Friday, July 24, 2009

Swine Flu - Put into perspective

The US has decided that counting actual cases of swine flu, real confirmed cases is no longer necessary. I saw that reported this week, sadly I can't find the news story. Anyone out there??

It is not surprising anyway, as this is what the WHO has urged. Canada announced last week it would not tally confirmed cases anymore. I covered this and more in a previous post here.

This week Canada follows the US in urging blanket immunity for the drug makers, again read my previous post, this is addressed.

It is being urged that taxpayers pay for any bad reactions from the flu shot. Bad reactions being death, paralysis stuff like that.

In this news article Swine flu vaccine will need compensation rules

A leading health expert is calling for a "no-fault" compensation scheme, that means no fault for big pharma, and all the fault of the taxpayers of Canada.

A leading public health expert is calling on Canada to create a no-fault compensation program for people who may be harmed by a swine flu vaccine that millions of Canadians will be urged by the government to get this fall.

Read on friends, read on....

Public Health Agency of Canada officials acknowledged last week there won't be time for a swine flu vaccine to go through standard safety testing before immunizations begin in the fall.
Exposed to an incompletely tested vaccine, that means john and jane doe get to be the guinea pigs.

Children and adults could be exposed to an incompletely tested vaccine and that a compensation scheme is needed to encourage the public to buy into any mass immunization program.

And you need to know you will be compensated so you will "buy" into a mass immunization program. Weird words eh?
If we were really in need of this, would we need to be sold on the necessity, so we could buy into it? I mean if people were dropping like flies wouldn't this be obvious to us?

Put into perspective:

World swine flu deaths top 700

700 deaths world wide, in a population of billions and billions.
There are now over 125,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of swine flu worldwide in a population of billions and billions.

Put into perspective:

Regular flu kills hundreds of thousands annually, without the hysteria and despite all the vaccines.

Worldwide, the annual death toll from the flu is estimated to be between 250,000 and 500,000.

Put into perspective:

And if you think Tamiflu is going to help?? Think again.
This isn't really new for Tamiflu either, amongst other serious problems with Tamiflu

And after you have read through this all, and put it all into perspective, I will lastly point you to this interesting read Annual Number of flu deaths: it’s a guess

Maybe that is why WHO doesn't want to track actual cases anymore? Perhaps it is preferential to guess at really high numbers to justify mass immunizations that are very profitable for drug companies?

I do not want to tell anyone how to take care of their health. But ask yourself the question, is this flu worthy of all the hysteria and hype?


  1. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    It's like the plot of a good sci-fi book or film.

    Right now, Space is showing Torchwood: Children of Earth.

    In it, the UK government plans to use innoculations to deliver 10% of the world's children to an evil alien who uses them for god knows what...


    I know one thing - I am in NO bloody way getting jabbed.

  2. magdelana!!!!
    glad to see you about, I was worried, gave you a ring, there was no answer,

    I'll try again after the week-end

  3. Hey sweetie,

    I've been in and out all day. There is only one telephone charged in the house and if the kid is playing his games he doesn't bother to answer it!!

    Yes - I will charge the other phone. Eventually - when I locate it. :|

    Check out the Torchwood series - I put the link up, the last episode airs tonight, so tomorrow all five will be there. Pretty good stuff for TV. (then again it is a uk production and I do find them a tad better). The scene last night was well... very close to reality. I won't spoil it for you - it's quite exciting.


    Buffy the REALLY soaked. Frikin' RAIN...arghhhhhhh