Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Truth about the Anthrax Attacks

The Anthrax attacks.
Sure you remember them, and if you have been following along you know that the man blamed for the anthrax attacks Bruce Ivins, who fortunately committed 'suicide', wasn't the perpetrator of the attacks. While obviously not fortunate for him and his family, it was fortunate for others who really didn't want the truth to come out. His timely 'suicide' neatly closed the case.
I came across this and thought it was a must share piece.
The Truth About The Anthrax Attacks

- On September 16 and 17, 2008, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees respectively, conducted “Amerithrax oversight” hearings consisting of questioning FBI Director Robert Mueller. Despite widespread concern about the integrity of Amerithrax, the colloquy during these hearings was largely feeble. Congressman Nadler did manage to ask the $64,000 question. journalist Glen Greenwald recounted this as follows:

“Nadler asked one of the most central questions in the anthrax case: he pointed out that the facilities that (unlike Ft. Detrick) actually have the equipment and personnel to prepare dry, silica-coated anthrax are the U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground and the Battelle Corporation, the private CIA contractor that conducts substantial research into highly complex strains of anthrax. Nadler asked how the FBI had eliminated those institutions as the culprits behind the attack. After invoking generalities to assure Nadler that the FBI had traced the anthrax back to Ivins' vial (which didn’t answer the question), Mueller's response was this: I don't know the answers to those questions as to how we eliminated Dugway and Battelle. I'll have to get back to you at some point.

Here is Mueller answer:

Seven months went by before the FBI responded. Its response read:

“Initially, the spores contained in the envelopes could only be identified as Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax). They were then sent to an expert, who “strain typed” the spores as Ames. Once the strain type was identified, the FBI began to look at what facilities had access to the Ames strain. At the same time, science experts began to develop the ability to identify morphological variances contained in the mailed anthrax. Over the next six years, new scientific developments allowed experts from the FBI Laboratory and other nationally recognized scientific experts to advance microbial science. This advancement allowed the FBI to positively link specific morphs found in the mailed anthrax to morphs in a single flask at USAMRIID. Using records associated with the flask, the FBI was able to track the transfer of sub samples from the flask located at USAMRIID to two other facilities. Using various methods, the FBI investigated the two facilities that received samples from the parent flask and eliminated individuals from those facilities as suspects because, even if a laboratory facility had the equipment and personnel to make anthrax powder, this powder would not match the spores in the mailed envelopes if that lab had never received a transfer of anthrax from the parent flask.”

Did you catch the contradiction in the FBI response?
Or should I say, LIE.
It is a lengthy article, but, it is absolutely worth the read.


  1. You cannot expect the truth about the anthrax attacks, militarized at that, to come from from the FBI, a/k/a the Federal Bureau of Israel, especially under the watchful eye of the Jew, Mueller. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm not sure if your aware of the fact that the weaponised version of anthrax was originally developed in Canada and was then commandeered by the US military.

  3. silverfish! I was not aware of that.
    Dish what you know.... the is strangely interesting.

    The fact that it was comandeered by the US wouldn't surprise me...

  4. You're a good kid Penny . Thank you.