Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canada's usual manipulations fail at the UN

It is interesting to note Canada's role in the UN vote for Israel to finally allow nuclear inspections.

Canada did what Canada does best, play politics. Canada doesn't concern itself with fairness, justice or equal accountability.

Canada plays follow the leader to the US and is influenced by pro-Israeli lobby groups.

Check this out

Calling the resolution "unbalanced," Canada tried to block a vote on the floor with a "no-action motion." But the procedural maneuver lost by an eight-vote margin. The same motion prevailed in 2007 and 2008s

What has changed from the previous years? To quote a senior diplomat from the non-aligned movement (NAM) of developing nations

"People and countries are bolder now, willing to call a spade a spade. You cannot hide or ignore the truth, the double standards, of Israel's nuclear capability forever,"


  1. Well, I'm glad to see you put this up. I was thinking about posting something about it, but have been so lazy wrt my blog lately.

    This is not a surprise given that Canada too has been hijacked by 'special' interests.

    Isn't that word special used to replace otherwise undated terms, like 'retarded'?

    Anyway, yeah no surprise. Same old same old. Try writing your MP...ha hahaha what a joke. Doesn't matter whether Liberal or Con, or even the NDP or Green - they are all terrified of having the CJC come down on them and calling them all anti-semites!

    Israel won't disarm - if anything she will bring the world down with her if she fails, afterall she has stated this numerous times. Perhaps that is part of the leverage used? Perhaps she already has seeded the major capitals with suitcase nukes herself? Perhaps she has already threatened something so terrible that this is used as the blackmail?

    Who knows, I wouldn't put anything past that shitty little country and her motto of 'By way of Deception'.


    Nothing Changes.


  2. hey buff

    I wanna cover the goldstone report too, but, only so much time and so much news to cover, ya know what I mean.

  3. It really is sad that Canada does this. Israel needs to be inspected because I have a feeling something is cooking over there. They are too close to Iran and very afraid of Iran so I don't see why they wouldn't pursue a nuclear weapons research. It just needs to be inspected!

    Take care, Ella

  4. I agree Ella, I think Israel does need to have it's nuclear arsenal inspected and accounted for.

    But the western powers seem to demand one sided accountability only.