Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The official 9/11 story is "almost entirely and inexplicably untrue"

Who am I quoting in that title? I am quoting from an author of a book, we should have all heard alot more about. But we didn't. I'll explain......

When MacKenzie Phillips book, and crazy allegations hit the media like a hurricane. I thought to myself, how fortuitous for the US government. Because another book was released just days earlier. And, I mean just 4 to 5 days before her "news" broke.

Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven't?

It was a book written by John Farmer, Senior Council for the 9/11 commission and Rutgers University Dean of Law. The book is titled "The Ground Truth".

One thing made clear by John Farmer in the book, is that everything told to the people about 9/11 is a lie. Yes, he sticks to the official excuse, that the government was so incompetent they had no choice but to lie. I reject his conclusion. His conclusion is nothing but his opinion, there are other conclusions that can be drawn from the fact that the US government fabricated the entire official 9/11 conspiracy.

Opinions aside, the important point he makes clear, is that everything the public was told is a lie, it is untrue. This book, should have been getting all the press. The facts of the book, warrant the attention. But there are shall we say, timely distractions.

Here are some of Farmer's own words:

“At some level of government,” says Dean Farmer, “at some point in time, a decision was made not to tell the truth about the national response to the attacks on the morning of 9/11. We owe the truth to the families of the victims of 9/11. We owe it to the American public as well, because only by understanding what has gone wrong in the past can we assure our nation’s safety in the future.”

John Farmer comes to the conclusion that the official version of the story is almost entirely untrue, based on false testimony by the WhiteHouse, CIA, FBI and NORAD.

You can listen to this show, here as they discuss the book

John Farmer on how what the 9/11 Commission, public and media was told by military and government officials, 'was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue.'

You can also listen to an interview with John Farmer here
HOUR 1: John Farmer on how what the 9/11 Commission, public and media was told by military and government officials, 'was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue. Also, he answered the unspeakable questions that Glenn Beck felt merited the resignation of Van Jones from the Obama administration. He was offended by none of those questions.

There is a transcript of this show here

Farmer makes an interesting slip regarding the Pentagon plane in the interview.

John Farmer; "Yes, we did, and- and, uh, I know there's been a lot of speculation about, um, about, you know, whether a plane actually hit the Pentagon- I can assure you that it did."

He can assure everyone a plane did hit the Pentagon.. but when asked if he was shown pictures???

He says-

BF: OK, and just to be clear, 'cause we're hittin' the clock here, John- you have seen 'tapes' of a plane hitting the Pentagon?

JF: Well, uh, no I haven't seen tapes- pictures of a plane actually hitting the Pentagon,
How can he make the claim " I assure you (a plane hit the Pentagon) that it did"
When he was shown NO pictures, zero, none, nadda one.

He doesn't find that a bit odd?


  1. The thing I have always felt most alarming about the whole 9/11 thing is not that the government would or could do it - about these things there can be no doubt. They regularly do far more horrific things.

    Its the fact that people accept it - some people believe that they are the winners in a system where there must be winners and losers. 9/11 truthers were considered to be losers and the people that went along with everything the government said were winners.

    Just after 9/11 occured, I was in the conventional sense a winner - My business hit its peak and I had unlimited work.

    Since 9/11 my life went into a downward spiral, it was that, the Ted Gundersen stuff and witnessing the level of corruption via the Law Society of Upper Canada that put me in a state of depression and fear. The real experience of dealing with the Law Society put into sharp focus that everything else was very real.

    I have spent most of my time learning about society since then and have become in a very conventional sense, a loser. I don't feel like one but I have nothing material because I know its all going to be taken away anyways. I lived off what I made before 2001 expecting to be dragged off into a train in the middle of the night anytime.

    I cannot believe how the events of the last 8 years have not affected many people, how can life be as usual with no future ? Is it game over ? Are we just deluding ourselves ? How can so many people be deluded? Is this what a synthetic society is ? Do these people have permanent brain damage from trying to believe the ridiculous, such as explained in Political Ponerology (a book)?

    Many people now know that 9/11 was an inside job, and in part due to my own efforts posting on news-groups and handing out DVD's. BUT it makes no difference. Their hands do the same thing as if it never happened, ultimately what they believe doesn't matter.

    So I went to have my sanity checked last year - I couldn't really get a good test - sat down in front of a Psychiatrist for a few interviews. He fell asleep while I was talking. He was aware of many of the things I mentioned, and agreed that the official version of 9/11 was a lie, but did believe the stock market would bounce back. He did not think I was crazy because I could back up my opinions with fact. He just wanted to give me pills.

    So this just leaves me in a total state of confusion. I'm at the point now where I just wish they would get it over with. Maybe the key is Redemption, but that is starting to look too much like a shell game now.

    If 9/11 hasn't affected your life and you haven't done something to increase awareness, you are no good to anyone. You may as well just put your head down and become another Rockefeller robot. You are no good to anyone, not even yourself.

  2. Penny, pls delete the above post. Its a bit of a rant.