Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Calling all Laurel Canyon/ Dave McGowan Fans.....

You want the scoop on where the LC series is at? And what Dave will be coming out with?

You got one week, and one week only to catch the latest interview with David McGowan on the Meria Heller show.
Unless of course, you become a subscriber. Then you can listen to Dave until your heart is content.
And while your at it, catch all the other great shows, interviews and more...

Anyway, HERE is Dave!!


  1. thankee

    deeper meaning of sound (and not the way drew hempel makes healing sound ... and noises nothing miraculous about it ... not a coast to coast addict like he is either) just plain sounding variety akin to the crunch of biting anything firmer than soft fruit .. available from me ... a more elaborate thankee ... if desired.

  2. Cheers Penny!

    Only a third of the way in... but it's brilliant! Can't wait!

  3. Thanks Pen,

    But honestly - 75Mb! But! I'm downloading it!

    I guess that's how keen I am to hear what he has to say.

    Hmm... 17.1KB/sec - 1 hour and 23 minutes remaining. Ayah, the things I do...

  4. piet: your welcome! and a more elaborate thankee is not necessary, that one was quite elaborate.

    enjoy it?

    nobody: downloaded in less then 4 minutes

    so what did you all think?

  5. i think you need to claim this is a dave McG thing, not an LC related file .. not directly anyways, .. public deceptions would be a better nomer ... he does nasa in the first half ...haven't heard the rest yet. i am dividing my listning time between max keiser and them annoying conservatives who love scolding blacks and manage to never mention reds let alone desert memes, in the service of which they do what they do and are where they are, their anti-semitism is self hatred. semite influence via the mississipi was what made the south as craven as cabeza de vaca found it (as per Cyclone Covey in between his lines .. oh boy the tomes, miles and generations in between that man's lines ... somebody ought to make that Rixton man happy with this ref, from a quick look at his place i gather he likes ancient america. Semites flooded the continent via the largest delta of north africa before christ - not saying the lattter went there but would have been easy enough, prolly easier than to india ... RGraves has him going to the moon ... mistress -headwhore). i am doing a piece in dutch on all this ... gonna spam the village of my birth so that i won't regret not having done it once i am living far from here.

  6. I think it was really good. Such a persuasive argument... I think he's been reading some of the same material as me over the past few weeks, but his articulate style brings it home perfectly. Maria's a great interviewer too. Will definitely be checking more of her site in due course.
    Thanks for the heads up Penny!

  7. I need new speakers!!!!

    wahhhhh! I can only hear these ones when I'm in the room and can't stay in this bloody office all day...

    Will give it a listen later though hun, ta for the link!

    Buffy the Bustler

  8. hi piet.

    I threw the Laurel Canyon in, because, he does mention where he is at with it, and he does reassure all the LC fans that there will be more.

    That seemed important, because I know people have been waiting for the next installment.
    This interview gives them a chance to here for themselves.

    While I am glad that Dave has garnered notice for the LC series, he is really so much more then that.

    I have been a fan of his since the first time he was on Meria for his first book and 9/11.

    His books are all good, I bought 'em all and read them all.

    Piet, I am not 100 percent sure what you are speaking of, but, I can get to you blog, use the translate feature and read it, so I will have to check that out!

  9. Hey Edo, glad you enjoyed it.

    I find Meria and Dave have a very good rapport. Making listening to them very enjoyable.

    Maggie: get some new speakers!
    you need'em! :)
    or listen to half now and half later?

  10. Okay, I am officially donning my tinfoil hat.

    I am starting to think, that the moon landing was a hoax. Dave brings up alot of really good points. Great interview!

    Sadly, I do remember the landing itself - I was little - but I do recall all of us sitting in front of the old b&w tv, it was so exciting.

    Now I want to cry.


  11. I know exactly what you mean maggie. I am listening and then I go oh, oh.
    Then I tell my hubby, you gotta listen to this interview.
    As I am telling him about it he says.. nah, they went to the moon.
    He listens to the interview and it is like, oh yeah, that's a good point, that is logical.

    Now. I am just not so sure anymore.

    One thing that came to mind, is we don't as a society, think about the things we are told.

    We just assume it is true because it comes from an authority figure.

  12. Peter:
    calling peter, I do hope your about and have listened to this interview???