Thursday, July 2, 2009

US to hold firm on missile shield

which is really about defense, in the sense of defending after a first strike?
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In advance of Pres. Obama’s first trip to Russia next week, the White House is serving notice on the Kremlin that he won’t be making any concessions to win its approval of a U.S. missile shield in Europe or membership in NATO for Russian neighbors Ukraine and Georgia.

“We don’t need the Russians,” says Michael McFaul, special assistant to the president and senior director for Russian affairs on the National Security Council staff.

“We’re definitely not going to use the word reassure in the way that we talk about these things,” said McFaul. “We’re not going to reassure or give or trade anything with the Russians regarding NATO expansion or missile defense.”

He said Pres. Obama will talk “very frankly” with Medvedev about U.S. national security interests and “see if there are ways we can have Russia cooperate on those things.”

Pres. Obama has pledged to reset U.S. relations with Russia, but McFaul said there’d be no concessions on missile defense or NATO “in the name of reset.”

Obama, the wolf in sheeps clothing.
check the picture out with this article. It is as if Obama is wagging his fingers at Medvedev.
It fits well the tone of the article, and is good for propaganda purposes.
Yo, Americans puff your chest out!


  1. Well, Penn, what would anyone expect with Zbignew whispering in Obamarahma's ear?

    We all know how much Zbig LOVES Russia!!



  2. I think they need to go after Russia and Iran in short order before doing the mass vaccinations. I think we will see war soon and more than likely with Russia. I think it will be us against the BRIC countries (China, Russia, India, Brazil) in the end.

    All of these "defenses" serve the same purpose - to build up offense. We know all the tricks.

  3. yes zbeg, loves Russia, so much so he wants to destroy it, balkanize it, weaken it.

    As part of the grand chessboard strategy for the US to retain global hegemony.

    And the rest of us get taken along for the ride.

    doug it is odd you mention mass vaccinations, as I notice alot of hype about mass vaccination against this swine flu.

    interesting timing