Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oil giant Shell looks for new deal to combat global warming

It has been said that the oil companies stand behind the opponents of the global warming doctrine.
Or, put another way, those that question the reality of man made global warming have to be diving in the deep pockets of Big Oil. An interesting premise, and of course totally plausible.

However, this news story tells us a different story Global firms seek climate deal.

What global firms are we talking about here?

A group of more than 500 international companies has urged the United Nations to agree a strong new climate deal to help combat global warming.

The group called for "immediate and deep" cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, as world leaders meet at the UN in New York for climate change talks.

The companies are members of the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change.

They include Tesco, German insurer Allianz and oil giant Shell.

An oil company? Flies in the face of the usual arguement.

Now, surely there is a profit motivation behind all this. There always is.
So how would Shell profit from this?
By the driving up of oil prices? I would think this is likely.
You will buy less but pay more for it. Shell will produce less, thereby reducing costs, but given increased pricing will still be raking in the profits.
That is just one scenario. I am sure there are others.


  1. Wait I seem to recall hearing about this before. Now what was it called again? oh yeah it's the old "Shell Game" all over AGAIN.

  2. silv, sometimes you are just too cryptic for me.

    are we talking sleight of hand?

  3. Yeah that and it's also called Bilkin the Rubes, laying the con, pulling the wool, it has so many names but the game is always the same and so are the rules and those rules are simple" never give a sucker an even break".

  4. Back at Uni, the paradox was that the one prof I had who was an opponent of AGW actually didn't take any money from the oil companies, while another prof who was a proponent of AGW received her research grants overwhelmingly from the oil companies. Both of these professors were two of my favourite, one for opening my mind, the other for her solid support of me and some of my more heretical ideas.

    So, these arguments I hear about all 'Deniers' being funded by the oilcorps I file away as BS.

  5. One other thing - don't folk realise that these carbon taxes will do noting to actually curb the CO2 emissions?

    What about the rest of the bloody pollution we dole out daily?

    Here's an idea: Gag all politicians and David Suzuki... just cuz! Pardon me while I go kill some fruit flies...


    Buffy the Bored of Filing...

  6. Try to imagine a world where corporations, governments and mass media are all in bed together, completely corrupt, and sociopathic in their outlook and deed...and who worship greed like it was the devil himself.