Sunday, July 26, 2009

Washingtons hand in the Honduran Coup.

As stated it was obvious, if your were paying attention, from the very outset of the coup in Honduras the hand of the US was firmly behind it. Canada's silence made it even more obvious

Interesting article in the LA Times, enlightens us further to the US interests behind the scenes of the coup in Honduras. But not just interests, the role of US Public Relations Firms, who through their spoon fed lackey's in the main stream media have Americans actually believing that Zeleya was ousted because of a referendum!

Americans, relying on media reports, are likely to believe that Zelaya was ousted because he tried to use a referendum to extend his term of office. This is false.
The article: The high-powered hidden support for Honduras' coup

If we add together the high-powered lobbyists from the Clinton camp, Republican members of Congress and conservatives within the State Department, the coup government has a lot of support from Washington.
Like I have said, several times already, this was obvious. The support from Washington.

From the use of SOA graduates, to the ability of the illegitimate government to stay in power.

They had the means and the might to overthrow a democratically elected leaders and deny him his place in his own country. These powers came from elsewhere, most definitely not, from the Honduran people.

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