Friday, September 11, 2009


In New York City there has been a push on for a new legitimate 9/11 investigation.
They have gathered the required signatures to have a referendum vote in Nov. 2009.
You can read all about this at NYC CAN

Why a new investigation, a citizen investigation?
Well as Thomas Kean puts it, because the first one was set up to fail, and fail it did.
So the people have to do, what the government failed to do.

Here are a few questions I can think of that still need answering....

After being informed of the attacks why did George Bush continue to sit in the classroom? Why did he linger afterwards? Why didn't the secret service move him to safety?
It would seem he was in no danger and therefore these actions were not necessary.

Why has George Bush, on more then one occasion, claimed he saw the first plane hit the the WTC, on the day it happened? Which was not possible.

The put options. Insider trading. Who?

The Stand-down. Why? Failure to carry out Standard Operating Procedure?

Stalling to create the commission to investigate? Why?

Why Osama Bin Laden is NOT wanted for 9/11 crimes?

And if he isn't then what about the hijackers?

Since 9/11 some of the hijackers have been reported to be alive. If that is the case and fake ID was used as has been acknowledged, who were the hijackers really?

No steel framed skyscrapers EVER collapsed from fire, before 9/11 and none have since, making the collapse of WTC building 1, 2 & 7 complete anomolies. Why then was the clean-up done so quickly and the steel whisked away so promptly as to make a proper investigation impossible?

Read: Asia Times on line edition they have an article: Fifty questions on 9/11

Meria Heller interview with Rowland Morgan on his book- Flight 93 Revealed

the excellent documentary.

Press for Truth: Victims families tell the story the media won't

Because, what the truth is? Is still not known.

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