Friday, December 11, 2009

Anti-Copenhagen protesters arrested?

It looks that way.

I see this headline 40 protesters detained in Copenhagen. What? From what I had read the political talking heads (Gordon Brown) had been praising the protesters. So what the heck is this?
Then, I read the whole piece.

40 people arrested for demonstrations linked to the ongoing climate summit.

Linked to the climate summit? weird language.
But then look at what the protesters were chanting

On Friday about 200 people took to the streets of the Danish capital, banging drums and shouting chants such as "Mind your business, this is our climate!"

Hmmmm, I am thinking these protesters were anti-Copenhagen treaty.
Telling political leaders to stay out of the climate issue.

And, they were detained as a "preventative measure"


  1. Hello, just a new link to a story about climategate. It's interesting because it puts in perspective when someone tries to dismiss "big conspiracies"

  2. The thing that isn't being said anymore is important. The pro AGW movement is a faith based movement. They have faith in scientists and political organizations rather than a belief in the scientific method.

    If you believe in science then you apply it with a dose of common sense. Science and faith do not mix at this level.

  3. I've seen tons of protesters there but all of them were pro AGW. "Give money to Tuvalu" etc. Anyway they all went unmolested.

    You know, once you figure out that this thing is a con, everywhere you look it just becomes more obvious. Protesters get arrested? Of course they're 'deniers'!

    Climate change is nothing more than WMD's writ large.

  4. gallier: that link is interesting and I read through the comments which are even more interesting....

    The premise being the conclusion is set, if you do research to support the conclusion, here is the funding!

    Yah, gotta love that kind of consensus building.

    and there were some great examples too.

    Here is but a few ways the carrot is dangled in front of the horse

    "Rapid Climate Change (RAPID) is a £20 million, six-year (2001-2007) programme of the Natural Environment Research Council. The programme aims to improve our ability to quantify the probability and magnitude of future rapid change in climate"

    so here we have a six year 20 million pound reseach to quantify the rapid change in climate.
    The "climate change" man made of course is the given and these researches are to quantify it, in 2001?

    STEPS Institute Grants and Awards: RFP announcement 4/22/09
    Request for Proposals:
    The 2009 Hammett Fund Student Research Grants
    *Due May 30, 2009*
    In 2008, community leaders Benjamin and Ruth Hammett made a generous gift to the STEPS Institute to fund research for UCSC students working on climate change and issues related to climate change

    So they will give money if the students work on climate change and issues related to climate change.

    Don't work on those issues? NO money? Looks that way.

    another one, a NASA grant

    NASA climate change grant goes to UGA professors
    to understand the impact of climate change on birds

    In all instances climate change is assumed and is the basis for all further studies.

    Great, for all these grants that lay out the parameters of the research.

    great link Gallier....
    What Buff said in one of her previous responses confirmed.

  5. Hee hee... is anyone who reads this blog surprised?

    Hey Penny, did you hear that Greenpeace logos are now banned from parliament hill???



  6. You're welcome Penny.

    What's up with that is a blog I follow for 3 years now. They have really really good stuff on it. I was a climate change skeptic since the original paper of Steve McIntyre showed that the data is doctored. The problem I had with it, was that people (commenters) there, were skeptic about warming, but incredibly naive about "conspiracy" themes, which are, in fact tied to that. 911, Israel, NWO, dollar crisis, peak oil, war on terror, grand chessboard and global warming are emanations of the same entity. And the thing that enables that entity is "faith". Not faith, as in religious faith, as that is only a small part of the thing. But faith in "leaders", in "science", in authority, faith in parents, faith in the goodness of man. The sheep has faith in the individuals before it in the heard, but it shouldn't as in front of it, there are only assholes to be seen. ;-)


    Not on the same subject but very interesting.

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