcomings, but apprarently we are so righteous we can see everyone else's.

  3. I always laugh at this sort of thinking - c'mon NA and the West: In Canada women haven't even had the vote for a hundred years! Blacks even less!

    Remove the mote from one's own eye before you go nuclear on another's.

    Doug, like you I know on a casual basis some women here in my area who choose to wear the burkha - they are polite, compassionate people. Nothing to get all upset over. Meanwhile, trashy girls are smoking and swearing and spitting on the street corner thinking themselves 'cool' in some way.


    Sarkosy is a dolt, clearly. And let's not forget his nasty past.

  4. I just wish these women would be a little more forthright about their beliefs.

    This multiculturalism has divided people so much when in reality it could bring us together in so many ways. I think the Arabs are a little shy of us because so many of us are so stupid and arrogant.

    I could never get more than a few words out of the ones I talked to on the subject.

  5. Keep in mind that there's the stunt in and of itself for domestic consumption, and then there's the reuters news feed to the rest of the world. Honestly, why are we, in places as disparate and distant as Canada and Australia, having this minor French domestic matter on our prime time news?

    It's one thing to assume that since any anti-Muslim story is a good story it'll get on. But if you think about the power to ensure an otherwise bullshit story like this getting on every TV set in the Western world, it's not a big step to say that Sarkozi was given the script and told what to say.

    Not forgetting Howard and Mulroney reading the same speech...

  6. good point nobody, why are we? It makes no sense, not that any of what sarkozy says makes sense....

    Oddly enough people think of it as a sign of oppression here in the west, but never see the oppressiveness in their attitude of condemnation. Their intolerance towards different customs.
    Nope, nope, always some one else but not the west.